30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part2

September 28, 2021 | 09:00
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Over the past three decades, Vietnam Investment Review has gained positive status in the country’s business press circle. With its particular focus on featuring hot issues related to economics, trade, and investment in Vietnam, as well as the country’s external policies, VIR has earned praise from international organisations, embassies, experts, and the business community as it provides them with insightful and useful information on the ups and downs of the country’s exciting economic development.
30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors

Hong Sun - Vice chairman, Korean Chamber of Business in Vietnam

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part2

VIR plays an important role in providing official, reliable, and trustworthy information for foreign investors who want to learn about the Vietnamese business climate such as legal frameworks and cooperation opportunities with potential domestic and international partners in the country.

VIR often updates businesses and investors on information about new policies on investment activities and other regulations related to businesses via accurate and in-depth articles. This is very necessary for investors like us to make timely adjustments and decisions in our business management to make them aligned with local rules.

In 2015 when the free trade agreement between Vietnam and South Korea was signed, VIR presented all aspects of the agreement in a very trusting, in-depth, and credible way, helping businesses of the two countries learn more about this, which supported them a great deal.

VIR needs to maintain and develop this type of relationship with the business and investor community via bilateral and multilateral trade associations to get more valuable information, as well as to approach different practical points of view from business insiders in Vietnam.

In addition, quicker updates on relevant regulations and policies, and their possible impacts, would also contribute to increasing the value of VIR.

In the era of digital transformation, VIR should make stronger and more concrete changes and renovations to better adapt to. Media in South Korea and beyond have focused much more on electronic systems in order to tap into the opportunities and the power of the digital era for stronger development, and nowadays, smartphones are everywhere.

However, this depends on the investment of press agencies. I believe that VIR would be more famous and develop more strongly if it paid more attention to the online model. I expect that VIR will continue to be the bridge of information and a reliable, valuable, and responsible companion of domestic and foreign businesses and investors in Vietnam.

Andreas Stoffers - Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Hanoi

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part2

VIR has become the most important press publication and the preferred source of information for the English-speaking business community in Vietnam. I myself first discovered VIR in 2009, when I came to Vietnam for Deutsche Bank AG. It was an important source of information, especially when it came to market research and analysis of the Vietnamese economy and its financial sector.

What struck me as particularly positive at that time was that the newspaper actively sought dialogue with the foreign business community and offered me the opportunity to openly and freely express my opinions on Vietnam’s economic developments and my own suggestions.

When I became a professor of international management in Munich after my banking career, VIR accompanied me as a major source of information. Whenever I was in Vietnam, I bought the print edition, and I read the online edition too. This helped me to stay up to date, both to teach my students and to provide an informed opinion on Vietnam as an investment location and trading partner.

I am very happy that, as head of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Vietnam since 2019, my relationship with VIR and especially with its journalists has developed in a very positive way. We have various interesting and successful projects that will help Vietnam reposition itself after the pandemic, and VIR regularly reports on our activities.

I am convinced that its numerous contributions play a decisive role in promoting the exchange of ideas between decision-makers in politics and the business world.

Especially in these difficult times, VIR is an important information medium and an essential discussion platform to move Vietnam forward, and it will continue to play an essential role in politics, the economy, and society as a whole.

Pamela Phua - General director, AkzoNobel Vietnam

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part2

Since I began my role in 2017, I have always appreciated VIR as one of the company’s strategic media partners in the country.

Vietnam is also one of AkzoNobel’s key strategic markets in which we have made major investments and developed importantly. Over the years, we have organised and participated in activities to promote sustainable development within the industry and among local communities. Throughout those events, VIR has always been among the first media to deliver our key messages. That our corporate brand is highly recognised by Vietnamese audiences is due in part to VIR’s support.

VIR offers me and other business leaders in AkzoNobel a comprehensive overview of the local market, which plays a critical role in our decision-making process for growth strategy.

Personally, VIR has given me opportunities to share my perspectives, innovation trends, and relevant issues on the industry through interviews. These are valuable for me since I can express our views and thoughts directly to the audiences on behalf of AkzoNobel.

VIR has demonstrated itself as a trusted messenger, bridging businesses and readers, foreign and domestic enterprises, and inspiring people. We do hope VIR obtains more achievements in the future.

Nitin Kapoor - Chairman and general director, AstraZeneca Vietnam and Asia Frontier Markets

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part2

VIR offers a prestigious platform for the government, policymakers, and business leaders alike to share their vision and expertise with like-minded communities. Print copies of VIR can be seen on the desks of leaders at not only AstraZeneca Vietnam but various other companies, embassies, and government agencies.

