THP Group CEO: No limit to human potential

June 25, 2018 | 15:15
“Life should not be about rumors and darkness if we dare to stand up to them,” THP Group CEO Tran Qui Thanh said.

‘The will that makes victory’ is the very backbone of the spiritual values behind the incessant development and transformation path of Vietnam’s Tan Hiep Phat Beverage Group (THP Group).

As I have once said, the power hidden in each human being is unlimited and it is just a matter of whether we have enough will and determination to overcome prejudices, habits, and social norms surrounding us at every step in life, which could be hard to rise above from time to time. The fear we face when we sit down alone and reflect is when we wonder if everything we have done in life would become meaningless. Winning over yourself at such tough times is the greatest victory.

We live in a world where among amazing scientific developments human beings have grown more extroverted. Exploring the universe, setting foot on other planets or amassing excessive material values can sometimes make our lives dull. Nowadays, hardly anyone cares about discovering their own values. THP Group has been paying attention to the growth of our human resources and business culture, on top of promoting and developing our brand from the early days of its establishment.

thp group ceo no limit to human potential
Tran Qui Thanh, THP Group CEO

We would have nothing without human resources and a well-conceived business culture. In the era of international integration, businesspeople should not merely be ‘sellers,’ but take a role in creating values for the society through their activities.

All of my employees have been trained to be honest with themselves and to have a critical and creative mind. Work efficiency must start from the fortitude to learn about and overcome one’s self, to constantly reload and grow.

Complacency today in what we have achieved so far means we are one step back. Setting up an effective employee system for now and the future is the biggest success in my management career. It is crucial for a family business like us to keep this in mind throughout our development and building a brand that we are proud of.

Our young generation might still be unripe and impatient. But it is not important. Clarity, knowledge, bravery, and confidence are what is important for a businessperson to go forward into an integrated world with his head held high.

The era that we live in has witnessed a great deal of changes and there are inevitable bumps on the road to the future. There are some truths that people only tell after many years. Life is not always smooth: it could be painful and bitter en route to success.

Above all, I am proud of having almost finished the path that I have chosen. It is the pride of a genuine businessman who has dedicated his life to the community and always kept his head high while overcoming difficulties to succeed in the beverage industry and achieving domestic and international recognition.

Starting off my journey with empty hands, I was not afraid of being hated or going through storms, I was only afraid of being irresolute or undetermined. I believe that thunderstorms can crack or sometimes break trees. But right at the spot where the tree cracks, new shoots will rise with unstoppable vigour. It is the source of life, life's an unarrestable momentum to go forward.

And it is the same for businesses too, all failures will give us lessons that cannot be bought by money. Only the will, inner strength, determination, and an attitude to change in a positive way can help us reach the day after today.

No one can steer clear of the ups and downs in life or keep time or faith from being lost. But I believe life will be less dark, painful, and ridiculous should each of us bravely stand up to pass through the darkness.

There have been many times in the heavy quiet of the church in the morning when looking up to God, I have thought so to myself.

By Tran Qui Thanh - THP Group CEO

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