Dream to the stars at Phu Quoc Marina complex

January 03, 2023 | 11:29
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What could be better than a trip to one of the six most beautiful beaches in the world, bathe in the warm southern sunlight, and raise a glass to the Year of the Cat?

Phu Quoc, also called the Pearl Island, has 40 islets and a 150km-long coastline, as well as several stunning beaches and a pleasant, sunny atmosphere throughout the year. Natural benefits include a year-round tropical season, more than 300 days of sunlight, the world’s most magnificent unspoiled beaches, a shoreline biosphere reserve and coral reef, an ancient forest system, and a plethora of flora and species.

Dream to the stars at Phu Quoc Marina complex
Dream to the stars at Phu Quoc Marina complex

Located in the heart of Bai Truong, which is known as the “golden estate” and boasts the most poetic scenery on Pearl Island, the Phu Quoc Marina complex is presently the biggest project here, based on the concept of a high-end luxury resort with fashionable entertainment. The development is 7km from Phu Quoc’s airport, making it easy to travel between the two.

Under the integrated resort paradigm, Phu Quoc Marina is a complex geared toward family vacations and high-end business tourism that combines the demands of leisure, shopping, amusement, conferences, and gastronomy.

This is the confluence of the largest resorts on the globe. Among these are the Regent Phu Quoc, a 6-star brand making its debut in Southeast Asia, the InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort, the Sailing Club Signature Resort Phu Quoc, and the Sailing Club Phu Quoc entertainment beach club, one of Top 10 Best Bar in Vietnam 2022.

All of these luxury businesses offer a variety of unique experiential activities that will allow visitors to have the most incredible experiences with their loved ones.

In addition to the 1km-long Sea Square, Phu Quoc Waterfront commercial town houses with chains of entertainment services, restaurants, seaside bars, and shopping districts aim to provide travellers with a comprehensive and pleasant holiday.

Additionally, the facility is a must-see for families with infants. Children who visit the Kids Club at Regent Phu Quoc can participate in sketching conical hats, making t-shirt decorations, taking part in archery and bowling, and lots more. At Sailing Club Signature Resort Phu Quoc, children may engage in a number of other activities, including painting, fossil-hunting, creating their own holiday cards, origami workshops, planting trees, feeding fish, and making popcorn.

Since 2004, BIM Land – a tourism-led property developer and key subsidiary of BIM Group – has been a pioneer of investing and developing the wild island of Phu Quoc. BIM Land recognises the great potential of the beautiful island to develop an outstanding complex for home and entertainment, where the top international resorts converge and tourists enjoy the luxury stay, excellent entertainment, and gastronomy.

And now thanks to the presence of well-known brands and a synchronised investment in an entertainment system, Phu Quoc Marina not only provides visitors with high-quality resorts, but also contributes to the improvement of Pearl Island’s tourist industry, thereby fostering the economic growth of this tropical location.

Phu Quoc Marina provides New Year's celebration for families Phu Quoc Marina provides New Year's celebration for families

During the holiday season, the Phu Quoc Marina complex is a popular getaway for families due to its abundant and alluring resort alternatives and entertainment.

By Quynh Trang

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