I have a habit of picking up VIR every Monday at work to stay informed about the latest business and industry news in Vietnam before diving into a new and exciting week. During this working from home period, the dynamic online version of the newspaper continues to be a valuable resource.

The quality of VIR is top-notch, maintained by a group of passionate and seasoned editors and journalists. Our favourite column is Healthcare Platform, where we get to hear from Ministry of Health leaders and contribute our ideas to make the Vietnamese health system more sustainable and resilient.

We look forward to further strengthening our partnership with VIR and witnessing the publication’s continued growth and transformation, bringing the most valuable insights to readers across and beyond Vietnam.

Emin Turan - Country lead, Sanofi Vietnam

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part2

On behalf of Sanofi Vietnam, we would like to express our sincere thanks to VIR for its support during the past time, and we highly appreciate the cooperation between our organisation and VIR.

Undoubtedly, it plays a significant role in shaping of public opinions about the investment and business environment. The information and in-depth analysis articles from VIR about the business environment in healthcare and in Vietnam help foster common understanding between business leaders, decision-makers, and the public.

The business articles are very good and via these stories, we can know more about the best practices from other companies. Learning from each other is a foundation for improvement and so we must thank VIR for its research and publishing.

We hope that Sanofi Vietnam and VIR can have many opportunities to work together in the future so that we can provide useful information to Vietnamese audiences, which helps reflect the positive development of the country and demonstrate Sanofi Vietnam’s efforts and commitment in helping people access a wide range of advanced, high-quality pharmaceutical products for a healthier community.

Alexander Koch - Managing director, HEINEKEN Vietnam

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part2

VIR is part of my Monday every week. With a diverse and comprehensive menu, the newspaper keeps me up to date with what is happening – from new policies to business innovations and opportunities. I particularly enjoy the in-depth reviews in macro and micro-economics and investment trends.

I am delighted that we have been able to develop a strong partnership with VIR over the years. It has always been our privilege every time we are featured – with our business successes and sustainable practices, or with our contribution to the communities and economy of Vietnam.

This year, HEINEKEN Vietnam is also turning 30. Over the past three decades, we both have seen how Vietnam has developed into an attractive destination for foreign investment and one of the fastest-growing economies in the region. With this great milestone for both organisations, I believe there is an abundance of stories we can continue to exchange.

Nguyen Van Giap - General manager, Lenovo Vietnam

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part2

VIR is one of the leading business and economic media platforms for readers to get updates on the latest information on the economic landscape of Vietnam as well as the wider world, along with business movements across all industries.

As one of the international corporations with operations in Vietnam, Lenovo highly appreciates VIR’s role as a reputable source on investment policies and incentives as well as the government’s economic development orientations, which helps keep us updated on essential information to plan our business and growth.

In addition, topics on the digital economy and digital transformation, as well as annual events on mergers and acquisitions, finance and banking, real estate, and more are also the columns that we are particularly interested in because of the in-depth, comprehensive content with insight from leading experts.

We hope that VIR grows further and maintains its role as the leading business and economic newspaper in Vietnam.

Nicholas Michaux - Managing partner, Alpha Prime Hong Kong

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part2

I heard about VIR for the very first time in 2016 when I was exploring the Vietnamese market to assess if we could assist our international clients to invest or establish their business in the country.

This source of information and data at VIR is a very precious tool to support decisions of foreign investors whom we work with. Our most recent article in VIR reached nearly 1,800 readers on our LinkedIn page, which demonstrates a high interest in the topic and in the newspaper itself.

I always liked the idea of facilitating the work and decision process of our clients, in particular by giving them access to simple and comprehensive decision-making tools such as booklets and guides that will inform them about the basics of a country and its framework – but also detailed and key information and even tips to offer a practical and pragmatic approach of a business set up or expansion in the said country.

As such, VIR compiles a lot of information that the reader needs to extract to have a clear understanding of their own situation. A dedicated search tool by topic and access to general guidelines would therefore be useful for my own clients, and most likely most of the readers.

Obviously in this period of crisis, remaining an attractive country for foreign investors is a challenging battle, especially in an era where international organisations and companies may consider repatriating part of their manufacturing industry or production in their own country. I think VIR could continue to promote the attractiveness of Vietnam in the same way, but expand its exposure by using social network channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Wechat that today have become an essential source of information.

