Carlsberg and its development journey stemming from community values

October 15, 2019 | 17:40
At Carlsberg, corporate social responsibility is an indispensable part of business practices, playing a key role in the group’s sustainable community-based development. Following this belief, Carlsberg has proudly introduced superior quality products to Vietnamese consumers and committed to making long-term contributions to the improvement of environmental and living conditions in the country.

Inspiration derived from user experience

During nearly two centuries of pursuing perfection all over the world, consumer experience has always been the inspiration for all of Carlsberg's scientific and product innovations. Accordingly, Carlsberg has been present and served 150 markets with 140 internationally-recognised beer brands such as Carlsberg, Tuborg, 1664, Grimbergen, and Somersby.

In Vietnam, Carlsberg’s efforts to bring better beer experiences to Vietnamese people are expressed in each product line. Among the most remarkable names is “Central Pride runs deep” Huda – the brand which inherits the essence of Danish advanced beer technology while retaining the spirit of warm-hearted locals.

carlsberg and its development journey stemming from community values
The limited edition Huda beer can promoting the Central’s most iconic sights

Huda won beer lovers’ hearts not only with its unique pungent malty flavour but also with the diverse, enjoyable, and meaningful experiences that it offers. Early this summer, Huda launched the limited edition Huda beer cans called "Huda loves Central", attracting considerable attention and interest from consumers. With this impressive packaging inspired by significant sceneries from across eight provinces in Central Vietnam, Carlsberg Vietnam wants to evoke the love and pride in each and every people living in Central Vietnam about the beauty of their homeland, as well as arouse curiosity and encouragement the exploration of Vietnam's undiscovered charms among international friends.

Belief in community values

In addition to quality products and consumer experiences, contribution to the development of local communities is also among Carlsberg’s top priorities, reflected through diverse humanitarian, cultural promotion, as well as environment protection activities. All of these efforts are rooted in the group's purpose of “Brewing for a better today and tomorrow”.

carlsberg and its development journey stemming from community values
Huda gave 7,000 gift sets to Central people for the 2019 Lunar New Year

For nearly 30 years in Central, Huda has engaged in countless significant activities to help share the daily burdens of local people as well as supporting the building of a better future for them and their families. This Lunar New Year holiday, Huda has donated 7,000 New Year gifts with the total value of around VND3.5 billion ($152,200) for families with special needs, bringing a warmer holiday for the Central.

Moreover, on the path to innovation and development, a variety of cultural and entertainment activities have been organised, adding vibrant colours to local life. Hue Festival, which Huda has accompanied for almost two decades, is one of these events that have revealed and preserved the ancient capital’s beauties.

carlsberg and its development journey stemming from community values
Huda launched the meaningful “Fresh water for our beloved Central” programme

Recently, Carlsberg and Huda have launched the programme “Fresh water for our beloved Central”, committing a long-term contribution to address the shortage of clean water that local people have to deal with every day. The programme is expected to ease the burden and support local people to improve their daily lives by helping more than 1,000 households (nearly 4,000 people) access clean water, aiming to create a prosperous and sustainable future.

Believing in the essential role of community values in Carlsberg’s sustainable development, the nearly three-decade journey of Carlsberg in Vietnam is an inspiring story about devotion to people, life, and culture across this beloved land.

Carlsberg's journey that spans over 170 years embraces the philosophy of pursuing perfection as the cornerstone for every step of development. The work of Carlsberg includes not only delivering high-quality products but also contributing to efforts that can actually impact society positively to ensure the purpose of “Brewing for a better today and tomorrow”.

Having accompanied Vietnamese people for nearly 30 years, Carlsberg continuously makes changes to improve beer experiences and also creates meaningful projects that drive the company towards sustainable goals, as well as spreads appreciated spiritual values to Vietnamese consumers.

By Bich Thuy

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