Traphaco deepens footprint on green development journey

November 28, 2023 | 15:29
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Aside from making premium Oriental medicines, Traphaco has embarked on producing modern pharmaceutical products. Dao Thuy Ha, the company’s deputy general director, speaks with VIR's Phong Lan about the novel aspects of the company’s green development journey.

Traphaco has recently invested strongly in its research and development (R&D). Is the company also innovating in its sustainable development agenda?

Traphaco deepens footprint on green development journey (PR)
Dao Thuy Ha, Traphaco's deputy general director

The noble mission of making drugs to save lives has prompted our company to embrace a sustainable development agenda.

Aside from doing business to generate economic value, Traphaco pays heeds to taking care of its workers, the community, and safeguarding the planet.

The three pillars of sustainable development are realised by Traphaco through a green value chain of input materials that meet GACP international standards, a modern production factory meeting GMP-WHO standards, and an extensive distribution system that brings good quality, effective, and safe medicinal products.

Our GreenPlan sustainable medicinal herb development initiative – a pioneer in the Oriental medicine revolution – has created a four-stakeholder cooperative model to develop growing areas, helping Traphaco become self-controlled, ensuring the quality and quantity of medicinal input materials, and creating jobs. The scheme also upholds the idea that Vietnamese people prioritise local products and medicines.

Leveraging the programme, Traphaco now accommodates five types of medicinal herbs whose growing areas are on par with GACP standards, and dozens of others that controlled under GACP standards, ensuring the quality and effectiveness of key oriental medicine products.

The company’s key products, such as Boganic liver, bile tonic, and Cebraton brain tonic, have secured the top market share in Vietnam for many years, and are trusted by millions.

Traphaco deepens footprint on green development journey

Currently, Traphaco runs a parallel development strategy with Oriental medicine and modern pharmaceutical products, aiming to develop a unique line-up of premium-quality products.

Based on GACP medicinal herbs and the essence of Vietnamese oriental medicine, Traphaco is set to elevate its offerings to add value and better satisfy the high-end customer group.

The first product to be launched to the public in this period is the premium liver tonic Boganic Premium.

Traphaco has invested intensively into in-depth scientific research. In conjunction with experts from the National Institute of Medicinal Materials, it has successfully isolated and patented a new active ingredient named TRA-GO1, which is an extract of a bitter herb. It is also elevating the testing standards for raw materials serving Oriental medicine production.

Why is Traphaco dedicated to investing in high-end traditional medicine?

We develop new product lines stemming from social needs that increasingly look for new, more effective, and more convenient solutions in healthcare.

Besides this, Traphaco's pioneering culture is always innovative, capitalising on existing values to create new ones. In fact, Traphaco has invested heavily in R&D, continuously launching new products every year.

Traphaco deepens footprint on green development journey

High-end Oriental medicine provides effective and convenient solutions for people through combining GACP medicinal herbs and new, stronger active ingredients, which have now set the trend in the US, European and Japanese markets.

Since Boganic Premium launched nationwide in 2023, sales revenue has exceeded 1.6 times over expectation from the beginning of the year. This is a superb signal for us to continue to innovate products to better serve the customers.

What are the company’s fresh achievements that have shone through its new pharmaceutical product portfolio, particularly regarding sustainable development?

Traphaco has boldly invested in bioequivalence research, with seven products being announced. The number and revenue of new pharmaceutical products have grown constantly on-year.

​The company has successfully produced and registered two first brand-name generic drugs to treat anticoagulants and new generation lipid disorders. Thereby, in 2022 sales of new products in the modern pharmaceutical group were seven times more than in 2021.

This year marks a breakthrough in Traphaco's testing activities through an overarching investment in modern analytical equipment, applying unique fiber optic UV technology in assessing the product solubility in Vietnam.

With the certificate from the Ministry of Health in April this year, Traphaco became the first pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprise in Vietnam to have a R&D laboratory on par with Good Laboratory Practice -WHO standards.

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By Phong Lan

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