Meaningful activities to celebrate a memorable Mid-Autumn Festival

September 12, 2019 | 08:00
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With a view to nurturing all the time-honoured traditions and the unique essence of the past, American-backed confectionary firm Mondelez Kinh Do is carrying out a series of traditional activities to celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival at Saigon Centre from August 13 to September 2.  

This meaningful activity offers a joyful spot for family gatherings amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life where the older generation can indulge in some nostalgia over the good old days, and the younger onescan learn the true meaning of Family Union Day.

The way people celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival differs from generation to generation as society keeps moving forward. Although traditional Mid-Autumn celebration activities for children and families are not so popular nowadays as they used to be decades ago, the timeless cultural value of truth, goodness, and beauty are always embraced, honoured, and practiced in a variety of ways.

There is something new about today’s Mid-Autumn Festival. It’s the presence of colourful electronic lanterns that play music, aside from the traditional star-shaped paper-and-bamboo lanterns, and a diversity of baked and white mooncakes with novel flavours that better meet consumers’ changing tastes. Just like many other traditions, Mid-Autumn Festival has changed to catch up with the vibes of modern life.

meaningful activities to celebrate a memorable mid autumn festival
Exciting traditional activities to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival at Saigon Centre from August 12 to September 2

Visitors at the display zoneare invited to a wide range of exciting activities, such as getting beautiful calligraphic works from “ông đồ” (calligraphers) – a fine Vietnamese custom which has almost faded into oblivion since the beginning of the 21st century; tasting Kinh Do’s delicious mooncakes and giving gifts to children and families; and sharing advice on how to choose the perfect gift for your special ones.

meaningful activities to celebrate a memorable mid autumn festival
Delicate calligraphic works impart meaningful wishes for Mid-Autumn Festival

Additionally, customers have a chance to join traditional cultural and art activities presented by seasoned artisans and experts, including making “to he” (rice powder figurines) with Le Xuan Tung – the first artisan in Vietnam to create paintings from “to he”; learning about the Vietnamese tea ceremony with tea researcher Vien Tran; making lanterns; enjoying fine tea; and delighting in contemporary melodies played with traditional musical instruments.

Children will have fun making their own lanterns and“to he”. The spinning lantern (lồng đèn kéo quân), a traditional hand-made lantern built from paper and bamboo and lit by candles, is a must-have item in the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn Festival. When the candle lights up, vivid paper-cut figures will appear and keep rotating on the outer cover of the lantern, offering a fancy visual treat.

Lion-shaped “to he” is also a stunning gift for both children and adults. “To he” is a traditional toy made of rice powderand an essential part of the Mid-Autumn Festival in the northern delta region.

“To he” usually comes in four colours derived from different plants: yellow from sophora japonica flower or curcuma; red from gac fruit or gardenia; black from rice straw ash or ecliptaalba; and green from galangal leaves.

Watching a craftsman making “to he” is also great fun. With ordinary rice flour dough and some bamboo sticks, the artisans can bring to life amazing imaginary figures.

meaningful activities to celebrate a memorable mid autumn festival
Families making lanterns together
meaningful activities to celebrate a memorable mid autumn festival
Enjoy a unique painting made with “to he”

For adults, Mondelez Kinh Do offers a space to enjoy traditional music performances and a Vietnamese tea ceremony. As to why tea is considered the best drink to pair with mooncakes, cuisine experts explain that it all comes down to our sense of taste.

After a bite of sweet mooncakes, taste buds enjoy the balance brought by the bitterness of tea. Furthermore, the mild sweet aftertaste of tea that lingers in the mouth enhances the delicious flavour of mooncakes. That’s why tea is irreplaceable in the art of enjoying mooncakes.

meaningful activities to celebrate a memorable mid autumn festival
Many other interesting cultural activities will be staged at the Mid-Autumn Festival

This year, people, especially those in Ho Chi Minh City, have another option to make the Mid-Autumn Festival special. Instead of getting stuck in jam-packed streets and crowds, families and friends can enjoy cultural events with mooncakes and tea, lanterns and candle light, and a peaceful and cozy feeling that is hard to find in this modern life.

Sometimes, completeness comes with mooncake, a pot of fine tea, and total peace of mind.

To Kinh Do, enjoying mooncakes is an art best showcased in premium mooncakes that guarantee the highest levels of safety and quality, elegant and exquisite packaging, and love and care behind each unique mooncake. That is what makes the Mid-Autumn Festival a cherished and honourable festive season of the year!

Inspired by unique and historical vignette and symbols throughout Vietnamese history, Mondelez Kinh Do mooncakes reflect a mastery in the art of mooncake-making that embraces the three ultimate factors: Art - Recipe – Love.

Mondelez Kinh Do mooncakes are available in two distinctive lines: Thu (Autumn) and Trang Vang (Gold Moon).

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By Anh Duc

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