Spectacular views and atmosphere at Heritage West Lake

March 31, 2022 | 08:00
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The location has long become a moral compass for any real estate investor. But as the number of buildings accelerates continuously, the view has been deemed as the factor helping to elevate the values of properties, especially luxury condo developments.

In the book Visual Delight in Architect: Daylight, Vision and View, American author Lisa Heschong tells the story of a family who had bought a condo in a 10-story building with an excellent position in West Manhattan for $1.2 million.

Just a few months afterwards, another condo on the 10th floor went on sale. The family immediately sold theirs to buy the new one on the 10th floor at double the price and spent an extra $2.5 million to renovate the unit.

Situated on Lac Long Quan Street, Heritage West Lake not only possesses a strategic position but is also one of the rare luxury condo developments to own a real killer view of Hanoi's iconic sights.

The reason why they willingly paid so much money for the new condominium was because of the higher view that offered more natural light, as well as a private lift to their home.

In addition to a central location, the view is an essential factor contributing to the value of a condominium. Especially with luxury condo development, owning a special view of iconic scenery would enhance 10 times the value of the condominium, stated realator.com.

According to experts, the view outstandingly increases the value of a luxury condominium for the distinct emotions that it brings. Anyone standing before the alluring beauty of nature would feel at ease, and all stress seems to be dissolved. A panoramic view embraces nature, and beyond that, a million-dollar view is an asset not anyone can hold.

Spectacular views and atmosphere at Heritage West Lake
Luxury condos with a view of West Lake are considered valuable and favoured by many people

Similar patterns are applied to the Vietnamese real estate market. In Hanoi, disregarding the location, buildings with views of rivers, lakes, and parks are always more highly priced than those in densely populated areas with no view of nature. In addition, condominiums with views of rivers and lakes are believed to bring prosperity to the owners. They are usually sought after by homebuyers to enjoy life or to invest with long-term added values.

Owning a spectacular view at Heritage West Lake

As the view is becoming more valuable, properties with strategic positions and views of open spaces are asserting their appeal. Moreover, properties at the best spots around West Lake – the land with a thousand-year historical and cultural legacy – have been highly sought-after.

Situated on Lac Long Quan Street, Heritage West Lake not only possesses a strategic position but is also one of the rare luxury condo developments to own a real killer view of Hanoi's iconic sights.

With West Lake's unique natural scenery on one side and the curvy Red River on another, every condominium has a million-dollar view.

With the experiences and stature of one of Asia's largest diversified developers, CapitaLand put great emphasis on curating spectacular views, allowing owners to fully indulge in sentimental experiences of luxury living.

At Heritage West Lake, every condominium has natural lighting and ventilation. Especially with a 3m ceiling and a 6m glass balcony, the condominium is designed to embrace the view of West Lake. The owners can fulfil all senses within the condominium while surrounding themselves with the alluring nature.

Additionally, residents can peacefully embrace the movements of nature with privileged facilities, such as Sky Bar, BBQ Garden, and the Sky Lounge with wine and cigar, and more. Beyond that, the first four-season outdoor infinity pool in Hanoi would be an exclusive open space for residents to enjoy the breathtaking view of West Lake throughout the year.

Spectacular views and atmosphere at Heritage West Lake
The outdoor infinity pool embraces the panoramic view of West Lake at Heritage West Lake

Owning a unit at Heritage West Lake, people can not only indulge in the charming beauty of the land of legacies but also fulfil sentimental experiences. Developer CapitaLand extends the exclusivity and privacy for residents with amenities including a 1:1 parking system and a private lift lobby to every condominium. These are the perfect puzzle pieces to establish an icon of luxury living in Hanoi.

With these advantages, right after the grand opening of the show unit on March 12, Heritage West Lake has made headlines in the luxury condo development market in Hanoi.

With a limited number of 173 condominiums, Heritage West Lake is regarded one of the rare properties embracing the quintessential values of the heritage land West Lake.

Register for a show unit visit via hotline: 1800 400 088

Heritage West Lake - Lac Long Quan, Phu Thuong, Tay Ho, Hanoi

Website: heritagewestlake.com

By Ha Thuy

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