Branimir Bratanov - Senior marketing director, Carlsberg Vietnam

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part2

VIR has earned its reputation as a reliable and comprehensive source of information relating to political, social, business, and economic sectors.

Moreover, it has provided us with deep insights into the Vietnamese market and serves as a bridge for us to send out our company’s activities in Vietnam and reach closer to our consumers.

It’s good to see that the content of articles on VIR is varied and well-invested. Many VIR columns such as Green Growth or Investing have performed very well in their role as a reliable source of newsworthy information about development issues, sustainable economy, corporate responsibility, and bring this subject closer to businesses in Vietnam. The articles in these sections are conducted in an orthodox way and from in-depth perspectives by highly qualified and passionate economic reporters.

Vietnam has a digital-native population with high demand for using the internet and online platforms to update and exchange information.

By investing and focusing more on developing its website, VIR can bring itself closer to more Vietnamese readers and also international audiences in the future.

We hope that this 30th anniversary of VIR will be the motivation for VIR to follow its path towards becoming the guidebook for Vietnam’s economic development and business issues. We hope to see many more opportunities to cooperate with VIR in the future.

Denis Brunetti - President, Ericsson Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part2

The government’s National Strategy for Industry 4.0 and National Digital Transformation agenda, together with many other important topics of relevance to Vietnam’s ongoing socioeconomic development, have been and continue to be very comprehensively communicated to the local and international business community by VIR.

It is playing a very important role in effectively communicating the key strategic and visionary initiatives of the government as well as those of the broader business and investment community, presenting and sharing a holistic view of the economic progress being made by the country.

The newspaper always presents in-depth information on relevant topics to the business community, updating us on all aspects of business and investment updates across the country with a strong focus on international market trends that have an impact on Vietnam, as well as the excellent progress and implementation of free trade agreements between Vietnam and other nations. I enjoy reading many of VIR’s columns and I especially value the insightful stories and interviews pertaining to 5G innovation, Industry 4.0, and digital transformation of businesses in Vietnam.

I think VIR is already doing a fantastic job sharing news in a very trusting and credible way, actively contributing to the information content needs of both the local and international business and investment communities.

We expect VIR to continue to cover the benefits of ICT for the people and businesses of Vietnam, helping drive innovation by capturing the efforts of startups and the related ecosystem players when it comes to introducing new technologies such as 5G. We also value the role VIR plays in facilitating a dialogue between industry and government when it comes to strategic initiatives like national digital transformation and Industry 4.0, where both have a critically important and complementary role to play.

Sang-Ho Oh - General director for South Asia-Pacific, Keysight Technologies

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part2

Keysight would like to congratulate VIR on its 30th anniversary.

VIR is one of the leading English-language business and economic newspapers in Vietnam, with in-depth content delivering vital, comprehensive information, and insight on the dynamic development of Vietnam’s economy.

We follow VIR’s coverage on digital transformation, digital economy, and general investment with anticipation, as it helps provide a comprehensive view of what is happening in Vietnam. This includes initiatives, strategies, and actions from the government to advance business across all industries and drive the vision for industry digitalisation across Vietnam. And Keysight is happy to be a part of this story.

Berend Van Wel - Managing director FrieslandCampina Vietnam

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part2

We appreciate VIR as a companion that has contributed to the growth and development of entrepreneurs over the past three decades.

FrieslandCampina Vietnam and our biggest brand Dutch Lady have been in Vietnam for 25 years. Since then VIR, as a pioneer in public communications, has been supporting many companies like us. Its support gave us more confidence to develop and gain success.

In 2021 we celebrate 150 years of FrieslandCampina globally and 25 years in Vietnam and we celebrate the friendship with VIR during this time.

In Vietnam, we have committed to providing education and development of nutrition for Vietnamese children; improving the lives of Vietnamese, especially farmers, through a dairy development programme; and protecting the environment and sustainability development. And VIR is a partner that helps us to deliver our mission. And in the new development stage, VIR is a trusted media channel for spreading business activities, brands, and products to consumers. We are proud to have VIR as a partner in our development in Vietnam.

Jorge Martin-Martinez - Head of country management, DKSH Vietnam

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part2

VIR has been a reliable and comprehensive source of news for international companies that commit to sustainable growth and development in Vietnam, like DKSH. Having also been present in Vietnam for 30 years, I can say that both DKSH and VIR have went through formative times of development in the country. Throughout these times, we can see that VIR has also been cultivating its role as an important bridge connecting Vietnam and other countries, facilitating investment opportunities, and fostering strategic relationships.

