FPT Group partners with Landing AI to bolster global presence

October 25, 2023 | 15:19
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On October 24, Vietnamese IT giant FPT Group entered into a strategic partnership with Landing AI, a top-tier AI firm from the US. This pivotal move aims to bolster collaboration between the United States and Vietnam in this burgeoning sector, expanding market opportunities for both parties and pushing the evolution of AI globally.
FPT Group partners with Landing AI to bolster global presence

According to the agreement, FPT Group emerges as a significant investor and strategic ally for Landing AI in the Asia-Pacific region. The duo has committed to propelling AI in the two primary domains of technology and education.

FPT and Landing AI will collaborate on AI projects, such as the development of computer vision applications for various sectors including industry, healthcare, and education. This area represents Landing AI's stronghold in North America.

Previously, the two companies successfully combined forces, providing AI solutions for the production line of a global automotive interior conglomerate with an annual turnover of approximately $13 billion.

As a major stakeholder, FPT will support Landing AI in introducing and implementing computer vision solutions to clients in Vietnam and across Asia-Pacific, capitalising on FPT’s extensive client network and market expertise.

In the educational sector, Landing AI will partner with FPT's education organisation to devise a comprehensive AI curriculum for students from grade 1-12. This ambitious programme is to be curated by Dr. Andrew Ng, who is ranked among the top 100 most influential individuals in terms of AI and also serves as founder and CEO of Landing AI.

FPT Group partners with Landing AI to bolster global presence

Dr. Ng has been invited to act as an AI advisor for the FPT educational organisation, underscoring the intent to nurture AI talent in Vietnam.

Additionally, recognising Vietnam's potential market and its high-quality workforce, Landing AI is contemplating the establishment of an engineering training centre in the country to advance its Asia-Pacific market footprint. FPT has pledged full support, committing to a tight-knit collaboration with Landing AI to supply engineering resources and back the entire rollout.

Speaking about the collaboration, FPT’s chairman Truong Gia Binh emphasised, "AI collaboration is set to be a cornerstone of Vietnam-US cooperation in the coming period. Partnering with global front-runners like Landing AI and visionaries such as Dr. Ng opens a new chapter for AI development in Vietnam, propelling us to the forefront of global AI leadership."

"I firmly believe that this alliance will not only instigate positive transformations in Vietnam, but will also yield immense benefits in the research and application of AI, fostering the growth of this sector’s global workforce," he added.

Although only founded in 2017, Landing AI is lauded as a global market leader in computer vision technology, which is universally heralded by market research as the next AI revolution.

The company has been pioneering a data-centric approach, delivering the advantages of AI to manufacturers who lack the related data sets. With breakthrough platforms like Landing Lens and Visual Prompting under its belt, which are backed by nearly 20 groundbreaking computer vision patents, Landing AI was spotlighted by CRN as one of the 10 most impressive startups in the US.

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By Tri Lam

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