Forever Alone Hot Pot

May 08, 2020 | 10:14
Give yourself some quality time to dine in a convivial atmosphere with somebody you have in your heart or simply surprise yourself by eating out with a stranger. Whether the reason is getting together with a certain person or merely forging a new platonic relationship, FA Hot Pot restaurant would be the proper choice for your selection.
forever alone hot pot
Forever Alone Hot Pot

Since its inception last December, FA Hot Pot has gone viral among singles in Saigon. Its idea has been a hit across the city, combining eating out with dating or just simply making new friends. It appears the restaurant has impressed many people with the aim to help singletons couple up with someone who may become the love of their life on blind dates.

forever alone hot pot

To get the chance for one of these dinners, just fill in your details in the online form and you will put on a hot date with the one who meets your requirements. When organising these blind dates, FA Hot Pot aims to put two people together that are likely a fit for each other. As a matchmaker, the owner of the restaurant will thoroughly pick out couples who have strong resemblances. “My greatest wish is that these couples get soon together. Whatever the outcome may be, I hope that they get on well hereafter and see each other for another time, so I feel happy for them,” said Vu Xuan Thai.

The way two singletons meet each other is quite extraordinary. After agreeing on a suitable time, both participants will show up and head for their private seat in the dating area. The dining tables there are specifically designed with removable boards which separate two distinctive sides. When both singles get ready, they can press a button above the dining table to move the board. At the very moment when the board is lowered, they can face each other, enjoy delicious food as well as begin the date. In the flip of a switch, it seems to narrow the gap between two people.

forever alone hot pot

“I see that youngers in Saigon get too many irons in the fire. My colleagues are a good example in this case. They have lot of work and always spend time in the office, ensuring that they are busy enough to make their living, so they find it hard to be in a relationship with someone. Their situation makes them accept the state of being alone,” Thai added.

The name of the restaurant also comes from the story of his colleagues. FA Hot Pot stands for Forever Alone Hot Pot, meaning the restaurant is for singles who have not had been in a relationship yet. Following its name, the owner hopes singles will find the partner for the rest of their lives.

The restaurant is suitable for people who are longing for a lasting relationship. If you are the one who cannot bear being alone for a long time, FA Hot Pot is a good opportunity for you.

“Up to now, the restaurant had a lot of success in matchmaking couples capable of sticking together. The number of people joining on dates up amounts to up to 400 singles per week, keeping the restaurant bustling with the activity.”

If both singles are into each other, they may become friends or even build up a more romantic relationship.

Along with attracting people for its trending style, the restaurant also impresses youngsters with its Asian-inspired food. Besides the dating area, which takes up most of the terrific space in the restaurant, dining areas for family and friends are spacious and elegant as well. If you merely desire to enjoy your meal with friends or dine with your family, the restaurant will also be a pretty good choice. Its waiters are very welcoming and friendly and will guarantee your satisfaction.

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