People at the centre of AIA Vietnam's success

July 05, 2022 | 13:00
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People are the most valuable asset of AIA Vietnam and have been the biggest part of the company’s success.

"AIA Vietnam is where every single member, from employees to partners to agents, feels proud to be part of the AIA family," wrote AIA Vietnam CEO Wayne Besant in his inspiring autobiography Trên mảnh đất kiên cường - Wayne in Vietnam: In the Land of Resilience.

The book also shows how the CEO has learned from Vietnamese people and culture to lead himself and his dream team to success.

Inside a Great Place to Work

As the first company in Vietnam to attain the prestigious Great Place to Work designation, AIA Vietnam is better known as the ideal company for anyone looking for a people-centric organisation. With a brand promise to provide healthier, longer, and better lives for everyone, AIA Vietnam always takes care of its people.

Nguyen Duy Thuc, Communication and Productivity agent said, "I have never worked for a company that has such a strong focus on people as AIA Vietnam; it has undoubtedly unleashed my enthusiasm for work and inspired me to dedicate myself to the company's success."

This culture is utilised in learning and development programmes that include professional and personal skills to help employees improve their abilities and knowledge.

This is important to harness the employees' connection to AIA and push them to reach new heights of success together. It is an affirmation of their career path to work with the largest life insurance company. They can sense respect, belonging, and inclusion in this organisation because they are listened to, encouraged, and empathised with.

For the CEO of AIA Vietnam, people are always the most valuable asset
For the CEO of AIA Vietnam, people are always the most valuable asset

People before numbers

Wayne Besant is the longest-serving CEO in the insurance industry ever in Vietnam. In business, success is often determined by results. Results on the outcome of the collective efforts of people.

During Wayne's seven years in office, AIA Vietnam's income has increased six-fold, from $120 million to $700 million, and total sales have climbed eight times. In the meantime, the AIA Vietnam team grew from 500 to 1,200 employees under Wayne’s leadership.

"At its core, business is about results. Over the past seven years, AIA Vietnam has performed exceptionally well, generating impressive revenue growth. But these results have not magically appeared," wrote Wayne in his book.

"I want to share my thoughts on why I believe a people-centric culture is a prerequisite for success."

This is the explanation for anyone questioning why AIA's brand name is much more firmly established in the market under this exceptional leader. His journey, his love for Vietnam, and how he has accompanied AIA Vietnam to reach new peaks are portrayed in a series of short stories in his recent book.

People at the centre of AIA Vietnam's success
Wayne Besant at the book launch

His inspiration to write this book came from Vietnam, Vietnamese people, and Vietnamese culture. Along his 7-year interesting journey to explore Vietnam, which is "A country I had to google" to become "Mr. Vietnam", the inspiration has been created from his love and admiration for this country and reflected in each of his stories of leading an organisation to accomplish many achievements."

The book is published in two languages and includes 11 chapters of short stories about the CEO's perspectives on culture and people, work, family, and sport. A chapter in the book is dedicated to revealing to readers how Wayne works tirelessly to create a people-centric culture.

From the primary stage of his leadership development, Wayne knows, "A strategy based on people, because your strategy is only as good as the execution of that strategy. Strategy execution is all about the quality of your people. So how do we instil a culture in which everyone feels they are a valued asset?"

Wayne shared in his book: "With a culture based on people, we foster a work environment where our employees feel a sense of care from the company, and the opportunity to contribute. Staff have to feel first what you want your customers to feel" – this mantra is a core part of Wayne’s leadership philosophy.

People at the centre of AIA Vietnam's success
The proceeds from book sales will be donated to Ba Chieu Home

The book is further proof of how much he cares for people.

The revenues from the book's sales will be donated to Ba Chieu Home, which is known as a "special place in his heart." The orphanage was founded by a New Zealand woman many years ago and continues to be supported by the New Zealand Ambassador to Vietnam. Currently, Ba Chieu Home is taking care of 25 young girls.

People at the centre of AIA Vietnam's success
Trên Mảnh Đất Kiên Cường Wayne In Vietnam: In The Land Of Resilience

Let’s explore Vietnam through CEO Wayne Besant’s lens and what Wayne and his AIA team have achieved, as well as disseminate a people-centric philosophy to everyone.

“Wayne in Vietnam: In the Land of Resilience” is the first book of Wayne Besant, general director of AIA Vietnam Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

The book consists of 11 chapters that record the author's journey from when he arrived in Vietnam to understand the life, culture, and people here with a passion that few outsiders possess.

“Wayne in Vietnam: In the Land of Resilience” is an honest account of a foreigner's feelings about Vietnam. It will give readers a beautiful impression of this magnificent country, through the lens of a New Zealander.

By Mai Dang

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