the story of phuc longs 50 year journey

The story of Phuc Long's 50-year journey

A reputation can take years to build but seconds to break. Following a mega-deal with Masan Group, Lam Boi Minh, founder of the Phuc Long Coffee & Tea brand, spoke with VIR's Thanh Van about his expectations for the future of Phuc Long while taking a look back at the 50-year-old brand.
keys to becoming a desirable employer

Keys to becoming a desirable employer

Employers across the board are sparing no effort on the path to becoming more sought after by the workforce.
bain capitals 250 million investment into masan group among three largest in 2023

Bain Capital's $250 million investment into Masan Group among three largest in 2023

The $250 million investment from Bain Capital into Masan Group stands among Vietnam's three largest equity deals in 2023.
bain capital to inject another 50 million into masan

Bain Capital to inject another $50 million into Masan

On December 6, Masan Group Corporation announced that Bain Capital has agreed to increase its equity investment into Masan Group to $250 million from the previously announced $200 million.
three growth engines help masan become consumer technology platform

Three growth engines help Masan become consumer technology platform

Masan Group relies on three growth engines including network growth, member growth, and wallet share growth to realise its vision to become a consumer-tech platform.
foreign funds acquire larger presence

Foreign funds acquire larger presence

Foreign investment funds are maintaining a keen interest in Vietnam’s consumer sector, underscoring its sustained allure for the booming consumer class.
masan groups ma strategy paying off

Masan Group’s M&A strategy paying off

Masan Group’s active engagements in mergers and acquisitions has helped it gain entry into new sectors in recent years and complete its retail consumer ecosystem.
masan set for strong finish to 2023

Masan set for strong finish to 2023

Many economic experts believe that interest rates will continue to decrease from now until the end of the year, lending rates in particular. A series of fiscal policies, such as VAT reductions and salary increases, are also expected to stimulate domestic consumption. Vietnam's largest retail consumer outfit, Masan Group, is set to benefit significantly from these policies.
growth through sustainability is a journey

Growth through Sustainability is a journey

Masan High-Tech Materials, a Vietnamese company ranked third in the world for tungsten powders and tungsten carbide, is now planning to build a tungsten recycling plant in Thai Nguyen, with the ambition of making Vietnam the hub of tungsten innovation and sustainability in Asia. This is part of Masan High-Tech Material's Growth through Sustainability strategy, which is underpinned by the belief that sustainability is a journey, not a destination. CEO Craig Bradshaw spoke with VIR’s Bich Ngoc about this approach and its further developments.
masans net revenue reaches 234 billion

Masan’s net revenue reaches $2.34 billion

Masan Group Corporation (HSX:MSN), released its unaudited management accounts for the first nine months of 2023 on October 30.
vietnam hopes to promote energy transition from green hydrogen

Vietnam hopes to promote energy transition from green hydrogen

The green hydrogen ecosystem based on renewable energy is expected to contribute $40-$45 billion to Vietnam's GDP each year, according to the National Green Hydrogen Summit on October 28.
masan high tech materials certified as great place to work in 2023

Masan High-Tech Materials certified as Great Place to Work in 2023

Masan High-Tech Materials has just earned the Great Place to Work – Vietnam 2023 certification by Great Place to Work, an international organisation specialising in workplace culture.
why did bain capital choose masan for its first strategic investment in vietnam

Why did Bain Capital choose Masan for its first strategic investment in Vietnam?

There are many compelling reasons for Bain Capital to choose Masan as its first strategic investment in Vietnam.
bain capital leads masan groups equity funding round

Bain Capital leads Masan Group's equity funding round

Bain Capital, a leading private investment firm with approximately $180 billion of assets under management, has agreed to invest at least $200 million of equity capital into Masan Group Corporation (HSX: MSN).
masan group receives recognition at vietnams 50 best performing companies

Masan Group receives recognition at 'Vietnam’s 50 Best Performing Companies'

On September 16, Masan Group achieved distinction in two notable categories namely “Vietnam’s 50 Best Performing Companies” and "Billion Dollar Enterprise 2023," as recognised by Nhip Cau Dau Tu magazine.