Crucial factors when choosing a kindergarten

August 28, 2020 | 08:00
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The first six years of a child’s life are crucial since this is the phase when children develop key physical, language, cognitive, cognition, and emotional skills. Thus, parents should consider an educational environment which is not only secure but also brings children valuable experiences as well as unleashes their utmost competencies.   

Beginning from kindergarten, children will spend most of the day at school. At this young age, kids are always active and curious about their surroundings but not able to explicitly perceive things, affairs, humans, or even threats to their person. Thus, an environment that is not only safe for the children to be active but also meets their need for exercise and experiences is a top concern for parents when choosing a kindergarten.

In order for children to develop harmlessly and ultimately in physical health, thinking and creativity, besides ensuring maximum safety and hygiene regulations, Vietnam Australia International School (VAS) focuses on building facilities with multi-arrayed space to serve three main activities including learning, playing, and exercising. Specifically, the facilities range from outdoor and indoor playgrounds, swimming pools, soccer fields for physical development to classrooms, as well as a variety of functional rooms like libraries, computer labs, laboratories, and music rooms for creative activities.

crucial factors when choosing a kindergarten
Children need an environment that inspires students to learn and experience

Additionally, a kindergarten class at VAS consists of 18-25 students so as to optimise the management and personalise care for each child. With two teachers and one nanny in each class (excluding foreign teachers), children will be closely monitored during their activities with special care for the steady development of their physical condition, thoughts, and psyche.

UK-standard foundational academic programmes in English and ICT

Open education requires future young generations to be proficient and flexible in using language, being up-to-date on global development trends in science and technology. At VAS, in addition to the national cultural programmes, the school also offers Kindergarten English programme and ICT based on the UK’s kindergarten curriculum framework (early years foundation stage)

Children have 10-20 English classes a week which gradually increase with their grades. This is the most extensive time allocated for English among bilingual schools in the area. The daily English communication environment with native teachers from countries like the UK, the US, or Australia will help children develop more natural pronunciation, enrich their vocabulary, and quickly grasp the grammatical rules with ease.

crucial factors when choosing a kindergarten
A strong English foundation helps children transfer to the Cambridge academic programme at primary school more easily

VAS kindergarten students also get acquainted with using computers, identifying numbers, shapes, letters, appreciating music, and establishing logical thinking at an early age via the ICT subject which is developed based on the UK general programme framework. Notably, the multi-activity learning model based on fun learning criteria helps children confidently discover and absorb new knowledge naturally and comfortably.

crucial factors when choosing a kindergarten
Equip technological skills for children right from kindergarten at VAS

Harmonic development in Emotional Intelligence (EQ), skills, and talents

Parallel to equipping children with academic thinking skills, VAS understands that developing emotional intelligence (EQ), preparing skills, and fostering talents is vital in shaping children’s personality, awareness, and living habits.

The multi-activity learning model based on fun learning criteria helps VAS students confidently discover and absorb new knowledge naturally and comfortably.

Unlike IQ, EQ is mainly trained through practical activities. VAS, therefore, concentrates on creating a dynamic and experiential learning environment for children to progress their emotional intelligence, develop a sense of dignity, while remaining sympathetic and willing to share and ready to take responsibility through the educational programme “Seven Core Values” or environmental protection activities.

Kindergarten students at VAS regularly participate in group learning projects, field trips, sports and talent competitions, such as VAS Olympics, VAS English Spelling Contest, VAS’s Got Talent, and VAS Painting Contest, which provide opportunities to develop their social and emotional awareness, communication skills, as well as skills in sports and arts. While taking part in these activities of discovery and conquest, children will experience the whole spectrum of emotions, learning to respect themselves and care for others’ feelings.

VAS now has more than 1,000 kindergarten students in its six campuses. After completing the programme, children will be fully equipped with the foundational knowledge, personal and community awareness, as well as English ability to enroll on the Cambridge International Primary Programme.

VAS is a school system with a 16-year history teaching international bilingual programmes in Vietnam. Some 9,500 VAS students, from kindergarten to Grade 12, are studying at its seven campuses. VAS now offers three Cambridge pathways to meet the needs and competencies of students and their family's orientations.

Learn more about educational programmes and register for a free placement test at or hotline 0911 2677 55.

By Ha Thuy

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