PPP focus for tech enterprise offerings

June 24, 2021 | 08:00
In line with the upcoming 5G rollout in Vietnam, tech giants like Keysight Technologies and VMware are intensifying partnerships with industry partners and stakeholders, while looking for public-private partnerships with government bodies to benefit from the trend.
PPP focus for tech enterprise offerings
Local communication service providers can leverage their assets to deliver in a more efficient manner

VMware software powering the world’s complex digital infrastructure is extending its Telco Cloud Platform to also include the radio access network (RAN). The 5G Telco Cloud Platform empowers communication service providers (CSPs) to better meet the growing demands for 5G-powered innovations in Vietnam.

The VMware 5G Telco Cloud Platform is a consistent cloud-first solution, powered by carrier-grade and high-performance cloud-native infrastructure that enables CSPs to support future-forward technology applications across the region.

Pham Viet Thang, country manager at VMware Vietnam, said the country is well ahead of its regional counterparts in Southeast Asia with the number of 5G subscriptions forecast to be 6.3 million in 2025.

“VMware has been working with industry partners and other bodies in building an open eco-system for 5G. We continue to invest in driving innovation in open and cost-optimised 5G solutions such as Open RAN,” he told VIR. “Our efforts are aimed at enabling our CSP partners in Vietnam to adopt cost-optimised and open solutions to monetise their 5G investments.”

He further elaborated, “Through our robust partner ecosystem with leading players such as Dish, Samsung, and Singtel, we will be working to drive 5G forward for the region. On the product front, we will also be strengthening our offerings at the edge to provide customers with more cost-effective options to adopt cutting edge 5G technologies such as ORAN, vRAN, and 5G MEC and will be looking at introducing advanced services to the local business ecosystem.”

With public-private partnerships (PPP) playing a big part in shaping Vietnam’s digital economy, VMware is working closely with government bodies to invest and share digital transformation know-how with Vietnamese businesses.

PPP developments are now more favourable for businesses as long-waited decrees guiding the implementation of the law on PPP investment came into force in March, with IT sectors being among the prioritised industries. IT sectors include digital information infrastructure; modernisation of IT in Party and government bodies; and development of IT, databases, and data centres, network safety and security, systems applying IT and services, and ICT infrastructure for smart cities.

This is the smart strategy of Keysight for Vietnam, where digital transformation is an inevitable trend to create breakthroughs in socioeconomic development. And 5G is a key factor to enable these breakthroughs which urges local CSPs and businesses to make the transition from 4G to 5G – leveraging their existing assets and investments and delivering superior enterprise services through mobile edge computing and private 5G to create a digitally empowered society using technology.

Keysight, a leading technology company that helps enterprises, service providers, and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world, is also partnering with stakeholders in Vietnam’s 5G ecosystem to help the country move forward with 5G adoption and accelerate the national digital transformation.

“5G has been a strong growth driver for a few years, and we continue to see new use cases, and ongoing innovation as the ecosystem scales and adapts to a new technology,” said Sang-Ho Oh, general director for South Asia-Pacific at Keysight Technologies.

Keysight has been in Vietnam for more than 15 years and has engaged with many customers and digital businesses, contributing greatly to the country’s digital transformation. A recent example of Keysight’s 5G solution approach includes collaboration on ORAN with many industry leaders, and it introduced a suite of end-to-end solutions for ORAN vendors and mobile operators.

In automotives, Keysight’s solutions portfolio continues to expand with new advanced technologies such as AC power emulation, millimetre wave radar, power semiconductor technology, automotive ethernet, and cybersecurity software systems. As the reinvention of automotive ecosystems continues, Keysight is enabling the disruptive innovation of new mobility technologies.

The company also provided a new Innovate Anywhere programme in response to the coronavirus pandemic in order to help customers maintain their engineering productivity wherever they are working. This programme focused on 90-day software trials, remote learning, and scalable live network testing.

Pham Viet Thang - Country manager, VMware Vietnam

PPP focus for tech enterprise offerings

Driven by its burgeoning e-commerce and digital financial services sector, Vietnam’s digital economy is expected to reach $52 billion in 2025. While the pandemic has catalysed the nation’s digitalisation journey, the country’s rapid growth is underpinned by a broader digital transformation agenda led by the government. In 2020, the Ministry of Information and Communications introduced eight core programmes for the next five years aimed at transforming Vietnam’s postal and telecommunication’s infrastructure to support its digital economy.

With the government setting its sights on accelerating Vietnam’s digital economy and businesses seizing the digital opportunity, the spotlight is now on tech talents to develop foundational digital skills and mindsets to become future-ready and ensure that the country takes a synchronised step towards a digital future. One consideration is also for Vietnam to create more opportunities for the public and private sector to collaborate and continue building on the digital tracks and infrastructure needed to power its economic recovery and growth in the post-pandemic environment. To that end, VMware is committed to being a trusted enabler and partner for local businesses to make this happen.

Sang-Ho Oh - General director for South Asia-Pacific, Keysight Technologies

PPP focus for tech enterprise offerings

The pandemic has impacted all sectors of society and forced enterprises, small businesses, governments, and private institutions to pivot, in some cases extensively, to accelerate digital transformations and rethink the way innovation is achieved. And Vietnam is not an exception.

Some technology trends that we predict will continue to have lasting effects on organisations and society. Among these, 5G remains a strategic imperative for enterprises and government in 2021. Greater investment in the infrastructure that enables the Internet of Things, including distributed cloud and hyper-connectivity. Private 5G networks for industrial enterprises will be emphasised, which will facilitate among other things, remote operation and management. The impact of a hybrid workforce on technology development, design, and deployment will be addressed via software. A hybrid workforce, social distancing, and other dilutions of historical work efforts will accelerate software enablement for product design and development.

By Bich Thuy

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