Phu My Fertiliser launches products for greener cities

December 26, 2022 | 16:36
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PetroVietnam Fertiliser and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo) has launched Phu My fertiliser product lines specialised for urban agriculture based on convenience, safety, and class.

The product lines feature five sets, including specialised products for leafy vegetables, fruit and other vegetables, fruit trees, flowers and ornamental plants, and organic fertiliser for a variety of crops.

Phu My Fertiliser launches products for greener cities

Phu My fertiliser products for urban agriculture are produced with nutritionally balanced formulas suitable for crops commonly grown in urban areas. Phu My + KeBo fertiliser is a urea nitrogen fertiliser with zinc added to help plants grow healthily. Meanwhile, boron can help increase pollination and fruiting. NPK Phu My + Biowish contains spores of a cellulose-degrading microorganism with a high density.

When applied to the soil, N.P.K. granules containing these microorganisms decompose organic matter and by-products, which make the soil fertile, porous, and develop roots. These products are all in granule form, which is easy to dissolve, convenient to use, and has a quick effect.

Phu My fertiliser products, which are familiar to farmers in rural areas, now have an entirely new look to suit urban consumers. The high-quality products are packaged in modern and convenient packaging specifically tailored for popular crop groups in urban areas.

Products are widely distributed at urban agricultural supply stores, supermarkets, and on e-commerce platforms and other online sales channels. Customers can choose the suitable fertiliser and follow the usage instructions on the package to provide the best care of the plants.

In recent years, more families in urban areas have increased the greenery in their houses and apartments with ornamental plants and vegetable gardens.

According to recent statistics, the greenery area per capita in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is currently only about 2 sq.m per person. This figure is expected to increase to 3-4 sq.m per person, which is too low compared to the common standards of the Union Nations at 40 sq.m per person.

The only way to address the lack of green space is to utilise all the unused space within each home. The primary trend is to build green areas vertically rather than horizontally due to the constrained space of city homes and apartments. Thus, on the same ground area, it is possible to create a vertical garden which is much larger than a horizontal one.

Of course, the design of a garden must be carefully calculated to ensure sufficient light for plants. With a vertical garden, the installation of an automatic watering system is also convenient to take care of the garden and save water.

Urban farming models help to offset the shrinking arable land in rural areas by creating an ecosystem and microclimate in each house. This model also contributes to facilitating the absorption of CO2 and the release of oxygen. The greenery space can help urban residents relax mentally and physically, thereby increasing their overall wellbeing.

The most common problem for urban dwellers is the lack of farming skills, especially the lack of knowledge about using fertilisers for crops. They often buy a package of fertiliser intuitively without knowing what type of fertiliser it is, what nutrients it has, what ratio to use, or how much to fertilise. As a result, it is common for their ornamental plants to wither and die after being fertilised.

With the criterion of convenience, safety, and class, the high-class fertiliser product lines of Phu My fertiliser brand have been developed with a view to help urban dwellers increase the greenery in their living spaces.

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By Thanh Van

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