bubble tea players wrapping up expansions to conquer the vietnamese market

Bubble tea players wrapping up expansions to conquer the vietnamese market

Many bubble tea makers are expanding their operations to conquer the domestic market, which is estimated an equity valuation of nearly $400 million.
behind the 455 million valuation of phuc long

Behind the $455 million valuation of Phuc Long

With the synergy of resources from Masan’s consumer-retail ecosystem, Phuc Long has quickly scaled up its operation in terms of revenue, stores, and enterprise valuation.
masan honoured among top 50 businesses at corporate sustainability awards

Masan honoured among top 50 businesses at Corporate Sustainability Awards

The trend of investing in businesses meeting environment, social, and governance (ESG) criteria is growing. And, according to a report by law firm YKVN, Vietnam is catching up with the global trend.
masan group records huge profits in first half of 2022

Masan Group records huge profits in first half of 2022

Masan Group Corporation on August 1 released its unaudited management accounts for the first half of 2022, revealing a rise in profits of 123 per cent.
tungsten recycling in advanced battery technologies

Tungsten recycling in advanced battery technologies

H.C. Starck Tungsten Powders, a subsidiary of Masan High-Tech Materials, has partnered with Nyobolt to develop high-performing, quick-charging, and eco-friendly Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery products.
wincommerce to open 720 more winmart winmart stores

WinCommerce to open 720 more WinMart, WinMart+ stores

WinCommerce, the retail arm of Masan Group, which operates WinMart/WinMart+ supermarkets and minimarts, has planned to open over 700 new WinMart+ stores and more than 20 WinMart supermarkets and hypermarkets in the remaining months of 2022.
hc starck invests over 50 million into nyobolt

H.C. Starck invests over $50 million into Nyobolt

H.C. Starck Tungsten Powders (HCS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Masan High-Tech Materials (MHT), on July 15 announced the signing of agreements to invest approx. €52 million into Nyobolt Ltd.
vietnamese stocks see world leading growth

Vietnamese stocks see world-leading growth

The surge of several leading stocks is deemed as a driving force for Vietnam's stock market achieving the world's strongest gains, with clear signs of cash flows pouring into leading stocks at attractive prices.
masan high tech materials making growth through sustainability

Masan High-Tech Materials: making growth through sustainability

Masan High-Tech Materials has asserted its position in the industrial mineral and metal processing lines as a trailblazer in sustainable development through its tireless efforts in adopting the three R’s of reduce, reuse, and recycle on both a national and global scale. Masan High-Tech Materials CEO Craig Richard Bradshaw and deputy CEO Hady Seyeda shared with VIR’s Le Luu on how the corporation is moving forward on its sustainability journey with its innovative solutions in line with the circular economy.
will the application of technology help masan transform the financial sector in vietnam

Will the application of technology help Masan transform the financial sector in Vietnam?

Masan has a huge database of consumer transactions as it currently owns the largest consumer and retail ecosystem known as Point of Life. Over the past 26 years of serving Vietnamese people, Masan has had daily interactions with customers. With the understanding of consumers, the group has constantly made efforts to find solutions to meet their versatile demands, including financial needs.
masan high tech materials aims to become a high tech consumer business

Masan High-Tech Materials aims to become a high-tech consumer business

On April 25, Masan High-Tech Materials organised its 2022 annual general meeting of shareholders with the theme Growth through Sustainability at the Melia Hanoi Hotel.
big names bet on ipo frenzy in international markets

Big names bet on IPO frenzy in international markets

Major Vietnamese conglomerates are contemplating plans to offer their shares on foreign exchanges to scale up their financial soundness and place their brand on the world stage – a process which continues to be easier said than done.
seven vietnamese billionaires named on forbes rich list

Seven Vietnamese billionaires named on Forbes rich list

Seven Vietnamese names are among the 2,668 of dollar billionaires worldwide as per Forbes' latest update to its annual rich list.
masans acquisition of phuc longs stakes showcases the leading advisory expertise of vcsc

Masan's acquisition of Phuc Long's stakes showcases the leading advisory expertise of VCSC

Masan's latest deal with popular tea and coffee chain Phuc Long, which led the former to acquire the majority stakes in the latter, was accompanied by experienced and long-standing partners of Viet Capital Securities.
masan conglomerate posts impressive results boosting its stock value

Masan conglomerate posts impressive results, boosting its stock value

The CrownX (TCX) continues to deliver positive business results. As an integrated platform consolidating two leading companies in retail and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) – namely WinCommerce (WCM) and Masan Consumer Holdings (MCH) – TCX grew net revenues by 6.9 per cent to $2.55 billion on-year in 2021, thanks to strong synergies between its businesses.