The quintessential lifestyle in the land of legacies

January 31, 2022 | 22:15
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It is common to find a convenient living space in high-rise buildings within a modern city, but to live a quality lifestyle in the land of legacies is the privilege of a selected few. Located in Hanoi’s popular Tay Ho district, Heritage West Lake stands tall as a new symbol of the capital’s quintessential lifestyle.
The quintessential lifestyle in the land of legacies
The quintessential lifestyle in the land of legacies

While Hanoi is developing rapidly with major transformations in many districts, West Lake retains its distinct charm and is widely considered the preferred destination by foreign experts and the intellectual community of Hanoi.

West Lake’s charm originates from the land’s 1,000-year cultural and historical legacy. The district is among the least affected areas from rapid urbanisation. The peaceful, poetic, and soulful lifestyle at West Lake remained intact thanks to consistent and systematic land-use planning.

Contemporary high-rise buildings are distributed with limited density, in harmony with traditional low-rise constructions. Modern and prosperous, West Lake preserves a unique lifestyle in the red-tiled houses and ancient pagodas such as Tran Quoc, Van Nien, and Quan Thanh.

To the intellectual – who seeks profundity in experiences and longs for meaningful moments in life – West Lake is the ideal location for their home. However, it is only a privilege of the selected few. West Lake is becoming more coveted and attractive than ever, as the land bank is narrowing. Therefore, investors and affluent people have been eyeing luxury condo developments that are in the limited residential spaces of Tay Ho district.

CapitaLand is widely acclaimed for the consecutive success of highly reputed luxury condo developments in Ho Chi Minh City, including D1Mension, D’Edge Thao Dien, The Vista and Define. The diversified real estate developer has chosen West Lake as the location to establish its debut in the luxury real estate segment in Hanoi.

Located at the best feng shui spot of West Lake, CapitaLand is about to unveil Heritage West Lake – the Best Luxury Condo Development in Hanoi, as awarded by PropertyGuru Vietnam Property Awards 2021.

The quintessential lifestyle in the land of legacies
Contemporary high-rise buildings are distributed with limited density, in harmony with traditional low-rise constructions at West Lake

The project commits to bringing a unique living space with distinctive values, customised for the elite. Previously, West Lake has been a popular destination for large local and international real estate developers, including Tan Hoang Minh, Ciputra, Lotte, and Daewoo. Nevertheless, according to experts, Heritage West Lake is anticipated to bring a distinct colour. The project will be a unique highlight in West Lake’s market, inheriting intangible values of the land and combining international experiences.

With 27 years of experience in developing luxury real estate in Vietnam, CapitaLand loves and understands traditional heritage values – the essence of a new standard of living for the Vietnamese. Heritage West Lake will be the perfect meeting point, where a 1,000-year history encounters modern development and where national characteristics meet global lifestyles.

Along with being located on the prosperous flow consolidated by traditional values, Heritage West Lake also owns a strategic position with excellent connectivity. From Lac Long Quan street, residents can commute easily to city centres through main streets such as Vo Chi Cong, Hoang Hoa Tham, Thuy Khue, Au Co, and Nghi Tam.

While blending in with the external surrounding, the development still ensures a private and green living space. Detached from the hustle and bustle, Heritage West Lake offers a spectacular green view of the vast skyline and West Lake. Standing in a luxury apartment, indulging in every elegant move of the lake harmonising with the prosperous flow of the area, is an invaluable experience that not every luxury condo development can provide.

Despite having released only initial information, Heritage West Lake has already received a positive response. With the efforts to create a unique lifestyle well-matched with West Lake, the land of legacies, this luxury condo development is anticipated to be an iconic living space of the elite, and a legacy for future generations.


A Landscape of Legacy

As the “Best Luxury Condo Development” in Hanoi, as awarded by PropertyGuru Vietnam Property Awards 2021,

Heritage West Lake embraces quintessential values, making it an iconic luxury condo development.

Developer: CapitaLand – one of Asia’s largest diversified real estate groups from Singapore


Hotline: 1800 400 088

By Nhan Bui

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