Traditional media retains a vital role

June 20, 2019 | 11:00
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Despite the blooming development of the Internet and social networks, as well as the impact of Industry 4.0 and changing reading habits, the core values of the traditional press are still highly appreciated. These values stand firm due to the importance of accuracy and truthfulness of the news as a main source of information for businesses to connect, both nationally and internationally. On the occasion of Vietnam Journalists’ Day on June 21, businesspeople share with VIR their thoughts on contributing their utmost to the country’s development, alongside the strong support of the media.
traditional media retains a vital role
Vietnam’s media plays an intrinsic part in contributing towards the economic development of the entire country

Guillermo Pantoja- General manager Meliá Hanoi Hotel

traditional media retains a vital role

For years, VIR has always been an inseparable companion to the business development and expansion of Meliá Hotel Hanoi. Thanks to up-to-date news on various fields, the hotel management board has an overview of market orientation and can set reasonable business strategies and policies. In addition, thanks to the newspaper’s great support in recent years, all brand images and key messages of Meliá Hanoi, along with the hotel’s products and services, are brought to customers in a full, speedy, and accurate manner.

On the occasion of the 94th anniversary of Vietnam Journalists’ Day, on behalf of the management board and all employees of Meliá Hanoi Hotel, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the endeared staff and management of VIR. We hope you always keep your pen sharp and your passion intense for your journey to future success.

Ngo Dang Khoa - Head of Global Markets HSBC Vietnam

traditional media retains a vital role

I would like to congratulate Vietnam’s media, and specifically VIR, on the occasion of Vietnam Journalists’ Day 2019. In the context of the current fast but uncertain global economic movements, the role of media is more critical in bringing the latest information to readers, keeping us informed about what is happening in Vietnam and around the world. This role is even more critical to companies when business leaders need accurate information and market trends to make important decisions.

Throughout the years, HSBC has fostered a positive relationship with VIR and we hope this relationship will continue for a long time ahead. As the name speaks for itself, VIR has dedicated itself to bringing news on foreign investment from diversified angles, as well as regulatory updates, and the performance of foreign companies in Vietnam.

As the country’s financial sector opens up and grows more and more, we believe that mainstream business publications like VIR will have an even bigger role to play in connecting Vietnam with the world. We wish reporters and management at VIR and other media outlets success and look forward to seeing more high-quality coverage in the future.

Ho Sy Quang - Deputy manager of Thermal Power and New Energy Centre, Power Engineering Consulting JSC

traditional media retains a vital role

Over time, the media has gradually changed, but is still the main source of information on public issues. Nowadays the Internet is increasingly playing an important role in social life, affecting every sector of social activities. For newspapers, the Internet has helped journalists and editors quickly access news sources and reader feedback. It has eased ­interviews of prominent people at a distance, and has changed the publishing ­system.

Today, people can access the news via blogs and social networks. With smartphones, any citizen can now record events and upload them online. These networks have developed rapidly and broadly in the past time and can have negative impacts on the development of journalism. However, it is an ­indispensable development of society, and the press needs to change and aim for a social-based approach for people to easily check ­uploaded information.

The change of the media in the age of Industry 4.0 is ­necessary. However, the core values of the press in ­content, accuracy, and truthfulness of the news must ­remain.

For many organisations and businesses, the press is still playing an important role, and it is really a main source of information so that businesses like ours can grasp the new policies of the Party and the state, which is a reliable feedback channel. In addition, the press plays a role in connecting the business community, and is a bridge connecting domestic and foreign markets.

Yasutsugu Iwamura - General director AEON MALL Vietnam

traditional media retains a vital role

The relationship between the press and business is inseparable. Especially in this modern world, the press is a bridge of information, and a connection to the world for any enterprise. Through the press, enterprises can approach new regulations and policies of the state and localities, then adjust or make plans for operations.

The press provides a clear and valued channel for us to communicate with communities and locals, as not only can we provide new trends or bring new experiences for our great customers but we can also receive feedback from them.

By reading analysis articles, we may look in the same direction as our customers. Thanks to the press, we can improve and grow up together with our customers and partners.

Montri Suwanposri - General director C.P. Vietnam

traditional media retains a vital role

Businesses and the press are inevitably interdependent in that businesses rely on the press to spread information regarding their activities, products, and branding, while articles of businesses, entrepreneurs, and the economy help popularise newspapers. The press plays an important role in everyday life, bridging businesses and customers as well as bringing businesses to the global stage.

In my opinion, VIR has not only effectively carried out these tasks but also done them exceedingly well. In both the organisation’s printed newspapers and online versions, we readers can find every necessary piece of information about businesses and investment in Vietnam. Businessmen like me also learn more about our own companies in improving our organisations thanks to comprehensive and reflective articles in VIR.

On the occasion of Vietnam Journalists’ Day, I would like to express my gratitude to VIR. I hope that VIR and C.P. Vietnam’s close partnership will maintain and reach greater heights in the time coming.

Sunny Ghaiee - Executive assistant manager Hanoi Daewoo Hotel

traditional media retains a vital role

Media is an indispensable part of any business, especially in hospitality. It helps to distribute the information and knowledge about businesses to the customers, and is the best means of communication for the mass audience. With the help of electronic, print, and web media, hotels are able to reach out to the masses, increase brand exposure, and connect with consumers on a deeper level.

Some of the most influential publications in Vietnam include VIR and Timeout. They highlight the activities of Vietnamese businesses, especially foreign investments in the fluctuations of financial markets, domestic and international. Media such as newspapers and magazines are the bridge between hotels and customers as well as partners, allowing the business to get closer to the people, distribute useful information to the readers, and increase brand exposure to a domestic and international audience.

