Cat Linh-Hadong elevated railway to go into trial operation in August

July 04, 2018 | 08:43
The railway management board will work closely with contractors to put the Cat Linh-Hadong elevated railway into trial operation in August, one month earlier than the previous plan.
cat linh hadong elevated railway to go into trial operation in august
The Cat Linh-Hadong elevated urban railway will start trial operation a month earlier than scheduled

At a recent meeting to assess the project, Minister of Transport Nguyen Van The said the trial operation of Cat Linh-Hadong elevated urban railway was an important stage to check and ensure the safe operation of the system before it is put into commercial operation.

He said that a European consultancy firm was evaluating the safety of the sky train system following the design standards.

According to the management board, to date $200 million of the $250.6 million additional loan has been disbursed.

The project’s construction was kicked off in October 2011 with an initial estimated investment capital of $552 million, $419 million of which was borrowed from China. The project was earlier planned to be officially launched in 2016, then the total investment was adjusted to $868 million, with loans from China increasing by around $250 million to $669 million.

The 13 kilometre Cat Linh-Hadong elevated railway will have 12 stations and a depot linking Dong Da district’s Cat Linh street and Hadong district’s Yen Nghia Bus Station. Once completed, the trains will transport up to 2,110 passengers at an average speed of 35 and a maximum of 80km per hour.

However, the construction of the project has been delayed numerous times. At present, around 95 per cent of the project has been completed, while the remaining 5 per cent depends greatly on the disbursement of the remaining $250 million.

According to the latest plan, the project will come into trial operation in September before starting commercial operation three months later.

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