Serving the bright Vietnamese youth through INTEK solutions

March 18, 2020 | 09:00
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Jennie Hoang Phuong, chief marketing and admission officer at INTEK, shares her experience on how to help children work with e-learning effectively.

What do you think about the practical effects of e-learning, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic, and at what age should students start studying in this way?

serving the bright vietnamese youth through intek solutions
Jennie Hoang Phuong, chief marketing and admission officer at INTEK

I think all Vietnamese students deserve to enjoy e-learning methods from an early age because of their unique benefits.

Throughout my work, I have found that Vietnamese students lack self-learning and online research skills. Since the traditional education model locks them into lesson schedules and programmes that are set, they are less proactive and committed to their learning and its outcome, which does affect their future.

However, if students were studying both online and on-site from the start, they could grow up to be more flexible in finding solutions for the challenges that the digital age throws at them.

The young generation is our future. So at INTEK, we aim at igniting their curiosity and sparking their interest in the digital revolution. One of our two programmes is dedicated to teenagers between 13 and 18 years old through an eight-week learning track which, among other contents, teaches them Python basic. Meanwhile, the second one is geared towards children from 9 to 13 who will learn about and practice with mini-robots and 3D printing.

Do you have solutions for parents to control their children and avoid internet abuse?

We started our education mission with both online and on-site learning models, together with gamified learning which creates excitement self-motivation among learners.

Through these methods, our students are committed to self-learning and develop a business mindset for problems. Therefore, the parents of INTEK’s students trust them and us. As for the current pandemic, since INTEK’s students are already used to applying online learning methods, their studies are progressing well without any barriers.

When and how has INTEK applied e-learning solutions in its curricula, and are these different from other institutes?

Since INTEK’s opening in 2018, we have realised the importance of e-learning in education and training. We want to change the awareness for e-learning as well as contribute to educating the next generation of Vietnamese IT professionals who are skilled enough to meet global standards. It is essential to apply such transnational learning and researching methods with unlimited time and space to prepare students well for the global playground.

Rooted in long-standing psychological research, our learning model draws upon the most innovative educational practices from around the globe. We have expanded upon a model that has already proven itself in Europe and the US. The fundamentals are circled around the following principles: learning how to learn, incubating talent, boosting creativity, and becoming business- and future-ready.

To achieve our vision, we have created our own learning management system (LMS) to integrate all professional learning programmes with a high security level.

Our students get in touch with the LMS from their first day. While teaching on-site, we focus on skills such as international standard project management and multi-dimensional group work with Scrum Master, among others.

Accordingly, our core IT engineering curriculum puts emphasis on getting students to understand the big picture in order to become highly versatile IT professionals. Students learn by completing hands-on projects the way engineers do – with real-world problematics, tools, and processes. By collaborating on and producing industry-level projects, they develop a work ethic and a methodology that gives them the foundation for a long and evolutive career.

Upon graduation, our students become so-called TEK stars, equipped with a flexible mindset and ready to work on the global stage. They are project-minded, product-oriented, and team players who are proficient in English and customer service.

What the stars mean:

★ Poor ★ ★ Promising ★★★ Good ★★★★ Very good ★★★★★ Exceptional