Sao Do Group supports community with social responsibility activities

March 13, 2021 | 10:49
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In 2020, many companies have been facing significant disruption in manufacturing and trade activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic but the social activities implemented by Sao Do Group Investment JSC have not slowed down.

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the aviation industry into heavy losses by suspending flights and closing borders, making it impossible to travel abroad and hampering manufacturing at factories and workshops. Social distancing measures have been implemented, trade promotion and investment activities have been cut back, businesses have been struggling, and unemployment has been increasing.

sao do group supports community with social responsibility activities
Sao Do Group went out of its way to support the central region after the historic floods at the end of 2020

When it rains, it pours, they say – and the pandemic was not the only hardship for the country last year. With the consecutive historic floods at the end of the year, the central region was overcome with losses and pain.

“But the more difficult the situation is, the more powerful and united Vietnamese people are, solidly forming a strong wall to overcome the crisis. That is the motivation behind Sao Do Group’s activities, together with other businesses and benefactors who headed immediately to the central region,” shared Nguyen Thanh Phuong, general director of Sao Do Group.

Responding to the call of Hai Phong city, Sao Do Group contributed 2 billion VND to the Support Fund for Central region.

sao do group supports community with social responsibility activities

At the end of October 2020, when Storm No.9 was raging, Sao Do Group has also sent a delegation to directly aid and support the storm and flood-ravaged Quang Binh. 1,600 gifts including medicine, food, and life jackets with a total value of VND160 million ($6,960) were given to the residents of Le Thuy, Quang Ninh, and Phong Nha districts in Quang Binh province by Sao Do Group.

Returning to Quang Binh province after the storm No. 9 passed, a member of the Sao Do could not help but grieve: "Everything was ruined by the floods and rain."

“271 gifts worths VND1 million ($43.50) each were sent by Sao Do Group to 16 families with extremely difficult circumstances, 40 gifts for dialysis patients at Vietnam-Cuba-Dong Hoi Hospital, and 215 gifts for other families in difficulties. They are nothing compared to the loss of the people here but we hope it will contribute to sharing and alleviating their difficulties,” Phuong shared.

In Quang Binh, Sao Do Group also supported a clean water project in Huu Tan commune, Quang Ninh district worth VND80 million ($3,480) to invest in a water filtration system for the hamlet of more than 225 households.

From Quang Binh, the delegation continued on to Ha Tinh to present 211 gifts, worth VND1 million each.

Living is giving

This is the mindset of the leaders of Sao Do Group in taking responsibility for society. Throughout its operation, many meaningful and practical activities have supported the community, through humanitarian blood donation events; supporting social work in Haiphong; and holding a porridge distribution programme for patients with serious diseases at Viet Tiep Hospital.

sao do group supports community with social responsibility activities
The porridge distribution programme at Hai Phong Viet Tiep Hospital

In June 2019, Sao Do Investment Group cooperated with the Trade Union of Haiphong Economic Zone to distribute porridge for poor patients at Haiphong Viet Tiep Hospital.

More than 300 sets of TH True fresh milk and porridge have been hand-delivered to patients with serious diseases at the oncology and hemodialysis departments.

The porridge bowls offered patients not only full nutrition but also love and compassion in difficult circumstances, helping them to be more motivated and more optimistic in their life.

More than 300 bowls of porridge were handed out to patients. When patients were unable to stand up and receive their porridge, members of Sao Do Group brought it to their rooms to relieve some of the fatigue and difficulties that the patients were going through.

sao do group supports community with social responsibility activities

Previously, in May 2019, Sao Do Group cooperated with the Blood Transfusion Center of Viet Tiep Hospital to organise the "Red Journey connecting Vietnamese blood" event. This event has received a great response from the group's employees and member companies.

Also in 2019, the football field of Dong Hai 2 Primary School in Hai An district, Haiphong city was completed, with nearly VND200 million ($8,700) sponsorship from Sao Do Group. Since then, the field has been a safe and clean outdoor space for the students. The scene of the old, muddy yard that was unusable throughout the rainy season was replaced with a green and modern play space.

“Sao Do Group will make more efforts to share and contribute to the community. Vulnerable people such as children, women, the elderly, or the poor are going to become the top priority in our social responsibility initiatives,” Phuong affirmed.

By Thu Le

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