A-Z in salary negotiations

April 02, 2013 | 11:41
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Does the idea of negotiating a new salary make your palms sweat and your throat dry?

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If so, you're not alone. At Navigos Search, we want you to be successful and negotiate the best salary you can. Follow our "Do's" and "Don'ts" below before and after you receive an offer and negotiate your next salary with confidence.


DO give the employer your desired salary range if they ask you about salary

If you are asked about your current or expected salary, do share your current salary as well as the salary range that you expect.

If you expect a salary far higher than your current salary, show evidence that the market is paying higher for your skill set and you expect to be compensated similarly in your next position.

DO make a list of everything you want

Make a list of everything you might want - salary, benefits, training, opportunity for promotion and vacation time. Compare your list to the offer. Decide which of these is more important to you and which are less important to you. Then decide what to ask. Understand that you likely will not get everything you ask for.

DO ask for more

There is an old idiom - "Don't ask, don't get." If you want more than they have offered, YOU MUST ASK.

DO ask for the offer in writing

Nothing is official until the offer is in writing. Sometimes an employer will call first and tell you the offer on the phone. Communicate your excitement and be sure to ask for a written offer letter. A written letter ensures that both parties are clear about the terms of the offer.


DON'T ask about salary before you get an offer

Remember, during the interview process the company is discovering whether they want to hire you. Your objective is to show them how much value you can add to them. Only after they decide to hire you should you shift the focus of the conversation to salary and benefits.

DON'T answer "Yes" right away when you receive the offer

Even if you are very excited by the offer, don't say "Yes!" right away. Not answering right away will give you time to think about your negotiating strategy.

DON'T solely focus on your desired salary

If they cannot change the salary as much as you desire, consider asking for something else from your list. Make sure to keep the discussion positive and high energy. If they agree, ask for a new offer letter listing the new terms.

DON'T forget to communicate happiness and excitement when you receive the offer

Tell the employer you're thrilled to receive the offer. Communicate positive energy.

Remember, employers expect talented professionals to negotiate salary. But you MUST ASK. Follow the "Do's and Don'ts" above to get the compensation you deserve.

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