Super Brand Day – An excellent e-commerce initiative for brands

January 28, 2021 | 12:21
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Typically a 24-hour stunt on Lazada, Super Brand Day events have significantly improved the visibility of participating brands, helping them break records on sales and product views.

With more than 20 campaigns in 2020, Super Brand Day events highlight the strength of Lazada’s relationship with global brands on its LazMall platform, which has seen resounding success due to the proliferation of e-commerce.

Unlike other platform-wide shopping festivals lasting several days, Super Brand Days are a brand’s exclusive 11.11 one-day sale event. It offers amazing opportunities for shoppers to buy products of well-known global brands at market-beating prices and be rewarded with gifts. Sharing with VIR about the results of the super series in 2020, CEO of Lazada Vietnam James Dong said that Super Brand Day allows brands to acquire more customers and boost interactions with them. “Region-wide, these Super Brand Days in 2020 have achieved stellar performance. Brands have recorded more than 40 times uplift in sales compared to the daily average, almost eight times more sales compared to mega campaigns like 11.11, and up to six times follower growth in their brand stores across our markets,” the CEO noted.

Participating brands – covering a wide spectrum of assortment offerings, from electronics to health and beauty to mother and baby products – have seen significant improvements in sales, views of livestreams, and participation in in-app games. Shoppers flock to the campaign due to the attractive promotions as well as exclusive gifts and items on offer during Super Brand Days.

Generating major growth

Some of the major brands who have participated in the campaigns last year include some of the largest names across several consumer segments.

Hewlett Packard (HP) was the first computer brand to join the Super Brand Day on Lazada Vietnam’s platform. Within a single day, HP’s sales were 90 times the norm. Even after the campaign, the daily revenue of the brand enjoyed a four-fold increase from the month before the Super Brand Day. Nguyen Hai Dang, Online Channel manager of HP Vietnam said: “Computers and laptops has been considered as one of the highest value categories which expect more time to win consumer’s trust. The Super Brand Day of Lazada was a particularly good chance for us to strengthen online marketing and sales, as well as bring new experiences to customers.”

super brand day an excellent e commerce initiative for brands
Lazada organised 20 Super Brand Days throughout 2020 with resounding success

During its Super Brand Day in September, Samsung reached its revenue target for the 24 hours in just 15 minutes of kickstarting the campaign. The wildly successful promotions have also enhanced Samsung’s brand identity on Lazada, with the number of buyers doubling while visits to their store on Lazada quadrupled in comparison to previous shopping festival in earlier that month. “Lazada’s Super Brand Day was a key hook on e-commerce for Samsung to reach new records in sales revenue and number of items sold, encouraging customers to take their custom from offline to online,” a Samsung representative said.

Philips has sold 2,500 items and quintupled its usual revenue on Super Brand Day, setting a new record for its sales on Lazada in 2020. The brand has also gained about 30,000 new followers on the platform who will subsequently receive updates on new products and other promotions. “We have been deeply impressed by the heightened online marketing activities on Super Brand Day. We will pay more attention to shaping our brand identity on e-commerce channels and carry out more online campaigns in the time coming,” said Le Thi Phuong Uyen, representative of Philips Vietnam.

Piling on these successes, numerous other brands have reported impressive outcomes such as Realme, TCL Technology, Friso, Abbott, Enfa, Lancome, Kiehl’s, Shu Uemura, Lock & Lock, and Adidas, each of which has sold thousands of items, multiplying regular custom by a factor of hundreds.

super brand day an excellent e commerce initiative for brands
Super Brand Day on Lazada brings several long-term benefits to participating brands

New year – new opportunities

Despite – or even because of – the difficulties of the year 2020, e-commerce has been developing at a brisk pace, with market observers highlighting that the newfound habit of online shopping would remain a prevalent part of consumption habits. Thus, initiatives such as Super Brand Days and the promotional mechanisms that the platform provides the brands not only help customers shop safely and conveniently but also accelerate this trend and support brands in developing their online customer bases.

Samsung’ representative said: “Lazada has supported us in planning all promotions and solutions to increase views, as well as track and update our performance during the campaign. We will definitely cooperate with Lazada’s team to break records in 2021.”

Echoing this satisfaction, a Xiaomi representative said: “Super Brand Day was an amazing chance for us to build our brand identity and grow sales. We expect many more such successes through collaboration with Lazada in 2021.”

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