Sami Kteily - Executive chairman PEB Steel

traditional media retains a vital role

Over the last 25 years in Vietnam, VIR has been always the first choice of PEB Steel when it comes to promoting our products and services. Not only is it distributed all over Vietnam, giving us national exposure, but it is a respected and trusted publication with very wide readership that spans many sectors and institutions both private and public. VIR has also been an early and reliable source of news about foreign investors setting up factories and warehouses in Vietnam, thus providing PEB Steel with valuable prospects for our business. Personally, I look forward to Mondays to read VIR, even when I am overseas.

Hendra Gunawan – CEO PT Vietmindo Energitama

traditional media retains a vital role

After over nearly 30 years of operations in Vietnam, we highly appreciate the role of the media community. It is a trustful source of information for enterprises in general and particularly for foreign enterprises in terms of investment and business policies in taxation, environmental protection, and legal regulations.

It is unavoidable for ­foreign enterprises to ­sometimes have issues with regulations but thanks to the reflection of the mass media, we have learned and changed so that we can both operate well and contribute to the sustainable growth and development of Vietnam’s economy.

The mass media is also a useful channel for overseas investment enterprises to send our message on ­regulation application to ­relevant authorities. Thanks to this progress, we can see much improvement in the investment ­environment of Vietnam over recent years. VIR is a truly prestigious newspaper providing useful information that is welcomed by international readers like us.

Le Thi Hoang Yen - CEO, Muong Thanh Hospitality Group

traditional media retains a vital role

During his journey to seek a way to save the nation, President Ho Chi Minh realised the key to spreading revolutionary ideas was to campaign for revolution, and the media became a crucial tool for that. Media has always been a powerful weapon, with great strength in orienting public awareness and opinion. It is an important force that contributes to improving the efficiency of social criticism, building a truly ­democratic society. In past years, VIR has always accompanied Muong Thanh Hospitality as one of the group’s main media partners. The newspaper helps us to share the most updated information about business and the social activities of our group. We would like to send our deep gratitude to VIR and the media in general on the occasion of Vietnam Journalists’ Day this June 21, wishing better developments and contributions to the Vietnamese media network.

Torben Minko - Managing director B. Braun Vietnam Co., Ltd.

traditional media retains a vital role

Journalists and businesses have strong links, especially in the digital age when Industry 4.0 is right in front of us. Through media channels, businesses can timely get updates about the country’s policies and this enables them to make the next steps. The media can also be the bridge between businesses and the government as they cover both business and the government issues of concerns.

As a weekly publication, VIR cover issues of national importance such as political and macro-economic concerns and policies, in-depth analysis into foreign direct investment activities, and news and reviews of individual companies and economic business fields. VIR is a useful forum for investors to raise concerns as well as offer their proposals to relevant government agencies.

With a long-term investment in this country, B. Braun Vietnam hopes that the local media can become more active in updating any changes in government policies, as well as the government’s plan to facilitate smoother business activities.

Nguyen Van Tuyen - Director, Tien Dat Investment and Service Trading Production Co., Ltd.

traditional media retains a vital role

The press is both an information source and a partner of enterprises. As a company working with foreign partners, we often read VIR, one of Vietnam’s leading newspapers on the economy, to understand more about the domestic and international market. I have read VIR for nearly 20 years and am very impressed with the information that this newspaper brings to readers, particularly enterprises like us.

Analysing articles on different fields like finance, property, market trends, and economic co-operation between Vietnam and other countries contain the deep opinions of Vietnamese and international experts in each field. As one of the official organs of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, VIR quickly updates on new features in investment of Vietnam and its localities. This is valuable information for investors who have been working in this country.

In particular, I am really interested in the economic monitoring page which appears at the end of each month. The page shows us information on investment of the whole month or for a period of time in terms of partners, localities, sectors, total projects, and total investment capital. These figures let us know the developmental direction of the economy. On the occasion of Vietnam Journalists’ Day, I would like to wish people working in journalism in general, particularly those at VIR, good health and happiness.

Nguyen Duc Hoa - Vice director Electro-mechanic Technology, Consultant and Inspection Coninco JSC

traditional media retains a vital role

The development of new communications technology, especially the pressure of competing for information from social networks, has created both challenges and opportunities for Vietnamese journalists. In the society, there are many types of modern devices equipped with listening and viewing functions, requiring the press to find ways to adapt to the times so as not to be left behind.

If solutions are not found to face up to the challenges, newspapers, even those online, will only be a secondary choice compared to social networks which have a huge number of users and powerful spread thanks to continuous 24-hour information updates. Now, a journalist not only needs to be proficient in writing news and sourcing photos, but also has to know how to record video clips, ensuring that the output can be used for print, online, radio, and more.

However, official information from reputable newspapers always attracts readers and gains their trust. Therefore, the official press will always assert its position in the relationship with organisations and businesses.

Sven Saebel - General manager Sunrise Premium Resort & Spa Hoi An

traditional media retains a vital role

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, savvy marketers know the key to gaining a competitive advantage lies in creating meaningful connections with their customers from the get-go.

More importantly, they recognise the need to cultivate and grow this relationship throughout the customer’s journey in order to retain loyalty in a tech-savvy, millennial-driven era. VIR and Timeout do this perfectly, bridging customers and businesses.

The integration of printed media and digital solutions are proven to be more successful and drive more attention and revenue. As a veteran in Vietnam with 18 years’ experience in managing hotels and resorts, I see that when you combine a print campaign with an online marketing campaign, your brand becomes more prominent. Even if potential customers miss one ad, you have other ways and mediums that have the potential to catch their attention. This is also the current strategy Sunrise Premium Resort & Spa Hoi An is applying very successfully, as it is of the utmost importance to know who your audience is and what they are looking for.

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