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April 02, 2013 | 11:41
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Even with the economy in its current state, many industries and jobs are still thriving today. With more people out of work, many people are going back to school.

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It is extremely important to know what degrees and certificates can lead to fruitful careers. When most people think about booming careers today and throughout history, they envision lawyers, doctors, and successful business people. Although these careers are still in high demand, the jobs that are behind the scenes are viable career options for many people to seriously consider. With the post-recession economy still trying to climb back up and stabilise, the degrees people pursue and the career paths they take are an imperative part of whether or not a person will have a successful career.

The Robust Hiring Trends Today

The healthcare field in particular is showing extremely positive signs of improvement in today's job market. Industries like this encapsulate many different types of jobs and employment opportunities for people. The positive side to this is also the fact that many of these careers do not necessarily require a four-year college degree. This makes getting a well paying job a much more realistic option, especially for those who are putting themselves through college. These careers are also doable and attainable for people who decide to go back to school when they are older or already working full time.

Average Earnings

The healthcare, computer, and legal industries seem to be some of the most successful and durable careers right now. These industries have also shown some of the most stability during the recession in the past few years. Overall, these high-opportunity professions offer careers that many people should consider whether they are looking for better pay, a change in career, or whatever other motivating factors.


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