Six skills to support children to break through post-pandemic world

May 29, 2020 | 19:38
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Facing a volatile future, the most accurate way to predict is to create the future yourself. English, Modern Mathematics, and 21st century skills will be an important set for children to enter the globalised world and confidently create the future. With English-speaking teachers, modern textbooks, and project-based learning methods, ILA is one of the pioneers equipping children with these competitive advantages through training in today’s modern world.    

Food delivery applications and online meeting software do not only make life more convenient during the epidemic, but also create new momentum for the world after COVID-19. These are only two examples of a series of changes experienced in just a few months. The COVID-19 situation shows that it will be difficult to predict the future, but there are still many opportunities and possibilities for breakthroughs.

A Vietnamese startup which provides clean food at home has successfully raised $100,000 by virtue of quickly adapting to changes. To ensure a solid position in an ever-changing world and take the initiative to move on, this young generation will need to be equipped with a completely new set of skills.

According to the world's leading educators, there are six golden skills to help your child succeed in the “new-normal” world:

1. Resilience

To put it simple, resilience is the ability to help children stand up and cope with inevitable challenges and problems, so that they can return to their previous lives and become stronger. This is not only necessary when we face great challenges but also helps us control and overcome challenges in daily life in order to reduce stress. To be resilient, children need to be physically and mentally prepared, to know how to develop positive thinking, and to be able to handle different situations. Children will begin to familiarise themselves with this skill by feeling free to express their emotions and to share without limitation.

2. Flexibility and adaptability

To ensure a solid position in an ever-changing world and take the initiative to move on, this young generation will need to be equipped with a completely new set of skills.

These skills allow children to make changes on their own to quickly adapt to a new environment or situation. The skills are not only important for survival but are among the key requirements for the children to work in the future. With global threats and risks about to happen any time, along with the impacts on work, life and habits, flexibility and adaptability will certainly help children to quickly overcome these issues. In addition, these skills help children excel in a globalised and culturally diverse world.

3. Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

This is a modern concept that was fully developed only 20 years ago. Emotional intelligence is the ability to track your feelings and emotions as well as those of others, distinguish them, and use this information to guide your thoughts and actions. EQ consists of five parts: the ability to understand one’s self, the ability to control oneself, the motivation (the emotional tendencies that lead or assist in achieving goals), sympathy and understanding of others, and social skills. EQ both helps children to achieve high job performance in the future and creates competitive advantages in leadership, while additionally finding happiness in work and life.

six skills to support children to break through post pandemic world
Empathy and listening are two of effective skills to increase emotional intelligence for children

4. Continuous learning

In a fast-paced world, what you know today will change the next day. Without the continuous learning, children will find it difficult to keep track of life while the world keeps changing and they will become passive. Each child has a sense of curiosity and a desire to discover everything around, and it is the job of educators to nurture and develop this ability for a lifetime.

5. Entrepreneurial thinking

Developing an entrepreneurial mindset from an early age will help children to complete important skills throughout their life: goal determination, financial management, problem solving, social interaction, and ways to form an influence. Modern mathematics is one of the most effective subjects that support children form entrepreneurial thinking during the golden age of 3-10 years. Through a variety of lessons from real life such as finding the shortest route between two points and going to the supermarket with a predefined amount of money, children will be acquainted with the important skills of future leaders.

six skills to support children to break through post pandemic world
Modern mathematics helps children establish entrepreneurial thinking from an early age

6. Creativity and critical thinking

Social and technological progresses are evolving in minutes, not years. The most important thing to educate children is creativity because this encourages children to actively create and excel in all jobs and create a solid position in the future. In addition, children also need critical thinking to analyse and evaluate information to clarify and verify the accuracy of a problem. This is a crucial skill in a world full of news and information, which supports children to navigate the right direction and make appropriate decisions. Creativity and critical thinking can be formed through participation in diverse games.

ILA helps children develop healthy, well-rounded characters with the skills needed for success and happiness in today’s ever-changing modern world.

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By Minh Hai

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