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November 21, 2011 | 06:55
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This distribution centre sets a new benchmark in terms of offering DKSH’s clients in northern Vietnam the unbeatable combination of high-quality service

With the launch of a new cutting-edge distribution centre in northern Vietnam, DKSH has strengthened its position as the leading market expansion service provider with a focus on Asia. Charles Toomey, DKSH’s Global Head Business Unit Healthcare, tells VIR’s Hieu Dinh about the distribution centre’s details and DKSH’s continued efforts to sustain its fast growth.

What is DKSH’s latest move in Vietnam to be the top market expansion services provider in Asia?

We have just inaugurated a new state-of-the-art 12,000-square-metre distribution centre  in Thach That Quoc Oai Industrial Zone in Hanoi. Strategically located for fast inbound and outbound transportation in northern Vietnam, this centre replaces two older facilities that have been serving DKSH’s business partners from the fast moving consumer goods and healthcare industries.

The new and modern distribution centre can also handle growing needs of clients from DKSH’s Business Unit Performance Materials. Offering the highest level of operational efficiency in logistics and distribution services, the new distribution centre will serve more than 5,500 healthcare customers including hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies as well as over 20,000 retail outlets and manufacturers throughout the northern Vietnam.

The distribution centre  can store more than 7,000 high rack pallets, increasing DKSH’s storage capacity in northern Vietnam by more than 50 per cent, thereby facilitating business growth while enhancing service flexibility to customers. In the first phase, over 5,000 rack pallets can be accommodated, while another 2,000 can be handled in the second phase.

Apart from the first distribution centre  in Binh Duong province, what is the significance of the launch of this distribution centre to DKSH’s long-term development strategy and the growth of the market expansion services?

DKSH has been in Vietnam since 1890 and the country remains a key and growing market. The official opening of the new distribution centre  will further strengthen our position as the leading market expansion services provider in Vietnam and in Asia.

This new facility successfully complements our modern distribution centre  in Binh Duong province and combined together they enable us to provide our business partners with seamless and integrated services tailored to growing needs, not only in the region but throughout Vietnam.

This distribution centre  sets a new benchmark in terms of offering DKSH’s clients in northern Vietnam the unbeatable combination of high-quality service and capacity for growth and expansion. It also marks our commitment to continue our investment and growth here. Since 2002, we have invested over $20 million in infrastructure, IT, training, and education in Vietnam. Today, we employ in Vietnam over 2,700 specialists who support over 210 international and local clients, and more than 93,000 customers.

How can DKSH prove itself to be not only a global leader in market expansion services, but also a socially responsible company?

Given the nearly 150-year tenure in the South East Asia countries, the DKSH Group is engaged in the region and socially.  Specifically in Vietnam, we know that there are major differences between urban and rural areas in terms of population density, purchasing power, economic potential and standards of living. The majority of companies prefer to focus their business efforts and investments in the more profitable urban areas.

We, at DKSH,  strongly believe that patients and consumers have the same needs and deserve the same treatment, regardless of their location. With this in mind, we have expanded our capillary network to all cities and provinces nationwide to make sure that patients and consumers are served with the same high-quality products and services wherever they are. Within the company, we adhere strictly to the Labour Code, ensuring that our labour force is well compensated, even exceeding the legal requirements whenever possible.

Environmentally, DKSH is also responsible. For example, in this new distribution centre  in north Vietnam, DKSH paid considerable attention to minimise the environmental impact by providing fire water retention facilities, good insulation, and energy-saving lights.

As a company, we assume responsibility not only for the business successes of our clients and customers, but take an active role to improve the quality of life for the local communities of which we are a part.

What will DKSH do to ensure the company will register fast-paced and sustainable growth in the future?

We have a long-term vision to be the company people think of when they think of Asia. Through the persistent and diligent implementation of our clearly defined strategy for growth, we are confident that we will be able to sustain our position as the leading provider of market expansion services with a focus on Asia.

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