Vietnam can be inspiration for younger financial generation

July 18, 2022 | 08:00
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Unstable global forces are driving up costs and disrupting supply networks. Thai Viet Dung, director of Exness Vietnam, told VIR’s Thy Nguyet about the trend of new investments and advices on managing risks.

How is the development of technology and online payments creating opportunities for new investment channels?

Vietnam can be inspiration for younger financial generation
Thai Viet Dung, director of Exness Vietnam

We can see from history that humanity always reaches breakthrough achievements in technology. We have also seen the birth of new financial models that break old methods and update the latest technology trends.

Decentralisation in the financial industry and the creation of new structures and models that are more solid and energetic than those that have been successful before are accelerating.

The battle for financial models in the future does not come from previous financial management experiences but comes from updating the most advanced algorithms to find the best solutions.

Optimal products and business models are crafted in ways that only open minds can envision. Hopefully, this will be an inspiration for the younger generations in the financial industry. We always follow, develop, and apply the latest steps of new global financial technology and knowledge to determine the future.

We have seen that in recent years, the sharing economy model has received special attention in terms of digital technology and green platforms, because there are many new investment trends. But if we only participate in investing with one trend, there will be many risks.

How do you envision the investment trend in the last half of the year based on recent events?

This year is a year of many changes, and the last 6 months of the year are expected to still be volatile. When you look US market, in June the Fed increased interest rates by 0.75 per cent in the context of inflation hitting a record high.

Meanwhile, energy supplies for Europe are also facing many problems and supply chains were also hit by China’s strict pandemic policy. Therefore, the USD is still the preferred currency of investors.

No investment channel is perfect and high returns always come with high risks and vice versa. To optimise financial resources, what would be a good message to send to investors?

Obviously, new investment channels are emerging. Investors must learn about the market and updated technology before entering a new channel. In Vietnam, the legal framework is still being updated, so investors must be equipped with the knowledge and learn about reputable, licensed, and clearly audited companies.

By Thy Nguyet

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