Mobility and diversity can boost media support

June 27, 2023 | 08:00
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Our footprint is scattered across established international media as a top multi-asset broker, and we cover more than 150 services for trading the financial markets in 150 countries and across four continents.

With competitive rates, instantaneous fund withdrawals available around-the-clock, and the ability to trade across a variety of platforms, Exness services offers ideal working circumstances for their clients and traders. The organisation also provides numerous accounts based on the requirements of the trader and the client.

Mobility and diversity can boost media support
Hanh Nguyen, Country business development manager, Exness

Regarding the characteristics of our customers, they are mobile users and they will look for information on a mobile platform or multi-channels in terms of news, economic changes, political policies, or factors affecting the financial market, instead of waiting for news from printed newspapers or radio. Thus, in order to fully access and provide information to them, Exness will cooperate with media and press agencies that have provided a range of services and platforms such as CNBC, CNN,, among others.

Besides our information being distributed on platforms of the media, we also use social media and chat platforms that are integrated into the apps of these media agencies. This is a trend that currently our users love to use and it creates more dynamic and positive daily interactions.

Blockchain has many unclear concepts, but the technology has been applied in a range of sectors. In general, blockchain is an aggregated database that ensures transparency and security for users. That’s why the tech has exploded over the years.

Some major press agencies apply digital technology with the usefulness of blockchain in their journalism technology because they perceive that journalism must be mobile, in depth with content, creative, and constantly change to meet reader demands. Thus, they don’t hesitate to charge fees to readers, and blockchain supports elements such as storing data and copyright.

The Exness business model is focused on giving transparent and consistent service to both clients and workers. The company's commitment to high-quality standards and the well-being of its workers is a key strength across all levels of the business

In social media, I can see that there is a prominent problem as some readers are confused about information that has not been reviewed before publishing. There are also copyright issues. But blockchain could solve these problems.

We always accept new technology and when the market changes, Exness changes, too. We are willing to cooperate with media agencies to improve high-quality outcomes for readers.

Businesses are likely to find it hard to reach outstanding development without the media support at the first step. In that, businesses like Exness are hopeful that there are two things media and press will improve soon.

First is mobile journalism, as we are on the way to digital transformation and readers have changed a lot of their habits. They are moving 99 per cent towards a more mobile

Mobile journalism is one of the quickest areas of growth in the modern news sector. Yet mobile journalists find themselves in a zone of tension, between print, broadcast, and internet journalism and between traditional journalism and lifestyle journalism. Mobile phones are not only changing the way we consume news, but also the way content is produced.

Next, content and creativity need to diversify views related to the financial sector with in-depth and accurate information. We now focus on the local market, but in terms of the financial sector and others that interfere with the international economy, they ask for more languages, which is something that Al could support.

The impact of media on investment The impact of media on investment

Vietnam’s business press has been making contributions to the successful performance of enterprises and experts in the country. However, improvements are needed to meet the growing demands of readers.

By Hanh Nguyen

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