The success story of LiveSpo: When local innovation meets global vision

December 22, 2021 | 13:55
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Proudly representing “Made in Vietnam” products, LiveSpo's Spore Probiotics is helping to make Vietnam a more preferred quality label in the global landscape.

In recent years, people are paying more attention to their “second brain” – the gut. A healthy gut can ward off infectious agents like bacteria, viruses, and fungi, enhance the immune system and communicate with the brain to maintain general health. It is now common knowledge that a healthy gut means healthy overall well-being.

For years, doctors and scientists have made it a mission to create effective probiotics products to help with gut health, especially for those who struggle with gastrointestinal diseases and other digestive issues. Among progresses made around the world, one particular innovation from Vietnam stands out. It is LiveSpo’s Spore Probiotics, the brainchild of Dr. Nguyen Hoa Anh, co-founder of LiveSpo Global.

The success story of LiveSpo: When local innovation meets global vision
Dr. Nguyen Hoa Anh, co-founder of LiveSpo Global

LiveSpo’s spore probiotics differentiate themselves from others with a concentrated, multi-strain liquid form that allows for quick absorption and better effect. Started as a small research and development (R&D)-focused startup, LiveSpo Global has matured into a full-fledged company exporting products to more than 20 countries, including the US, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, and other major markets around the world.

Breaking new grounds with world’s first liquid spore probiotics technology

Driven by an ambition to make a name for “Made in Vietnam” products in the global playground, Dr. Nguyen Hoa Anh, the mastermind behind LiveSpo’s Spore Probiotics Technology, came back to his hometown after 15 years of learning and researching as a lecturer of biotechnology at Tohoku Imperial University, Japan. He was determined to prove that Vietnam is as capable of developing cutting-edge technology as other developed countries.

The success story of LiveSpo: When local innovation meets global vision

Dedicating his whole career to biotechnology, Dr. Hoa Anh understands the superior health-promoting properties of probiotics better than anyone. Hence, he set out to develop probiotics products that are effective and accessible to mass consumers.

However, he noticed that consumers could not yield maximum benefits from probiotics supplements at the time. Although helpful bacteria cannot survive in the acidic gastric environment of the stomach for long periods of time, most products come in the form of powder or capsules, which hinder the probiotics from being absorbed quickly in the intestinal system. This prompted him to work on a new formulation with fast absorption and better effectiveness.

In 2013, after years of research, the world’s first multi-strain liquid spore probiotics came to life. Highly concentrated and resistant to acid (pH2-pH4) and temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius, LiveSpo’s innovation tackles the limitation of traditional probiotics products as it can safely pass through the stomach to enter the intestines. The liquid form also ensures higher purity, quicker absorption, and more convenient preservation.

At the 13th International Scientific Conference on Probiotics, Prebiotics, Gut Microbiota and Health held in the Czech Republic, Dr. Hoa Anh, the only representative from Vietnam, showcased the product’s ability to help reduce symptoms of acute diarrhoea in a much shorter span of only 30 minutes compared to 72 hours using current probiotics supplements. Supplied by LiveSpo Pharma’s factory in Yen Nghia, Ha Dong, LiveSpo Global’s products are now registered with the US FDA.

“I embarked on the journey to create spore probiotics with the vision of a future without the overuse of antibiotics in mind. From this, we have crafted LiveSpo’s very own mission to bring about a revolution in healthcare and protection with the introduction of spore probiotics, helping to promote healthy longevity,” said Dr. Hoa Anh.

Winning hearts of global consumers with "Made in Vietnam" products

To make a mark in the competitive global landscape, LiveSpo Global turned to Amazon for its strong ecosystem of sellers, consumers, intermediaries and physical resources. Dr. Hoa Anh explained: “In realisation of our mission, we have turned to Amazon to reach out to the world. We believe that Amazon has all the qualities needed to make high-quality healthcare products accessible to more people.”

Via Amazon, LiveSpo Global now exports to over 20 countries and is highly regarded by overseas customers, becoming Amazon’s Choice quickly after participation.

The success story of LiveSpo: When local innovation meets global vision

One US-based consumer, who is already familiar with traditional probiotics supplements, could not help but be amazed by how fast LiveSpo’s probiotics took effect and helped reduce her diarrhoea symptoms. Another customer from Mexico shared that his progress in treating gastritis has been noticeably accelerated with the use of spore probiotics. “Through Amazon, we directly interact with our global customers and listen to their feedback. From there, we will constantly improve our products to meet the ever-changing needs of the international market,” said Dr. Hoa Anh.

Dr. Hoa Anh attributed the fruitful global outreach of LiveSpo to Amazon’s comprehensive assistance, especially Amazon Global Selling team in Vietnam. Throughout the journey, Amazon has closely assisted LiveSpo Global by providing guidance and connect them with relevant service providers in needed areas. To help their team build an effective business plan, Amazon also provides valuable customer insights, market trends, and lessons from other successful sellers that enhance LiveSpo’s marketing and merchandising strategies on Amazon.

In the early stages, the company experienced its own setbacks. “Initially, LiveSpo Global encountered numerous difficulties in preparing paperwork and optimising advertisement. Luckily, Amazon provided us timely support on checklists for necessary channels and tools, as well as introduced us to trustworthy partners in delivery and technology to streamline our process.”

Evidently, Amazon Global Selling’s quick responses to sellers’ problems bring impressive results. On Prime Day 2021 solely, LiveSpo’s sales volume increased tenfold compared to normal days, reaching a record high. In addition, Amazon provides LiveSpo with access to 300+ million active customer accounts, including 150 million+ Prime customers and millions of institutional buyers. With Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), sellers are able to store their products in 175 Amazon's fulfilment centres all over the world. As Amazon is responsible for collecting, packing, delivering, and providing customer service for these products, local sellers are empowered to gain a foothold in the global setting.

The pandemic has transformed the way businesses operate and export their products internationally. On this, Dr. Hoa Anh emphasised LiveSpo’s resilience to withstand changes when backed by trustworthy partners, notably Amazon: “One of the key factors behind LiveSpo Global’s success is its flexible and receptive nature, always willing to change in accordance with the customer demand to serve consumers better. Despite new challenges brought about by the pandemic, LiveSpo Global continues to grow steadily on international e-commerce channels. With the help of Amazon, LiveSpo Global is now firing on all cylinders to boost online global sales, especially in the US and EU.”

In the next steps, LiveSpo Global aims to become a digital pharmaceutical company that revolutionises healthcare by making water-based, multi-strain spore probiotics products accessible to consumers of all ages. To make this a reality, LiveSpo plans to go global with Amazon step by step, starting with expanding LiveSpo Global’s businesses in more European countries in the next three years. LiveSpo is determined to become Top 10 in the Spores category on Amazon, proudly representing Vietnamese brands in the international market.

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