CapitaLand – Nearly three decades designing lifestyles for Vietnamese

January 28, 2022 | 13:25
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The profound knowledge of Vietnamese culture and lifestyle is one of the advantages of CapitaLand’s ongoing development, in which the developer has been raising new living standards through iconic properties throughout the 27 years of operation.

In 1994, CapitaLand – one of Asia’s largest real estate groups headquartered in Singapore – joined the first foreign investment wave in the Vietnamese market. This was a major turning point for CapitaLand, as Vietnam was achieving remarkable successes with the transition from a centrally planned to a market economy.

Nearly three decades later, CapitaLand is one of the pioneering developers that obtained fruitful results. Until present, Vietnam is listed as a key market in CapitaLand’s investment portfolio of over 30 countries, with assets including two integrated developments, over 12,000 quality homes across 16 residential developments, one retail mall, and over 9,800 lodging units in more than 35 properties nationwide.

With a stable economic foundation, rapid urbanisation, and growing middle class, Vietnam is among the key markets of CapitaLand.

Looking back on CapitaLand’s developing journey, investing in Vietnam has never been an impromptu decision but based on CapitaLand’s solid foundation and strategic vision.

At the start of the country’s renovation period, Vietnam’s average annual GDP growth reached 4.4 per cent. During 1991-1995, it doubled to 8.2 per cent annually. Based on this fact, CapitaLand noticed Vietnam’s potential to thrive in the future.

The 2016-2019 period witnessed significant growth in the country’s economy of up to 6.8 per cent, placing Vietnam among the top 10 countries with rapid economic development. Despite the pandemic, Vietnam was among the few countries with a positive GDP growth rate amounting to 2.58 per cent in 2021.

With a stable economic foundation, rapid urbanisation, and growing middle class, Vietnam is among the key markets of CapitaLand. The Singaporean developer commits to the mission of not only providing living space solutions but also establishing new standards of living for the Vietnamese.

Leveraging the experiences in building iconic properties in the region like the Interlace (Singapore), Seni Mont Kiara (Malaysia), and Raffles City Chongquing (China), CapitaLand aims to elevate the living experience of the Vietnamese, blending in with international trends.

CapitaLand identifies the profound insights on the local lifestyle from nearly three decades as one of their advantages. Each property has its unique charm, and CapitaLand has flexibly adapted to the lifestyle, traditions, and culture of each region – from which the developer seeks to elevate the properties and quality of life for the locals.

CapitaLand – Nearly three decades designing lifestyles for Vietnamese
DEFINE – a luxury condo development that brings the next level of luxury

In Ho Chi Minh City, CapitaLand contributes to the development of the real estate industry through luxury developments, catering to the growing demands of the elite.

As such, each new development has set new living standards. When The Vista was introduced in 2007, residents could experience the luxury lifestyle with the Olympic-standard outdoor sky pool, enjoying the modern residential amenities.

In Thao Dien – the centre of multinational values – stands the iconic property D’Edge Thao Dien. For the first time, residents can indulge in an outdoor infinity pool with a panoramic view, embracing the lively rhythm of the city. Every property aims to develop new living spaces with exclusive, uplifting experiences, embodying cultural integration between residents and global citizens.

Moreover, while COVID-19 created negative impacts on multiple businesses, CapitaLand asserted its strong position with consecutive debuts of major projects. In the southern region, CapitaLand made headlines with luxury real estate developments like DIMENSION and the recent DEFINE, with all units being booked entirely in the private launching event of the condo development.

CapitaLand – Nearly three decades designing lifestyles for Vietnamese
The best luxury condo development in Hanoi, the Heritage West Lake, features a quintessential lifestyle in the land of legacies

In Hanoi, CapitaLand heated the regional real estate market with the release of Heritage West Lake, developed in the last residential spaces of West Lake’s land bank. Once again, Hanoi’s elite community can anticipate new standards of living while connecting and blending in with the youthful, prosperous flow.

A quintessential lifestyle in the land of legacies is an invaluable experience that not every luxury condo development can provide. It is one of the factors contributing to Heritage West Lake’s Best Luxury Condo Development, as awarded by PropertyGuru Vietnam Property Awards 2021.

In the last three decades, CapitaLand has received many prestigious local and international awards, including the Asia Pacific Property Awards, PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards, PropertyGuru Vietnam Property Awards, and the Gold Dragon Award.

HERITAGE WEST LAKE – A Landscape of Legacy

Heritage West Lake embraces quintessential values, making it an iconic luxury condo development.

Developer: CapitaLand – one of Asia’s largest diversified real estate groups from Singapore


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By Ha Thuy

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