Why equip primary school students with academic English?

August 25, 2020 | 08:00
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According to the British Council, exploring the vivid world of English does not only help children develop their creativity and critical thinking but also forms the very first foundation to approach internationally-qualified academic knowledge. At Vietnam Australia International School (VAS), language skill is the vital base the school has provided students since they started their Cambridge International Primary Programme.  
why equip primary school students with academic english
Academic English is the key for students to enter international education programme at primary schools

The programme is taught entirely in English, comprised of four subjects: Maths, English, Science, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT), with the outcome of Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Certificate which is recognised permanently and facilitates the students’ ability to transfer to English speaking high schools all over the world.

The programme focuses on developing language skills, knowledge of science, mathematics, and technology understanding of students so that their language ability is equivalent to children of the same age in other countries with developed education systems.

Academic English is widely considered the key contributor of wholesome education across the globe. At VAS, as soon as the first primary classes begin, students are taught to improve their reaction time and language acumen, as well as enrich their vocabulary, listening, and speaking skills by participating in learning and entertainment activities and communicating with native teachers.

why equip primary school students with academic english
VAS primary students are confident in speaking English

High achievements in national and international English contests

VAS employs a team of more than 900 teachers with nearly 200 foreign teachers coming from the UK, the US, and Australia, among others. This is also the only school that provides more than 22 English classes a week for primary students – more than any other bilingual school in Ho Chi Minh City. Increasing the time for learning in English helps students acquire knowledge more comprehensively and proficiently apply the skills in real life.

To excite the students, VAS also organises a variety of study formats inside and outside the classrooms.

To excite the students, the school also organises a variety of study formats inside and outside the classrooms, including group learning projects, field trips, English clubs, and more. In such a dynamic and multi-cultural educational environment, English language becomes second nature. The subject also assists students to develop critical thinking to respond to information from media like books or magazines – all the while also improving reading and writing skills.

Each year, the school hosts an English-speaking contest attracting hundreds of students from all over the system. This engaging competition offers students a chance to hone and challenge their English capabilities by debating and protecting their opinions on controversial issues.

This is a stepping stone towards international academic programmes in secondary school as well as other national and international English competitions, for example, English Champion or The World Scholar’s Cup. Notably, last July, Ha Phan Anh – a student in class 5S2 Sunrise campus, VAS – became the Champion of the International TOEFL Primary English Challenge by scoring the maximum score.

why equip primary school students with academic english
Diverse activities to cultivate talent and skills at VAS

Harmonic growth in talent, skills, and personal values

Beside highly applicable academic programmes, VAS primary students also take part in diverse extracurricular activities, for instance, the Robocon competition, painting and writing contests, VAS’s Got Talent, VAS Olympics, and other exhilarating and beneficial explorations, day trips, and field trips. After these activities, the students can boldly express themselves, raise their awareness and responsibility towards their surroundings, as well as discover their passions and talents from the early years.

At this age, it is imperative to mould students’ values and personalities. At VAS, students are continuously fostered about core values, sympathy, love, and kindness through activities of protecting the environment, sharing with the community, and the “Seven Core Values” educational framework which was particularly built for VASers. With the abundant knowledge, skills and foundational values from primary level, the students will find ample space to develop their personality, nourish individual strengths, and acquire essential competencies.

VAS is a school system with a 16-year history teaching international bilingual programmes in Vietnam. Some 9,500 VAS students, from kindergarten to Grade 12, are studying at its seven campuses. VAS now offers three Cambridge pathways to meet the needs and competencies of students and their families.

Learn more about educational programmes and register for a free placement test at:

vas.edu.vn or hotline 0911 2677 55.

By Ha Thuy

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