I am impressed with how VIR stays true to its objective of conveying only real business and economic news. I also highly value how VIR’s journalists work their best to deliver two-way dialogues in every piece of published news in a timely manner. I really appreciate the great collaboration that DKSH has experienced so far with VIR’s journalists and I hope we can continue to deliver inspiring stories to the public together.

As VIR’s key audiences are decision-makers from government agencies, business communities, and international organisations, it is important that VIR continues to focus on delivering two-way conversations in its published news. This is also the strategic approach that many international media outlets follow, and I believe VIR’s audiences greatly benefit from this objectivity.

VIR is a very creative publication and always thrives for inspiring ways to deliver its news through special columns and editions, which are often very well-received by its audiences. I believe one of the important reasons is that these editions are often trending topics of public interest. VIR’s approaches of consistently highlighting stories through various perspectives is the winning formula to gain and keep the attention of its audiences. I would expect to see more of these special columns and editions, and maybe even some more new formats in the future.

Peter Dinning - Chairman, Colliers International

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part2

I arrived in Vietnam in 1997 and at that time there were very few sources of information aimed at the foreign businesspeople in Vietnam. There was no internet and no English-speaking TV programmes so printed material like VIR was very important.

VIR’s journalists were very interested in the views of foreign residents and my profession, real estate, is often used in VIR for advertising and printed articles.

The newspaper provides excellent information on the current business environment and gives insight into the way local companies and the government interact with foreign entities for the benefit of the continuing development of the economy of Vietnam.

What is very important and useful is the way in which the newspaper introduces and reports suggested future changes in legislation in Vietnam and seeks comments from the local and foreign business communities, business chambers, and groups allowing the government to adjust or alter those changes to fit with proper business practice.

The current format of VIR allowing business leaders and government to liaise with each other and provide a forum for discussion has stood the test of time. Perhaps VIR could consider setting up focus groups of market leaders in each sector consisting of a member board who will meet regularly to discuss the current topics and issues in that sector, so that they can be proactive in creating change and providing advice rather than being reactive to legislation changes.

I would expect the next part of VIR’s development will be to create a platform for television events, allowing live discussions between the government and private sector highlighting the move towards a transparent and open dialogue.

Son Pham - Country manager, GE Healthcare Vietnam

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part2

General Electric and VIR have been close partners as we contribute to Vietnam’s economic rise in our own ways and we will continue to nurture this relationship well into the future.

The US group entered the Vietnamese market 28 years ago, since when it has developed a strong presence in Vietnam’s key sectors of power, renewable energy, healthcare, and aviation.

Our achievements are the relentless efforts of more than 1,700 GE employees across the country. In this long journey, it has been a great pleasure for GE to receive the steadfast support of the local media, of whom VIR is one of the most well-respected publications.

VIR has covered all GE milestones and chronicled its major events. As the press office of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, it helps with connecting GE and local stakeholders through delivering our perspectives, from solutions to solve key issues for Vietnam to relevant opinions by our leaders on topics of global and local concern.

Our partnership has only grown from strength to strength since VIR launched the GE Technology and Innovation column several years ago, which was a trustworthy source for readers to find all GE-related news.

We do appreciate the dedication and professional expertise of VIR’s reporters. Through objective and quality articles, GE’s technologies and solutions supplied across the world have gained increasing exposure in Vietnam. Senior journalists from VIR regularly participate in media trips to our key facilities too. These visits help GE to introduce details on how our global technologies were working and strengthened our relationship with the media.

It is not just the leaders of GE in Vietnam but also regional and global executives that can reach local readers through interviews and articles on VIR to communicate their perspectives on major issues.

Leaders such as Larry Culp, chairman and CEO of GE, and Nabil Habayeb, senior vice president of GE and president and CEO of GE International Markets, can frequently appear on VIR to share with readers their views on topics and trends that matter.

GE believes that our partnership will only grow stronger, and we sincerely wish VIR more achievements down the road as it remains a reliable source of information for readers in Vietnam and abroad.

Jack Nguyen - Partner, Mazars

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part2

I first came back to work in Vietnam in 1998. At that time there were very few English newsprints to read. During those times, foreign direct investments were not as big as it was today so there were fewer stories and the scope covered was limited. However few stories there were in those days, I very much appreciated that VIR was available for us to read.

