Viessmann launches sustainable water solutions

November 02, 2023 | 15:38
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Viessmann, one of the leading German groups in sustainable climate solutions, held its brand and product launching event in Ho Chi Minh City on November 1, following the inauguration of its first factory in the southern province of Dong Nai in June 2023.
Viessmann launches sustainable water solutions
Viessmann officially launches complete and sustainable water solutions

With the message "For an Ease-of-Mind Lifestyle," Viessmann introduced its two product categories, Vitowell water heaters and Vitopure water purifiers, to consumers through first-hand experiences, allowing them to witness the quality and enjoy the safety of water brought by these solutions.

Bringing the journey of 106 years of creating the best quality of life and living spaces for generations to come to Southeast Asia including Vietnam

As a pioneer in sustainable energy and climate solutions, with a history spanning over 100 years and a presence in more than 74 countries, Viessmann recognises the essential need for hot and clean water in Southeast Asia.

Providing efficient water solutions that align with the region's usage requirements is a top priority for Viessmann. Furthermore, the challenges related to climate and water quality are significant concerns faced not only by Southeast Asia but also by the global community.

Alexander Ziehe, managing director of Viessmann Southeast Asia and Oceania, said that with its strong economic dynamic development and promising long-term growth opportunities, Vietnam is an attractive investment destination.

“Furthermore the rising awareness and commitment to sustainability, Viessmann and Vietnam share a common course. Therefore, Vietnam is for us the perfect investment location to grow our brand and serve our corporate purpose,” said Ziehe.

He added that the company’s commitment to Vietnam included the whole value chain and customer journey.

“In June we celebrated the opening of a regional manufacturing hub in Dong Nai province, delivering to Southeast Asia, including Vietnam. We set up our local R&D team to deliver true solutions for local needs,” he added.

This approach is aimed at developing solutions tailored to the needs of consumers in the Southeast Asian, offering superior performance, safety, user-friendliness, cost efficiency, and a commitment to sustainable development goals.

Viessmann launches sustainable water solutions
Viessmann introduces the Vitowell range of instant electric water heaters and storage water heaters, and the Vitopure range of water filters and purifiers to the Vietnamese market

Viessmann's commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection goes beyond simply developing products with full functionality and benefits for users by deeply considering each component of the products to ensure sustainable processes and environmental protection.

Specifically, Viessmann employs sustainable materials in manufacturing and eliminates the use of styrofoam in product packaging, replacing it with recycled paper sourced from Vietnam.

The manufacturing process is also optimised to utilise environmentally friendly insulation for hot water heaters.

Dario Damati, director of the product marketing division, said that Viessmann specifically developed a new, wide range of high-quality water solution appliances for Vietnam consumers, where meticulous attention to quality and design of each component will be highly appreciated by its clients.

Viessmann is also a strategic partner of Bayern Munich, one of the world's most successful football clubs, and extends its commitment to spreading the message of connectivity, innovation, and sustainability within the energy and climate sector. This alliance deepens the bond between Viessmann and football enthusiasts in Vietnam and complements Viessmann's future vision.

Founded in 1917 in Germany by Johann Viessmann, who owned a small workshop where he manufactured ironcast ovens and headquartered in Allendorf, Viessmann is a fourth-generation business that is passionate about creating living spaces for generations to come.

Over the next hundred years, the Viessmann group developed into a true global company, offering whole systems from apartments to industrial use.

Viessmann inaugurates the first factory in Vietnam Viessmann inaugurates the first factory in Vietnam

Viessmann, a German-based climate solutions provider, has opened its facility in Vietnam with the aim of supplying and developing products for the Southeast Asian region, while also promoting a sustainable economy.

By Bich Ngoc

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