Sungrow O&M powers efficiency of renewable energy projects

April 12, 2022 | 16:07
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Woody Wu, general manager of Sungrow Vietnam Co., Ltd. shared with VIR’s Thu Huong his experiences on how to help renewable energy owners promote their benefits by handling faults quickly to ensure power generation and maintain safe production.
Sungrow O&M powers efficiency of renewable energy projects

With 25 years of experience in operating and maintaining (O&M) services for renewable energy systems, what solutions is Sungrow providing to clients?

We started with the maintenance of inverters and, with advancements in our experience and technology, we are now supplying services related to the operation and maintenance of solar and wind farms, as well as battery storage power stations.

Based on experience in various power plants and different demands from the owners, we continuously develop our operational management and training. We applied multiple tools to promote our work and performance, like cleaning robots, bird repellers, and intelligent measurement devices.

We have our own research centre staffed with nearly 100 people and dedicated to the development of intelligent O&M platforms and other advanced technologies. The centre, named Solareye, is already an industry-leading professional O&M platform in the Chinese market.

It brings together complete management processes such as power station monitoring, data analysis, personnel management, false alarms, and work-order distribution. It works like a brain that acquires data from multiple sensors and, after analysis, will guide operators to make more reasonable and accurate decisions.

Some other technologies are used to improve power output directly, such as the cleaning tools for solar panels and drainage clips. Others are used for accident prevention, such as automatic fire warning systems.

We also develop algorithms ourselves to shorten the time of faulty diagnoses. The goal of Sungrow O&M is to handle faults quickly to ensure power generation and maintain safe production.

We believe that, in the future, O&M will be directed to a path with more intelligence and unattended operation, and to boost that goal, Sungrow O&M will strive to make it happen to help owners promote their benefit.

Renewable energy is highly dependent on weather conditions. How has Sungrow O&M worked to optimise and enhance the performance of renewable energy projects?

Yes, but frankly speaking, with our system, the weather conditions have less influence on us.

We have a professional management system, and our personnel can quickly deal with failures and recover losses. At the same time, we have intelligent analysis tools in the form of hardware and software to judge the health and system efficiency of the photovoltaic system.

We evaluate systems based on the data they provide. For instance, there is a system called iClean, which can analyse how much dirt there is on photovoltaic (PV) modules, and we offer a cleaning plan integrated with weather information.

The goal of Sungrow O&M is to handle faults in a timely manner, prevent them, ensure power generation, and maintain safe production so as to create more benefits for owners.

Can you share the costs of your services in comparison with others in the market?

O&M is not an on-shelf product, like an inverter or PV module, it’s more like a service that provides solutions and practical work to raise the value of power plants. So, the general costs cannot be defined until detailed information has been confirmed, because it depends on different projects, the scope of work, and demands.

Sungrow O&M is the leading Chinese O&M service provider in the market now, but the reason is not only the costs but the efficiency and benefits we can bring to owners.

How would you describe Sungrow’s performance in the Vietnamese market and what are you targeting in 2022?

Sungrow is involved in almost all the business units of renewable energy, and Sungrow O&M is one of them. Other business units have already set out their way to contribute to the renewable energy field in Vietnam.

Sungrow O&M will strive to keep up doing what we can do for the field. Now we have already O&M for both solar and wind farms in Vietnam.

In 2022, we hope we can serve more owners and solve their problems with renewable power plants.

What policies have you applied to attract highly qualified human resources?

Talents in the renewable energy field are urgently-needed all over the world. But Sungrow has always been a type of company focusing on attracting and training talents.

For the O&M business, the most needed employees are experienced operators, but we have a comprehensive training system, which can provide transform freshmen to mature operators. For now, we have more than 70 employees in Vietnam.

Sungrow O&M currently ranks first in China's O&M service market and has a complete training system, and employees can receive cutting-edge technical training.

By Thu Huong

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