Thanh Long Bay: a resort that checks all the boxes – and more

June 25, 2021 | 08:10
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The designers were tasked with making Thanh Long Bay a world-class resort destination that will show an unparalleled commitment to preserving the natural environment.

Perusing the lists of leading travel magazines like Travel and Leisure and Conde Nast, one can see clearly what most world-class resorts have in common. They are close to the sea, they celebrate natural beauty, they emphasise their uniqueness through sustainable architecture, and they earn their distinction of luxury by offering impeccable service.

Nam Group, one of Vietnam’s premier real estate developers, has the experience to understand what it takes to build a resort that can be known the world over with the distinction of being a "destination". For their flagship resort development, Thanh Long Bay, they chose a location on the coast of Binh Thuan province that is pristine and perfectly centrally positioned. Three and a half hours to the west by car is Ho Chi Minh City. Long Thanh International Airport, designed to receive 100 million passengers annually, is only two hours to the west. One hour to the north is the resort town of Phan Thiet which will also boast an airport. One hour to the south is the lively beach town of Vung Tau.

Thanh Long Bay: a resort that checks all the boxes – and more

Despite being so close to all these urban centres, especially the greater Ho Chi Minh metropolitan area which is the economic powerhouse of Vietnam, Binh Thuan retains its rural character and countryside charm. It is a region of farmlands, especially of dragon fruit, of forests, and hills that are a dream for trekkers. It is a region of dry air, clear waters, and soft sands of some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Vietnam.

The challenge of Nam Group was to build a 90-hectare urban resort complex that will receive thousands of visitors and residents every year and yet can preserve and integrate all the strengths of the region. To that end, Nam Group partnered with design firms such as MIA Design Studio who are known for their innovative green designs, and their commitment to sustainability. The designers were given the mission of making Thanh Long Bay a world-class resort that will preserve the natural environment. Not many resorts have such a commitment to the environment.

Fun day and night

The designers came up with the ultimate refuge for upper-income professionals who need an escape from the pressures of the city, a place where they can renew their spirit and enjoy the successes that hard work brought them.

Thanh Long Bay beachside resort offers all the amenities of urban life such as high-end dining, brand name shopping, the chicest cafes, and more.

Thanh Long Bay is a beachside resort that will offer all the amenities of urban life such as high-end dining, brand name shopping, and the chicest cafes. It will offer a full range of water sports such as motorboarding, windsurfing, canoeing, and jet skiing. It will even offer a water sports academy for beginners to learn new skills and enthusiasts to hone theirs. It will offer a sense of place through local food, excursions to the local communities full of places of interest, and wellness offerings such as spas.

The heart of the Thanh Long Bay experience is the ocean but the surrounding region is a compelling story of its own. Day excursions can be made to the local markets, to the nature trails and points of historical interest such as Ke Ga Lighthouse.

Nighttime at Thanh Long Bay with its cool breezes blowing in from the sea can be just as busy and exciting as the daytime. There is nightlife, clubs, walking street, and the occasional festival because Thanh Long Bay is positioning itself as the ideal seaside festival venue. A lighting design studio from Bangkok was retained to light up Thanh Long Bay at night. Its mission was to provide safety, security, and a sense of awe to the visitors and residents of the complex.

A place for fun and entrepreneurship

Thanh Long Bay offers a number of ways for customers to become stakeholders. There are condominiums, garden homes, townhouses, and shophouses. The townhouses in the area called The Sound are an especially attractive option for customers who recognise the long-term potential of Thanh Long Bay to become a destination on many “Best Resort” lists.

These townhouses are for the entrepreneurial-minded who have ambition to start a business and ride the wave of popularity that is certain for a resort so well designed and so centrally located. The floor plans of the townhouses of The Sound offer the kind of flexibility to develop a variety of businesses – cafe, bar, restaurant, mini hotel, or a small shop. Thanh Long Bay will attract the kind of high-end clientele – upper-income professionals, wealthy retirees – that any business owner would prize.

Thanh Long Bay: a resort that checks all the boxes – and more

The townhouses basically have two frontages: one for the main street and one facing the back to a common area for residents that is a lush green resort-style garden. It can be thought of as an oasis within the larger oasis that is Thanh Long Bay. One can easily divide the townhouses so that there is an area for personal use and an area that is for rent.

Nam Group’s motto is that it “creates great connections” – and that is what made Thanh Long Bay possible, the connections between a leading developer and innovative designers such as MIA Design Studio, and an experienced builder such as Ricons.

It is a connection between the people of the region, the beautiful natural environment, and a future community that will be an integral part of it all, strengthening it.

Thanh Long Bay seeks that lasting connection with its residents by always being that reliable escape, that place where the sunrise is always spectacular.

What Thanh Long Bay has to offer is beyond the capabilities of one article to describe. It is the kind of opportunity that deserves an on-site visit and detailed discussions with knowledgeable people about its potential.

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By Ha Thuy

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