When the United States lifted its economic embargo in 1995, everybody was excited about the Vietnamese economy opening up to the rest of the world. In those days, my impression was that the news reported was relevant and helpful to the readers.

Inevitably, VIR editions today are better by leaps and bounds. Obviously, there is more news to report but the format, industry coverage, and featured stories are now more prevalent, giving readers more perspectives on foreign investment in Vietnam. Today’s VIR includes articles written by experts and market leaders who are making significant contributions to the country’s development.

I find VIR’s news coverage very good, well written, and balanced. I suggest it should invest more in its digital media offerings, whether this is on the website or via mobile. Readers are now accessing news on a digital device more than actual newsprint.

VIR should also be a conduit to break down ongoing rules and regulations facing the business community. It has in the past solicited views from the business community when new rules or regulations are issued, but VIR can help its readers by providing a more detailed explanation and analysis of the rules and regulations.

My other suggestion is for VIR to cover local companies more. Many Vietnamese businesses are now growing and operating successfully and on a larger scale. Their stories need to be shared with the business community in the country and to raise interest in the foreign community.

My only other suggestion is to improve the website further, making it more interactive and dynamic. VIR should also consider organising events online and inviting prominent speakers from outside the country to participate.

Angus Liew - General director, Gamuda Land (Ho Chi Minh City)

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part2

VIR was one of the first publications that I read when I moved to Vietnam over a decade ago. Since then, I have kept my habit of starting a new week by reading the newspaper for breaking news and market updates. I am also a reader of VIR online and am especially interested in reading the investing and property sections.

I’m also very interested in the business forums of VIR. The annual M&A Forum is one of the most exciting business conferences because our company has been accelerating business expansion and so I found it to be very helpful.

If possible, I would like to suggest that VIR can explore more on what is happening globally to help enrich the knowledge of its readers, especially the business community. This helpful knowledge might influence the strategic decisions of the companies. Besides that, it would be great to read more articles from VIR about sustainable development via environmental, social, and governance approaches.

Lance Li - CEO, BW Industrial Development JSC

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part2

It has been a pleasure to co-host the annual Vietnam Industrial Property Forum with our strategic partner, VIR, under the patronage of the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Each year, the event proves to be an effective channel for government representatives, industrial development senior leaders, brokers, service companies, investment funds, financial institutions, and intellectual property representatives. We are continually inspired by the constructive dialogues that help refocus our roadmap for the future of industrial real estate and supply chain development in Vietnam.

As Vietnam shifts towards sustainable development in a post-pandemic world, we look forward to deeper discussions on this topic as we also seek new ways to meet international clients’ needs while supporting the common good and use of clean, affordable energy.

Akshay Moza - Vice president, Commercial Division The Grand Ho Tram Strip

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part2

We believe that VIR has played an extremely important role and is one of the most reliable economic newspapers for business and investment-related information in Vietnam. It not only reflects the socioeconomic situation in the country but also conveys important news about foreign direct investment as well as international cooperation.

Overall, foreign language publications are an important bridge connecting foreign firms and expats like me personally and what is going on in the market. Besides the information, the publication also offers an important image to the business community and puts the country on the map whereby other foreign companies get valid information and a platform to consider venturing into the current business and market set-up.

I do hope and believe that VIR will always play a pioneering role to help share the latest information to the most important decree that affects foreign enterprises in Vietnam. In addition, it will contribute to creating more forums to connect foreign enterprises alike which in turn is beneficial to the country as a whole.

VIR has published constructive criticism and very helpful commentary on financial views in Vietnam. I hope it will maintain this moving forward. I would also like to see more market trends/ideas and market research-orientated news important for not just creating opportunities but also creating an option for various businesses to consider the country as a viable investment model.

Duong Huong Ly - Director of Communications Siemens Vietnam

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part2

During the past 30 years, VIR has always been one of the most read and most respected newspapers in Vietnam.

We highly appreciate the quality content of the newspaper, and topics and issues which presented by VIR are always practical and useful for the business community in the country.

We’re also very fond of the online version. It is working very effectively with impressive look and feel, as well as with interesting content reflecting latest news and events of great interest to readers.

Siemens is one of the world-leading technology companies and thanks to the strong support of VIR, we are able to introduce our state-of-the-art technologies to Vietnamese readers. Besides that, we are able to discuss emerging topics such as sustainable energy, digitalisation, Industry 4.0, and smart cities.

Siemens is very pleased with the close relationship and fruitful cooperation with VIR over many years, and we hope it grows stronger and achieves many more successes in the years to come.

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