VNPAY - the first e-wallet dedicated to Vietnamese families

March 08, 2021 | 07:55
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VNPAY e-wallet is the first e-wallet dedicated to strengthen family bond by allowing users to create member-wallet for family, friends and loved ones.

The latest version of VNPAY e-wallet was recently introduced, marking a new leap in the local e-wallet market as people can now open member-wallet for their parents, children and loved ones.

With eye-catching, user-friendly interface and a suite of professional utilities, VNPAY is easily usable. To create member-wallet for family members, users simply need to press the “Vi Gia Dinh” (Family Wallet) icon on the VNPAY e-wallet application. Member-wallet can also access a wide variety of services such as making bill payment, online transactions, money transfer… and more.

vnpay the first e wallet dedicated to vietnamese families
Simple steps to create member-wallet on VNPAY e-wallet

Ms. Tue Minh (40, Hanoi) is keen on using e-wallets due to its versatility and convenience compared to using cash for payment needs. After discovering VNPAY’s Vi Gia Dinh (Family Wallet) function, Minh is very excited as now she can open member-wallets for her two kids who are in high school.

“Me and my husband have two kids, and both work office hours so each morning we are always busy with housework before continuing with our day”, Minh said. “Each morning my kids ask for breakfast money and it is extremely inconvenient when we don’t have enough cash on us. But we can now say goodbye to this thanks to VNPAY e-wallet, which helps me easily keep track of my children’s spending.”

Same as Minh, Lam Anh (28, Ho Chi Minh City) is also in love with the comfort and the ability to manage spending through VNPAY e-wallet. Using the new function, Lam Anh can now open member-wallet for her parents living in the countryside.

“I no longer need to go to the bus station to send money to my parents in the countryside as I can now use VNPAY e-wallet. If they need more money, I can simply raise their spending limit. My parents can also conveniently book coach tickets using VNPAY e-wallet,” said Lam Anh.

vnpay the first e wallet dedicated to vietnamese families

Users exploring VNPAY e-wallet

Amid trade and global integration, users demand for advanced financial services, particularly family-oriented financial services. A VNPAY representative shares that the company developed the application based on state-of-the-art blockchain and mobile technologies. VNPAY e-wallet currently connects to more than 30 banks and develops a wide portfolio of services to keep abreast with users’ demands in the 4.0 era, which aligns with contemporary financial movement towards a cashless society.

Convenient application ecosystem in line with daily needs

As consumers fancy a modern life style with convenient digital services, VNPAY has also geared efforts towards developing a convenient ecosystem that carters to essential daily needs.

VNPAY e-wallet’s application ecosystem covers every sort of utility payment, from monthly bills such as electricity, internet, water, mobile top-up to online purchases on VnShop, which offers a wide range of products. Customers can even book airplane/bus/train ticket, reserve hotel rooms or book taxi, just to name a few.

vnpay the first e wallet dedicated to vietnamese families

Multi-application ecosystem on VNPAY e-wallet

Notably, the ever-popular VNPAY-QR code scanning feature helps users make fast and convenient payments for products and services at more than 100,000 points of sale (POS), especially for customers using apps without VNPAY-QR code scanning function.

VNPAY-QR is now available for every service, such as transport, telecommunications, healthcare, education or entertainment. VNPAY-QR is also the only QR Code type that fully complies with the standards of the State Bank of Vietnam.

The ecosystem is a major charm for the e-wallet, it is also a way that VNPAY engages in users’ digital transformation as e-wallet, in essence, ensures convenience and safety for payment, and comfort for financial management.

As the first e-wallet dedicated to family needs featuring a comprehensive application ecosystem, especially in the first months of 2021 when people avoid the use of cash to prevent personal interaction due to COVID-19, VNPAY is expected to boost the country’s e-wallet market to see tremendous growth.

To get the full experience with VNPAY e-wallet, users can download it from the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store!


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