Sony is wired for further growth

October 19, 2010 | 16:47
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Two years after closing its factory in Vietnam, Sony Electronics Vietnam mainly imports products for the domestic market and its electronic market position is still high.

Yuzo Otsuki, general director of Sony Electronics Vietnam Company Ltd, talks with VIR Online about its positive sales in Vietnam.

How can you  describe Sony Electronics in Vietnam’s position?

I believe our products are very welcomed in Vietnam. We have a number of products ranking number one position of market share in Vietnam market such as LCD Television BRAVIA with a market share of 30 per cent, our cyber shot also has market share of 30 per cent and walkmans ranks number one. Our Sony Vaio laptop sales witnessed triple increase within one year. So Sony’s sales and marketing position is very positive.

For instance, laptop market itself is growing [in Vietnam], now it has changed from desktops to laptops. I think in very near future, the number of laptops will increase over desktops. There are a lot of laptops in the market, but surely Vaio has a unique position. So I believe Vaio’s business along with other businesses is very positive and I am optimistic of our business here in the future.

How do you compared the business before and after the factory was closed in 2008?

I have been here just for four months and I just getting to know more about Vietnam and I think Vietnamese people really do care about quality and understand brand value. Actually there are a lot of brands, some brands are good at very low cost and low price. Sony is different, Sony is good at state-of-the-art technology and premium brands I believe many Vietnamese customers understand the value of Sony.

Sony Electronics Vietnam recently announced its ambitious Sony 3D Lens to the living room marketing programme for local Vietnamese customers. Tell us more?

3D is one of breakthrough technology and Sony is only company to develop 3D technology for global industries such as movies, games and cameras. The product ranges are not just televisions, but DV players, game together we have total 3D solutions. Today products are mostly for those with upper incomes, but later when the cost drops, the targeted customers will expand to medium income people.

By Van Anh

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