Flamingo Holdings' green architecture unveils sustainable lifestyle of the future

May 17, 2023 | 12:12
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With the dream of building the first perfect green buildings, Flamingo Group has constantly developed to create a sustainable lifestyle. The company has reaffirmed its dedication after nearly 28 years of operations by launching a series of green services and technologies focussed on human health and the environment.

Flamingo resorts are a combination of natural greenery and sophisticated design, with many projects being designed to promote a green lifestyle. Destinations such as Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, Flamingo Cat Ba, Flamingo Tan Trao, and Flamingo Ibiza 1 allow people to become part of the vast nature.

Besides the natural elements, Flamingo Group's green values reflect the sustainability of their designs, focussing on eco-friendly materials, respect for nature, energy efficiency, and waste reduction. This contributes to the preservation of the planet for now and in the future. Flamingo Holdings has defined a green philosophy as a way of thinking that upholds nature in all its work.

Flamingo's efforts to define green value do not stop at protecting the environment and restoring nature. The group is also a pioneer in terms of energy-saving and climate change response programmes. The group has been awarded dozens of prestigious awards for its green buildings and architecture, including 10 EDGE certificates from the International Financial Corporation, of which six were for its architectural masterpiece Forest in the Sky at Flamingo Dai Lai.

Flamingo Holdings' green architecture unveils sustainable lifestyle of the future
Forest in the Sky

Forest in the Sky is a vertical forest tower with 70,000 trees in the middle of the Flamingo Dai Lai Resort. Flamingo Holdings has combined modern construction methods with eco-friendly materials, technology, and advanced energy-saving solutions to create a green architectural model for Vietnam.

At Flamingo Cat Ba, the project is capable of saving up to 29 per cent on its energy consumption and 45 per cent on its water thanks to the application of modern green technologies such as VRV central air conditioning systems, efficient heat pumps, LED lights that automatically switch on and off based on environmental sounds, advanced wastewater processes, and automatic watering technology.

For the Flamingo Tan Trao project in Tuyen Quang, Flamingo Holdings highlighted the typical historical and cultural values of the province. Meanwhile, the group still maintains its unique green philosophy and stilt architecture at the Soi Chi Do hotel.

The project has made the most of the natural light, which is subtly expressed through the selection of glass materials combined with ventilation bricks in the facade decoration. Common, clean, and cool materials such as wood, bamboo, and tile are employed and subtly transformed into floor, ceiling, and wall treatments.

Flamingo Holdings' green architecture unveils sustainable lifestyle of the future
A perspective view of Flamingo Tan Trao

Known as a party paradise, Flamingo Ibiza 1 boasts all the architecture and environmental protection technology that represents the green philosophy of Flamingo Group. The investor has breathed the soul of a vast ocean into this project, creating high-altitude forests on the coast of Hai Tien. The shophouses and mini hotels are surrounded by trees, and the investor has carefully worked to prevent pests all year round and improve the health and wellbeing of its customers.

Flamingo Holdings' green architecture unveils sustainable lifestyle of the future
Flamingo Ibiza 1

Each of Flamingo Holdings' projects has a different design style, but all use the world's most advanced green construction technologies. In particular, an automatic sensor system allows for fresh-air ventilation from the mountains into corridors, stairways, and public spaces. The entire building is supplied with centralised hot water from a solar energy system that meets half of the building's demands. In addition, the large structures in the project chain also use an energy-saving and eco-friendly heat pump system that is very safe and saves 75 per cent on the electricity consumption.

Living green means living healthily and safely

To promote natural values without losing any modern convenience, Flamingo Group's projects maintain connections between people and nature and people with people. Flamingo said the group pays special attention to researching and building health and renewable energy complexes.

Flamingo's flagship projects promote health and beauty, allowing visitors to experience spa services, beauty treatments, hot and cold saunas, and Japanese Onsen hot springs with water that contains nutrients that promote good health. The green solutions in each project are not new. However, there are few projects that have a similar combination of green and healthcare solutions.

Flamingo Holdings' green architecture unveils sustainable lifestyle of the future
The Onsen hot mineral bath area at Flamingo Cat Ba

Flamingo Holdings said that the group has researched and learned best practices from all over the world to develop its amenity systems. This, combined with the unique green architecture, forms the picture of living happily in the middle of nature.

Most swimming pool systems in luxury buildings still use bleaching chemicals or salt electrolysis to treat the water. However, Flamingo Cat Ba adopts a natural mineral-water swimming pool system, which is considered a step forward in taking care of the health of residents and tourists alike.

Research published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that consuming bicarbonate-rich mineral water helped control blood sugar levels. The minerals play an important role in the body by regulating the cardiovascular system, blood circulation, and digestion. Therefore, when the body absorbs this mineral source, it will activate the blood and regulate health after stressful days working.

Flamingo Holdings' green architecture unveils sustainable lifestyle of the future
The SEVA Spa and Beauty facility offers a view of Lan Ha Bay at Flamingo Cat Ba

To build international-standard health spas, Flamingo Group has cooperated with Japanese healthcare experts to add this highlight to its projects.

The SEVA Spa is deemed a private resort oasis, offering a relaxing space separate from the outside world. It meets the standards set by international organisations to bring relaxation and health recovery to customers, especially those with diabetes. A sauna system helps detoxify the body, while a mineral mud room improves blood circulation. There is also an ion and colour room to promote antioxidants. Himalayan salt and volcanic rock rooms help restore the body and provide many other health benefits.

Through products and activities that protect health and the environment, Flamingo Group wishes to spread a sustainable green lifestyle to the community. Flamingo Holdings' ambition is to not only create a new living space, but also to convey the value of love, art, architecture, and lifestyle to residents. As a result, experiencing each product from Flamingo Group will leave a mark in the heart of every customer.

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By Thanh Van

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