The Grand Ho Tram unveils endless fun and freedom with Quan Vui

December 07, 2023 | 12:05
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The integrated complex, The Grand Ho Tram, proudly announced the launch of its vibrant new brand identity on December 2, with a vision for renewal and endless fun.
The Grand Ho Tram unveils endless fun and freedom with Quan Vui

Rooted in the values of dynamism, freedom, and fun experiences, this strategic initiative is designed to redefine the art of leisure and solidify The Grand Ho Tram's standing as the ultimate destination for perpetual joy.

Quan Vui – The Grand Ho Tram's vision for renewal and endless fun

In a groundbreaking move, The Grand Ho Tram has introduced Quan Vui, a district of perpetual joy. Renowned for its excellence in hospitality and entertainment, The Grand Ho Tram is thrilled to introduce its new logo inspired by the beauty of the crane and the concept of Quan Vui. This unveiling signifies not just a brand evolution but a strategic leap into a new era.

Despite the turbulent circumstances of the last few years, The Grand Ho Tram has managed to sustain its business operations, retaining its workforce to ensure the continuity of business activities under abnormal conditions.

As the economy regrows, The Grand Ho Tram has introduced numerous new services and organised various events to cater to visitors, contributing to the overall achievements of the country and supporting the development of tourism in Ba Ria-Vung Tau province.

The Grand Ho Tram is its commitment to ensuring the livelihoods of over 2000 employees and diligently fulfilling its tax obligations to the state. It persistently endeavours to deliver outstanding resort experiences for its customers. A notable testament to this commitment is the introduction of the Ixora Ho Tram by Fusion Resort, boasting 164 apartments and 46 5-star villas.

This complements the integrated entertainment complex that features a premier Asian golf course, The Bluffs, a network of 18 restaurants and bars, a cinema, an indoor Game Zone, and three modern spas. Together, these elements redefine The Grand Ho Tram as the new embodiment of Quan Vui – a central hub for unique experiences and boundless joy.

Walt Power, CEO of The Grand Ho Tram stated, "We're embarking on an exciting journey with Quan Vui. Our commitment to it is not just about a brand, it's a pledge to renew and grow. Quan Vui is where the excitement begins, where our guests will find endless joy, reflecting our vision for The Grand Ho Tram."

Embodying this vision, Quan Vui is a haven where guests can embrace their true selves, revel in diverse forms of fun, and forge connections in a unique and vibrant environment. It's a district where everyone is encouraged to express themselves authentically, comfortably participating in age-appropriate and inclusive experiences.

Right from the entrance of the complex, the image of the crane icon proudly and impressively appears, welcoming every guest into the world of freedom and boundless joy. This bird not only symbolises a carefree spirit, it also represents The Grand Ho Tram's commitment to environmental sustainability.

The carefully chosen colour palette also mirrors the brand's dynamic and youthful spirit. A harmonious blend of vibrant hues leaves a lasting positive impression, setting the stage for an extraordinary guest experience.

The three key commitments of Quan Vui echo The Grand Ho Tram's dedication:

  • Fun and Freedom: A pledge to provide guests with rejuvenating experiences that align with the spirit of freedom
  • Responsible and Caring: A deep commitment to environmental responsibility, caring for the welfare of the ocean, and protecting the endangered sarus cranes
  • Always bringing new experiences: A promise to introduce new, memorable activities, ensuring guests have an exciting and unique stay
The Grand Ho Tram unveils endless fun and freedom with Quan Vui

Get ready for unforgettable experiences at The Grand Ho Tram

As it embarked on this transformative journey, The Grand Ho Tram presented a series of launch events, VUI Fest, on December 2. From exhilarating horse races to colourful kite flying and the pulsating DJ by the pool party, each event was crafted to appeal to all age groups.

The event unfolded beautifully with the joyful presence of esteemed guests and reputable media agencies in Vietnam, injecting vibrant energy into Quan Vui and leaving behind many beautiful moments.

The unveiling of Quan Vui marks a pivotal moment for The Grand Ho Tram. It is a testament to creating an environment where joy knows no bounds, and freedom is a way of life.

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