TaylorMade releases Stealth 2 golf driver

February 13, 2023 | 16:15
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Following the tremendous success of the Stealth series of golf clubs, TaylorMade has introduced the Stealth 2.

The range, unveiled on February 10, includes Stealth 2, Stealth 2 Plus, and Stealth 2 HD, all of which are enhanced versions of the TaylorMade Stealth driver and offer a variety of unique features.

TaylorMade releases Stealth 2 golf driver

The Stealth 2 carbon wood driver balances the speed of the original Stealth with incredibly sophisticated technological advancements. These enhancements bring Stealth 2 to a new level of stability.

Increasing the speed makes Stealth's 60X Carbon Twist highly impressive. In response to the popularity of the first Stealth, the revolutionary technology of the Stealth 2 optimises energy transmission for unprecedentedly high ball speeds.

In addition to its updated face appearance, the Stealth 2 has enhanced inverted cone technology. This updated version of the tech is used to retain ball speed on off-target shots and boost stability, or the combination of distance and stability. The improvements enable the face edges to grow narrower and the centre of gravity to become thicker, allowing the velocity to be distributed across the circle.

The Stealth 2 face weighs only 24g, which is 2g less than its predecessor, and has an improved coefficient of restitution that makes the sweet spot wider and improves overall face performance.

The Stealth 2 is the first driver in TaylorMade's history to have more carbon by weight than any other material. TaylorMade has continuously expanded its use of carbon over the last five years, and compared to the original Stealth, the carbon content of the Stealth 2 Plus has climbed 75 per cent, while the carbon content of the Stealth 2 and Stealth 2 HD has almost doubled.

TaylorMade releases Stealth 2 golf driver

More carbon contributes to the creation of a more stable free weight, which may be moved to achieve a greater moment of inertia and a more optimal centre of gravity. The addition of carbon raises the Stealth 2 Plus driver's overall moment of inertia by 9 per cent compared to the Stealth Plus.

The carbon-reinforced ring's strength, structural resilience, and weight-saving properties enable designers to design more intricate and practical shapes.

Stealth 2 has the same remarkable technical advancements as its predecessor, Stealth, which improved its potency at all levels of play. The nano-textured polyurethane coating on the 60X arbon twist face aids in fine-tuning the launch and spin to maximise overall distance regardless of the setting.

The generator of inertia preserves the origin of improved aerodynamic qualities. For golfers of all skill levels, the result is a clubhead shape that is exceptionally sensitive, smooth, and promotes swing speed on the downswing.

The adaptable Speed Pocket slot design from the company is integrated to increase ball speed and improve the stability of low-surface strokes.

Designers were able to integrate a 15g slide block track construction because of the weight reductions afforded by the use of carbon material. This structure allows golfers to modify their stance by sliding the block on the sole to generate the correct ball path. The Stealth 2 Plus is the driver in the Stealth 2 series with the lowest spin.

The inertia generator of the revolutionary Stealth 2 driver has a 25-gram tungsten piece for exceptional intertia performance.

The swingweight system, meanwhile, is placed at the bottom to encourage ideal launch and spin, providing players with both total performance and precise adjustment.

The device takes advantage of the weight-saving feature of the full-body carbon structure to move, producing inertia with the 30g block closer to the heel in the Stealth 2 HD, maximising launch and draw bias. The Stealth 2 HD is the series' most steady driver.

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