A rising star in Vietnam’s gaming sector

June 20, 2022 | 14:00
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By utilising an advanced technology platform, Fight of the Ages has built a fantasy world full of mythological adventure, with a system of non-fungible tokens and characters coupled with a multiplayer online battle arena to create a spectacular experience.
A rising star in Vietnam’s gaming sector
The FOTA development team consists of experts with extensive industry experience

On June 16, it took only five minutes after officially launching an initial DEX offering (IDO) crowdfunding platform for the first time, that Fight of the Ages (FOTA) marked an amazing result when it distributed successful crypto launchpads across nine platforms.

After the IDO was complete, FOTA was listed on tier-1 on the Huobi Global trading platform and reached an all-time high against the IDO price of 17 US cents. Several hours listed then, FOTA reached the top trending cryptocurrencies in India, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The project development team at FOTA has endeavoured from the outset to establish a pioneering blockchain game offering the most developed metaverse experience, standing out from other projects in the non-fungible token (NFT) market.

A rising star in Vietnam’s gaming sector
A rising star in Vietnam’s gaming sector
The FOTA show at Dubai’s Metacon 2022 exhibition attracted a huge number of investors

A triple-A multiplayer online game published by Djinn Pte.Ltd., FOTA features a fantasy universe home to many races that allows a large number of players to together engage in the metaverse. The project was one of the winners at the Metaverse Alliance 2021 Global Metathon in the Most Popular Project award.

FOTA utilises the Microsoft Mesh technology platform, the world’s first platform to fully support mixed reality technology. The platform is based on Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service, which enables designers to construct virtual environments using a variety of customisation tools to fine-tune and share 3D materials.

Mesh transcends traditional devices such as PC and mobile phones by letting players immerse themselves in the metaverse using VR/AR headsets such as HTC Vive and Microsoft HoloLens.

A rising star in Vietnam’s gaming sector
A glimpse into FOTA’s painstaking process of creating characters

In addition, FOTA deploys the unity 3D game engine, a multi-platform game design toolkit that enables players to forego hardware and is fully compatible with iOS, Android, WebGL, Windows, and macOS devices.

Each hero and item in the FOTA metaverse has a unique NFT code. Users may possess and interact with their NFT in the real world. The Rent-2-Play feature enables new players to use high-level heroes or items without spending lots of time upgrading their NFTs. Meanwhile, the Cross-NFT function lets them explore new lands without repurchasing NFTs.

To enhance users’ experience, the FOTA team has created three worlds with up to three lands to conquer in each. In addition, the team has built each character with their own storylines, races, and abilities to evoke the familiarity of classic multiplayer battle games.

Greenland is the first world, and the eternal homeland of the omni and the dragon; Earth, meanwhile, resembles a fantastical medieval environment; and the Nightmare is the darkest place in the universe of FOTA.

Characters are classified into species such as warlock, mage, warrior, assassin, and more for players to pick based on their preferences. Each has a distinct set of abilities, including special moves that can be improved with each level. The higher the level, the greater the value that can be traded on the marketplace. Players may acquire valuable NFTs by collecting and developing their characters.

Apart from the characters, the items are categorised into four NFTs – common, rare, epic, and legendary. The common card can be purchased directly from the official store. Furthermore, the game utilises a character skin system for arbitrarily refreshing the appearance. A limited amount of high-value skin will be exchanged on the marketplace. Thus, FOTA maximises both Play-2-Earn and Play-4-Fun, allowing players to relax while boosting their possibilities of generating an income through gaming.

Inflation is a major existing problem for any GameFi project. When the supply of tokens on the market exceeds demand, the token’s value plummets rapidly, hurting investors’ interests. To mitigate the problem, FOTA has issued a single token to simplify the management and assessment of the token’s value. In addition, the team established different methods and strategies to ensure the sustainability of the in-game economy.

Profits from FOTA are allocated to a separate fund. When required, it can be used to buy back and “burn” tokens in order to maintain an acceptable number of tokens in circulation and safeguard the interests of investors. This is a mechanism for rewarding the community’s innovative ideas and efforts. Important implementation decisions will be voted on, with the aim of raising the public interest.

By Hoang Dan

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