Vinimex nurtures dream of 'seamlessly' agriculture

November 02, 2023 | 08:00
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Tran Vu Quynh Nhu, CEO of Vinimex Group and recipient of the Corporate Excellence Award at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) 2023, shares her dream of building Vinimex’s mission in ‘seamless’ agriculture.
Vinimex nurtures dream of 'seamlessly' agriculture

I am aware that I was born in a country with an agricultural history spanning for more than 4,000 years. Most of us have ancestors and grandparents who came from farmers.

We don't get to choose where we're born, but we get to choose how we live.

We very appreciative and deeply grateful for the products that Mother Nature gives us through our meals. Vietnamese people believe that ‘all roads pass through the stomach’ or ‘God doesn’t disturb meals.’

Although sustainable agriculture requires more investment and stricter standards, the value it brings is great.

Meals are the way we connect and express love and care for each other. We love the land, love the water and love all the agricultural products given to us by the country. Therefore, doing something meaningful for Vietnamese agricultural products and agriculture in general is a dream I have since I was a child.

From that inspiration, Vi Na Dai Viet Import Export JSC (Vinimex) was established in 2011, by mostly ambitious young people with big dreams about agriculture. They make up the strong and collective group of Vinimex today.

Vi Na Dai Viet Import Export JSC specialises in agricultural products, raw materials, animal feed additives, complete animal feed, food and veterinary drugs of domestic origin, imported from the US, South America, Australia, Europe, India and China.

Starting a business in a field considered to have many potential risks, requires strong bravery, and being a woman makes the journey to develop Vinimex to have a strong foothold in the market a difficult task.

My motivation from the get-go is the dream of agriculture of our ancestors over thousands of years. That inspiration has spread strongly among Vinimex staff and its major partners.

The aspiration for ‘seamless’ agriculture

The mission and dream that Vinimex staff and I have is to build our business is to create a bridge to link agriculture products from all over the world.

Vinimex nurtures dream of 'seamlessly' agriculture
Tran Vu Quynh Nhu

The reason for the great desire to create a bridge linking agricultural products comes from the ‘sad practice’ of Vietnamese agricultural products: “low prices with good yields, while bad yields combine with high prices”.

To solve the suffering of these farmers, it is necessary for many agricultural businesses to become pathfinders for Vietnamese agricultural products.

Vinimex is creating regional linkages to ensure the agricultural product distribution chain is seamless. This means the value chain obtained from the consumption of agricultural products will be distributed reasonably throughout the supply chain, ensuring not only business efficiency but the development and improvement of a high-quality workforce in every stage.

Although sustainable agriculture requires more investment and stricter standards, the value it brings is great; only then can the country's agriculture truly develop.

In the end, true farming is about providing decent meals for everyone, not only for those who eat but also for those who cook. The great value we bring is the closeness between people to share a decent meal with the best food and agricultural produce.

Through the supply of agricultural produce, we have the opportunity to share love, to tell stories of the land and culture, and to get quality food. This requires a lot of sweat, hard work, and enthusiasm. From there, we know how to value life, how to protect the planet and how to plant the seeds of the future.

Vinimex always prioritises a maximum focus on developing commercial infrastructure, promptly assessing changes in the agricultural market and paying attention to serving the community and serving society as a pleasure after the journeys to bring agricultural products to every corner of the world.

From a team of just over 10 people at its founding, Vinimex now consists of more than 200 key personnel, in charge of managing the domestic markets in Dong Nai, Ho Chi Minh, Ba Ria -Vung Tau, and Hanoi. It also operates in Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and the Philippines.

Besides imports and exports of agricultural products, the company provides logistics, transportation services and exports domestic agricultural products such as cassava, rice, cashew nuts, coffee, pepper, tea and peanuts, bringing Vietnamese agricultural produce to the world market.

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