Wisium Vietnam rolls out comprehensive solutions to enhance animal performance

September 22, 2020 | 21:22
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Wisium, an international brand of premix, specialties, and firm services of ADM – a global leader in human and animal nutrition – has officially introduced a suite of comprehensive speciality solutions to enhance animal performance in Vietnam.    

Wisium’s solutions feature high-end products and value-added services helping to improve quality, productivity, and profitability performance for feed millers, integrators, and home mixers.

Nowadays, the role of society and consumers is increasingly important. They constantly set high concerns and expectations about a food supply chain that includes organic and non-GMOs; antibiotic-free in feed, safety, and sustainability. Therefore, feed mills and breeders have started to focus on finding suitable, safe, high-quality materials, ingredients, feed additives, and specialties to enhance animals' performance and ensure sustainable production.

wisium vietnam rolls out comprehensive solutions to enhance animal performance
Wisium solutions comprise of not only products but also services to ensure a global approach to each challenge

Specialties are specific products answer zootechnical challenges during specific stages of the animal life. They can be incorporated in feed, used in top feeding, or used in the animal environment.

The company solutions have very specific compositions, striving to have one or more positive actions on animals’ performance by improving productivity, ensuring the well-being of animals, or limiting the negative impacts of environmental factors.

Wisium solutions include not only products but also services to ensure a global approach to each challenge. Wisium Specialties cover various types of production problematics, featuring specific solutions to answer day-to-day field issues such as mycotoxin contamination; intestinal health and microflora modulation; intestinal inflammation and integrity; productivity at the end of the laying period; young animal productivity, animal welfare, and more.

The following are some of the eminent products Wisium currently distributes in the Vietnamese market.

ACIDULIK: Leveraging the positive impacts of organic acids to improve animal performance and feed quality

The ACIDULIK programme from Wisium seeks to optimise the benefits and efficiency of organic acids. This wide range of solutions and customised support, each of which fulfills a specific need, consists of three different approaches: Natural animal gut health (products: FITACTIF, KILL PROTECT, FITALO), raw materials and feed shelf-life extension (product: MYCOSUR), and feed hygiene management (product: KILL PROTECT, KILL FORCE).

PERFEGG: A feed supplement made of plant extracts to improve egg production, FCR, and profitability

PERFEGG is made of plant extracts that improves the performance of layers and breeders at the end of the laying period (during the last 20 weeks of production) when egg production decreases. By increasing the egg production, extending the laying period, and improving the female fertility on breeders, PERFEGG optimises the producers’ investment in pullets. PERFEGG will also improve Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) and lower feed costs thanks to a targeted action on type-2 diabetes and on liver functioning.

POWERJET: A patented and synergistic combination of plant extracts with anti-inflammatory properties to support gut health

The results of the in vitro trial performed on intestinal cells allowed the assessment of the anti-inflammatory properties of POWERJET. This combination of plant extracts acts on the preservation of gut health by preventing leaky gut syndrome. With POWERJET, more energy is allocated to production instead of repairing the damage involved by inflammation and the over activation of the immune system.

T5X: A complete approach of mycotoxins management risk

T5X is the result of 20 years of research and development. T5X is much more than a toxin binder, the ingredients in T5X work synergistically based on three main actions: binding to catch polar toxins, detoxification, hepato-protection, and anti-oxidation, and immuno-stimulation high technical immune system activation.

Wisium’s mycotoxins management expertise helps customers to build their mycotoxins control plan and offers analysis solutions depending on their situations and objectives.

Wisium offers millers, integrators, and home mixers a strong and dedicated partnership with a unique focus on enhancing quality, productivity, and profitability.

“We strongly believe that the Vietnamese animal industry is at a turning point. The last 25 years have seen a tremendous increase of animal production and feed volumes in all animal species. Many localities have changed their structure from small, backyard to medium- and large-scale farms, industrial farms, improving food hygiene and focusing on biosecurity, especially since the outbreak of the African swine fever in 2019,” said Eric Fabry, business development director of Wisium Vietnam.

“Along with the positive signals in agriculture and economy, Vietnam is one of our key markets in Southeast Asia, where we have ambitions. Therefore, the priority in our strategy is to expand market share and increase awareness for Wisium’s specialties and premix products. With a comprehensive approach as well as a diverse product portfolio that meets all challenges in breeding, the nutritional knowhow accumulated by over 60 years of experience, and especially highly applicable products, we believe that Wisium will be the best partner for our customers to improve their profitability,” Fabry noted.

Wisium is the international brand of the premix business of ADM, a major global player in animal nutrition for over 60 years with operations across more than 50 countries in the world.

Wisium offers millers, integrators, and home mixers a strong and dedicated partnership with a unique focus on enhancing quality, productivity, and profitability. Wisium's strengths are a complete and diverse product portfolio, including premix; complete and concentrated feed for piglets; specialties; and firm services that provide tailor-made solutions to the needs of specific customers and species such as swine, poultry ,and aquaculture.

Wisium products are researched and developed at 11 R&D centres over the world, proven in both R&D and field trials, and are produced in 33 cutting-edge production facilities with global quality standards such as ISO, GMP, and GMP+.

By Dinh Thuy

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