5-star hotels launch high-quality moon cake gift boxes

August 15, 2023 | 10:37
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A series of 5-star hotels in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Can Tho have simultaneously launched collections of Moon cakes to welcome the incoming Mid-Autumn Festival with luxurious designs that are a perfect gift for friends, family, and colleagues.

Being one of the most important aspects of the August Mid-Autumn Festival, delicate mooncake boxes are often used as gifts to show gratitude and love to friends and relatives.

This year's high-quality mooncake market is predicted to witness fierce competition, following the launch of a series of unique mooncake products in gift boxes with a variety of flavours and ingredients.

On the first days of this Mid-Autumn Festival, professional pastry chefs at high-class hotels such as JW Marriott Hanoi, Sheraton Hanoi, Sheraton Saigon & Towers, Le Méridien Saigon, Renaissance Riverside Saigon, and Sheraton Can Tho have created their own unique designs to offer attractive mooncake menus with classic and contemporary flavours, packaged in uniquely designed gift boxes to bring special stories and emotions to customers

JW Marriott Hanoi Hotel is introducing a new set of classic and premium mooncake boxes, inspired by the image of a Ngan Hanh leaf, symbolising peace, prosperity, and vitality. This design is envisaged as a perfect moon season gift with a rounded shape, inspired by the image of the full moon of August and symbolising the gathering of a family reunion.

5-star hotels launch high-quality moon cake gift boxes
JW Marriott Hanoi Hotel introduces a new set of classic and premium mooncake boxes

Prices start from $62.40 plus per box, and with their blend of traditional and modern flavours, these cakes are wooing the most demanding customers.

Taking inspiration from the famous Hang Trong folk painting, Ly Ngu Vong Nguyet (Carp Looking at the Moon), the 2023 mooncake Collection from Sheraton Hanoi Hotel depicts the image of a pair of carp jumping and chasing the moon on the lake surface.

For this year's full moon season, the hotel's artisans are bringing six unique flavours of cakes including green tea, lotus seed and dried apricot, and walnut and salted egg.

Meanwhile, Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers is launching its Autumn Dream collection, including three luxury boxes featuring authentic mooncakes handcrafted by artisanal chefs.

Each cake box includes two savoury and two sweet cakes. Customers can choose from eight different tastes, from traditional to creative cakes, prepared by the experienced chefs at Li Bai restaurant. The price for this unique cake box is over $50.

Inspired by the simple beauty of Vietnamese traditional culture, through every grain of rice, rice plant, and stork's wing, Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon has created three different mooncake gift boxes with the concept of honouring the nation's cultural heritage.

Each mooncake box will include four types of sweet and salty cakes, with others composed of honey-roasted meat, pumpkin jam, sausage, and other delicious and nutritious nuts.

5-star hotels launch high-quality moon cake gift boxes
Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon has created three varieties of mooncake gift boxes

Le Méridien Saigon Hotel has launched The Magic Moon 2023 – an exquisite gift collection to accompany the journey to discover the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The three boxes of cakes are named Thanh Nguyet, Minh Nguyet, and Hy Nguyet, and they represent the varying shades of the magical moon, offering a journey of discovery into the tradition of the moon combined with a modern twist on the culinary quintessence of Le Méridien Saigon.

Sheraton Can Tho Hotel has brought its first mooncake collection, Thu Nguyet 2023, which is inspired by the design of the Nguyet Hanh, Nguyet Lan, and Nguyet Lien flowers to send best wishes for wealth, peace, and prosperity.

The collection was created by the famous culinary artist Nguyen Thi Phuong Anh of PA Foods kitchen, with six types of cake fillings including lotus seeds, green tea, roasted meat, chicken with lemon leaves and sausage, traditional Azuki red beans, and XO scallops.

Full-moon festival in full swing Full-moon festival in full swing

Despite the social distancing measures currently active nationwide, many hotels in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are still trying their best to promote their festive collections of mooncakes and preserve one of the country’s most cherished traditions.

Time to reunite with the mooncakes of renaissance Hotel Saigon Time to reunite with the mooncakes of renaissance Hotel Saigon

The Mid-Autumn Festival is the day when the Moon is at its brightest and fullest size. Family members unite around a sumptuous feast including mooncakes. While the Mid-Autumn Festival has transformed over the years, giving mooncakes to loved ones has remained the same and stands for a bountiful year and harmonious family union.

Moonglow persimmon at Park Hyatt Saigon Moonglow persimmon at Park Hyatt Saigon

Amidst the romantic appeal of autumnal hues, the soulful beauty of branches laden with persimmons resembles moonlit lanterns, depicting good fortune and prosperity. Soft as egg yolk, smooth as velvet, divinely sweet and fragrant like honey, a sonata of autumn flavours is utterly enveloped in this precious gift from nature.

Sofitel Saigon’s 2023 mooncake collection Sofitel Saigon’s 2023 mooncake collection

Sofitel Saigon Plaza hotel is thrilled to unveil its highly anticipated mooncake collection for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, combining the charm of local Vietnamese culture with the timeless elegance of French 'art de vivre'.

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