Toshin Development operates the retail podium Of Lancaster Luminaire

July 10, 2021 | 17:06
Trung Thuy Group and Toshin Development (a subsidiary of Takashimaya Group) have formed a partnership in Lancaster Luminaire to provide high-quality management and operation services for the complex of apartments, offices, and retail podium.

City centre developments always attract investors because of their convenient proximity to surrounding areas as well as convenient transportation. Market research showed that mixed-use projects consisting of shopping centres and offices have received special attention from real estate investors, and therefore feature significantly higher prices compared to other projects.

Toshin Development operates the retail podium Of Lancaster Luminaire
The remarkable design of the Lancaster Luminaire residential and retail complex

Additionally, the growth of the real estate market depends not only on location and public facilities but also the developer’s reputation. Lancaster Luminaire has swiftly taken the spotlight in the Vietnamese market due to the participation of Trung Thuy Group and Toshin Development. With the advantage of being in a prime location and invested by Toshin Development, Lancaster Luminaire offers great value and growth potential.

Toshin Development operates the retail podium Of Lancaster Luminaire

Operations management experience from Japan

Toshin Development has nearly 60 years of experience in Japan, 30 years of experience in Singapore, and 10 years of experience in Vietnam. It is also the right-hand man of Takashimaya in developing and operating real estate property.

Therefore, partnering with Toshin Development is a great step not only for Lancaster Luminaire but also Trung Thuy Group. Through this joint venture, the Japanese corporation will bring its long-standing experience to optimise benefits for customers and tenants at Lancaster Luminaire.

Toshin Development operates the retail podium Of Lancaster Luminaire
Shopping centre Tamagawa Takashimaya developed by Toshin Development

Toshiteru Sato, chief representative of Toshin Development representative office in Ho Chi Minh City said, “Toshin Development highly appreciates the achievements Trung Thuy Group has produced throughout its operations. Trung Thuy is a company with strong financial potential and deep understanding of the high-end real estate sector. Besides, we have the same philosophy of 'Putting customers first' and 'thinking long-term' so we decide to work together on this development. We will bring our experience in operating the retail podium and offices to enhance customer experience and long-term values of Lancaster Luminaire.”

Nguyen Trung Tin, CEO of Trung Thuy Group added, “Since the company was established in 1985, our international customers have mostly been Japanese. We deeply understand the requirements and needs of Japanese customers. Thus, we have successfully built standards based on the demands of customers from Japan and applied these standards to our real estate development. With the financial strength from Toshin Development and the experience of Trung Thuy Group, Lancaster Luminaire will be a significant name in the real estate market."

Retail podium with Japanese experience

With a desire to create a convenient living space by following the “One-stop service” model, the developers of Lancaster Luminaire have designated four floors for a modern retail podium with a floor area of 6,630 square metres. The retail podium will include multiple functional areas such as an area for buying staple goods, as well as coffee shops and a food court featuring popular food and beverage brands.

The value of Lancaster Luminaire will increase over time thanks to the convenience of the retail podium where residents can easily approach all facilities. Moreover, under the management of Toshin Development, the services of the retail podium will be optimised to bring the best experience for each resident and customer.

Toshin Development operates the retail podium Of Lancaster Luminaire
The retail podium at Lancaster Luminaire

Lancaster Luminaire is a real estate development with the values of Vietnam and Japan presented by Toshin Development, with nearly 60 years of experience in the management and operation of commercial centres and offices, and Trung Thuy Group, with 35 years of experience in serving domestic and international customers. By understanding each other's vision, both companies aim to bring valuable experiences to all residents of Lancaster Luminaire.

By Huyen Nguyen

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