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December 05, 2020 | 16:00
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Founded in 1996, now a giant in the centrifugal concrete pile industry, Phan Vu Group has created a revolution in the construction sector by swaying the industry away from the traditional square piles for foundation works with a new, more efficient, and sustainable product line.
dont just think take action
Don't just think, take action!

According to estimates by centrifugal concrete pile manufacturing enterprises in Vietnam, each new pile section produced releases 6-10 per cent excessive grout (cement milk, considered as waste). Particularly, in Phan Vu’s production system which supplies an average of 1.5 million tonnes of concrete piles to the market annually, more than 100,000 tonnes of excessive grout needed to be treated.

After nearly three years of research, in November 2019, Phan Vu officially announced its centrifugal concrete pile production technology which produces little to no excessive grout. With this technology, the rate of excessive grout generated has been reduced from 6 to below 1 per cent.

From both an economic and an environmental perspective, the improvement in the production technology of centrifugal concrete piles has yielded significant savings on materials and excess grout treatment expenses while also reducing waste treatment expenses as well as emissions from production activities.

Making a mark on unburned building materials

Applying its innovative approach to the unburned materials segment from the moment of its entry, Phan Vu has created another breakthrough by launching its Eurowall precast concrete panels.

As a substitute for masonry wall materials (burnt brick, light unburnt brick, and block brick, among others), Eurowall panels have quickly become one of the most popular unburned material product lines. A product of committed research and testing, the panels have undergone several alterations to innovate both production and construction usage.

Starting with adding tongue and groove joints to improve connection between panels against the original design, Phan Vu added several new solutions and released instructions on ways to limit and handle cracks, hanging heavy objects on the wall, as well as connecting or removing Eurowall panels to improve convenience and safety for the project owner and users after project handover.

Constantly looking to the future

As chairman of the Vietnam Pile Industry Association (VPIA), Phan Vu puts great stock in being a pioneer in research and innovation, improving the efficiency and quality of products while promoting the trend of sustainable development.

Besides the success in improving centrifugal concrete pile production lines by eliminating excessive grout, which helps reduce emissions and environmental pollution, Phan Vu has been gradually rolling out initiatives to turn its sustainable development orientation into reality.

As part of these moves, Phan Vu has been installing rooftop solar panels on its factories with the aim of generating green and environmentally friendly energy.

Currently, Phan Vu is one of the leading companies supplying and producing foundation concrete piles and prefabricated concrete in Vietnam.

The group has identified three pillars to its sustainable development strategy: new environmentally friendly materials, advanced management solutions, and Industry 4.0-ready technological equipment.

So far, the group has accomplished the goals of the first pillar and is moving on the second by adopting a QR code solution to stamp a barcode on products to ensure traceability throughout production and construction.

By Nguyen Trang

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