TH Group illustrates its value with nutritious milk varieties

November 25, 2020 | 15:00
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As one of the most popular dairy brands in the domestic market, TH Group has been recognised as one of the chosen brands within the national Vietnam Value Programme, seeking to promote locally-sourced and high-quality goods.
1519 p20 th group illustrates its value with nutritious milk varieties
TH Group illustrates its value with nutritious milk varieties, photo Thanh Tung

The Vietnam Value Programme is the government’s unique and long-term programme aiming at building and developing national brands and products. Every two years, chosen companies and their products can represent Vietnam as a prestigious country with high-quality goods and services, increasing the pride and attractiveness of the country and its people, while contributing to promoting foreign trade development and improving national competitiveness.

In this spirit, TH Group decided to apply for this year’s programme, not only to be recognised by the government, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and other organisations, but also to accompany the programme and introduce its products as ones that follow international standards, worthy of contributing to increasing the value of Vietnam’s national goods.

This year, TH Group has been honoured with four chosen products – TH true MILK, TH true MILK TopKid, TH School MILK, and TH true Yogurt.

TH true MILK was one of the group’s first products on the line and after 10 years has become the favourite milk brand of many domestic consumers, while establishing a name for its creators. TH true MILK is made from pure, fresh milk from TH farms, where natural nutrients and flavours are preserved in each product.

Meanwhile, TH true MILK TopKid was developed at a time when there were only milk powders and similar products for children on the market. With TH’s endeavour to provide nutritious and fresh milk to children and toddlers, TH true MILK TopKid remains the only fresh milk specifically made for children on the market. Sourced organically from TH farms under strict European standards, TopKid milk provides children with the necessary micronutrients and additional supplements that they require for healthy development.

In addition to natural nutrients in the TH’s organic milk line, TopKid contains several supplemented essential nutrients such as docosahexaenoic acid to help support brain development, vision, and overall health of the child; additional calcium; vitamin C and D; and folic acid that helps a child’s body produce and maintain new cells, as well as prevent changes to the DNA that may lead to cancer and other issues. All of these ensure that children develop optimally, both physically and mentally.

While TH true MILK TopKid is targeted for smaller children, TH School MILK aims to support children with the daily energy they need while becoming the backbone of a future society. TH School MILK is the first and only fresh school milk product in Vietnam, backed by clinical studies and controlled trials for its nutritional effectiveness.

As such, TH School MILK was certified by the Ministry of Health for improving the nutritional status and supply of micronutrients of children.

With all the delicious and nutritious natural parts milk has to offer, TH School MILK’s recipe was scientifically calculated and its nutritional values follow recommendations made by DSM, the world’s leading nutritional organisation based in the Netherlands, to promote height, enhance eyesight, and ability to focus, thus supporting children’s comprehensive physical and mental development.

Additionally, TH School MILK has been clinically tested by the Vietnamese National Institute of Nutrition with the support of an expert on micronutrients from the French Institute of Research for Development.

For those who love yoghurt, TH Group has developed its TH true Yogurt, with natural flavours and made entirely from TH’s pure, fresh milk. These yoghurts are flavoured with natural fruits, without the use of preservatives or any additives during fermentation.

With these high-quality product lines, TH Group has satisfied the strict requirements of the Vietnam Value Programme.

The programme’s selection criteria focus on the three main points, of quality, innovation, and creativity. The selection process is transparently conducted by the organisers, and their assessments are not only based on the commitments of businesses to consumers but must also show professionalism and serious social responsibility. This year, TH Group is competing with more than 1,000 other businesses that applied for the Vietnam Value Programme.

TH Group’s quality commitment

As a food company committed to high quality, TH Group applies modern and eco-friendly production and administration processes to meet the requirements and regulations of competent authorities.

TH’s product quality is guaranteed by an advanced quality management system and recognised under the current law. Modern equipment is imported from G7 countries and Europe, and the entire operating system is implemented according to national and international standards. Meanwhile, the application and regular upgrading of the group’s modern machinery and equipment seek to improve product quality as an important step to meet the desired quality criteria.

In addition, TH Group aims to research and improve healthy products that are suitable for modern consumption trends, as well as meet the demand of consumers of all ages.

Since its establishment, the group has been orienting business towards public health and saw this as a key factor for sustainable growth. To this end, TH Group sees product quality as the main competitive factor in its business strategy. To create these high-quality products, the group combines natural Vietnamese resources and smartness with the world’s latest technology.

By Hai Van

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