Committed to a bold and seamless service

May 30, 2023 | 11:53
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With a relentless commitment to empowering traders and staying at the forefront of innovation, Exness sets itself apart through its unparalleled product offerings and strategic expansion plans. Damian Bunce, Chief Customer Officer for Exness, shared with VIR’s Celine Luu the advantages Exness provides to its clients and the company’s vision for the South East Asian and global market.

Can you provide a comprehensive overview of the scale of Exness and shed light on the intricacies involved in managing such a vast operation?

To grasp the scale of our business, let’s consider the foreign exchange industry as a whole. On average, approximately $7.5 trillion is traded daily in the foreign exchange market. When we focus specifically on the retail segment, which pertains to individual traders, it amounts to around $1 trillion traded per day.

Committed to a bold and seamless service
Damian Bunce, Chief Customer Officer for Exness

Exness, in comparison, handles approximately $150 billion in daily trades, representing roughly 15 per cent of the retail market. This provides a glimpse into our overall scale and market presence.

Managing a business of this magnitude requires a significant emphasis on technology. With a staggering 300 million orders executed each month, the efficient processing of such a substantial volume demands a robust and sophisticated technical infrastructure.

Additionally, as our operations run continuously 24/7, including active Bitcoin trading during weekends, unwavering reliability and exceptional speed are paramount in maintaining our clients’ trust. We invest in advanced monitoring tools and employ a talented technical team to ensure seamless execution and operational efficiency.

Furthermore, adherence to regulatory compliance is an integral aspect of our operations. This involves maintaining transparent and secure trading environments, safeguarding client funds, and adhering to compliance standards set by relevant authorities.

Effectively managing a business of this scale necessitates a strong focus on technological prowess, operational reliability, and regulatory compliance. These elements form the foundation for our success in delivering top-tier services to our clients.

Exness talks about advantages that are specifically better than market conditions – what does this mean?

Exness offers a wide range of products and services that provide better than market conditions to its clients, which are not commonly available elsewhere in the industry. One notable example of this is the implementation of gap level protection. In today’s market, clients often experience slippage, particularly when placing stop orders.

However, Exness has devised a solution called gap level protection to address this issue. This unique offering allows us to accommodate instances of slippage and ensure a smoother trading experience for our clients.

In addition, we provide a product called volatility protection, which proves highly beneficial in volatile market conditions characterised by frequent market fluctuations and widened spreads. By trading with leverage and utilising our volatility protection, clients are shielded from liquidation even during periods of high market volatility. This advantage sets us apart from other providers in the industry.

Furthermore, Exness offers a product known as negative balance protection. This feature guarantees that clients will never lose more than their initial deposit, enabling them to trade larger amounts with leverage while mitigating the risk of excessive losses. In certain circumstances, when utilising Exness’ product suite, it is even possible to go below zero, yet the client’s orders remain open. These exceptional benefits are not available elsewhere in the industry, giving Exness a competitive edge.

Committed to a bold and seamless service
Committed to a bold and seamless service, illustration photo/ Source: Shutterstock

Is this a new policy, or is Exness implementing it for the first time?

As a market maker, we constantly strive to introduce our innovative products and services to the market. We take pride in setting our own unique rules and guidelines. Whenever we identify services that we believe are advantageous for our customers, we are committed to offering them, even if they entail higher costs for us.

Therefore, while these specific products and features may be new additions to our line-up, the underlying principle of providing better than market conditions has always been a core part of our ethos.

What is the company’s vision for the South East Asian market and beyond?

Exness has a multifaceted approach to its vision and prospects. One key aspect involves expanding its geographic footprint by venturing into new markets. Recently, we opened an office in Uruguay, marking our entry into the Latin American region. Additionally, the acquisition of a licence in Jordan further strengthens its presence in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Recognising the potential in Southeast Asia, Exness is also exploring opportunities in this market. Geographic expansion remains a significant component of the company’s overall strategy.

Furthermore, Exness is closely focused on the crypto community, particularly in Vietnam. The country has witnessed remarkable crypto adoption, with an estimated 20 per cent of the population actively holding cryptocurrencies.

To cater to this growing market, Exness is actively developing its crypto products and services, both on the trading and payment fronts. While the cryptocurrency industry is smaller in scale compared to the foreign exchange market, Exness already commands a considerable market share, with daily volumes reaching around $2.5 billion. As part of the plans, we aim to enhance our product range and broaden the scope of services that we offer in this domain.

Hong Kong is allowing retail trading in cryptocurrencies, and operators of virtual asset trading platforms willing to comply with the proposed guidelines are welcome to apply for a licence. How do you assess this development?

The news of the Hong Kong officially allowing cryptocurrency trading for retail traders worldwide is highly positive for the crypto industry. It signifies that the Hong Kong market is serving as a sandbox or experimentation area for mainland China. This development is a strong indication of increasing openness to exploring crypto-related activities.

The immediate impact of this news was evident, as Bitcoin’s price surged above $27,000. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that crypto trading in Hong Kong is reportedly not subject to taxation, which adds another advantageous aspect to the industry. Overall, this move serves as a significant driving force for the crypto industry, allowing for greater innovation and market opportunities.

What are the upcoming products or services that Exness plans to introduce to the market?

We have been actively assessing our clients’ interactions with our products and services, and based on their feedback, we are making several improvements. One area of focus is enhancing our payment services to provide them with a clear visual understanding of their transaction status throughout the process. We aim to streamline and optimise the payment experience for our clients.

Additionally, we are developing a portfolio investment management product that will enable advisors to effectively manage funds on behalf of their clients. This forthcoming offering represents an exciting advancement for us.

In the context of investment products, where traditional banks are probably venturing into cryptocurrency portfolio to diversify their services, how does Exness approach this aspect?

In the context of investment products, our focus lies in providing an alternative service that addresses the needs of our clients. While some individuals prefer to trade on their own, there are also many who feel more comfortable having a professional manage their investments. We recognise the existence of highly skilled and active traders capable of effectively managing clients’ funds, and our portfolio investment management product caters to this demand.

It’s important to note that we are not competing directly with traditional asset management services. Rather, we offer a valuable service that fills a gap in the industry and meets the needs of our clients.

As a retail broker with a significant market share, what sets Exness apart from its competitors?

We differentiate ourselves in several ways within the industry. Rather than relying on a single standout product, we prioritise excellence across all areas of our business. This includes offering a robust trading platform, seamless payment services, and a strong customer service model.

As a well-capitalised company, we prioritise the safety of our clients’ funds, providing them with peace of mind. We constantly push the boundaries of our product offerings, focusing on innovative solutions that other brokers may not typically provide due to the associated risks.

By building bold and forward-thinking products, we bring significant advantages to our clients. This commitment to innovation and comprehensive service sets us apart and underscores our unique position in the market.

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