Market expansion strategy of the Swisstouches La Luna Resort’s developer

October 06, 2018 | 12:35
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Safety, transparency, and professionalism are three core values that La Quang Binh, chairman of Marina Hotel JSC, promised to convey to secondary investors in the strategy of developing Swisstouches La Luna Resort and other relaxation properties.

Could you share the reasons why you chose to invest in Swisstouches La Luna Resort?

As the first reason, I realised that the rapid tourism development in Nha Trang has been leading to a climb in relaxation properties, particularly condotels. According to the statistics of the Khanh Hoa Department of Tourism, by 2020 the luxury property segment will be short of approximately 20 thousand room keys to meet demand. During peak seasons, the occupancy rate at 5-star hotels in Nha Trang will reach over 90 per cent.

market expansion strategy of the swisstouches la luna resorts developer

La Quang Binh, chairman of Marina Hotel JSC

At the same time, Nha Trang’s and the domestic property market will witness a boom in the coming time. As far as I know, the value of relaxation property in China's Hainan Island is now $15-25,000 per square metre, while it is $7,000 per square meter in Thailand. At the moment, real estate prices in Nha Trang are still low. Therefore, I chose Nha Trang as the starting point for my property investment roadmap.

What makes you believe in the success of the project?

Swisstouches La Luna Resort is strategically located in the heart of Nha Trang’s northern development area, along the “gold” routes—Tran Phu and Pham Van Dong, right next to the internationally acclaimed Ana Marina.

Beside the important profitability criteria, feng shui is also worthy of consideration in a real estate project. The project lies at the foot of the Tien Mountain facing out towards Nha Trang Bay. Quy Island lies in front of the property, making a perfect "waterfront – upon mountain" constellation promising prosperity, fresh energy, and peace.

The project’s name—Swisstouches La Luna Resort—is also no mere guesswork. In Latin, "Luna" means “moon,” symbolising pure beauty and fulfillment. The moon reflects contentment and happiness. This choice of name calls for prosperity and auspiciousness for the owners of the Swisstouches La Luna Resort condotels.

market expansion strategy of the swisstouches la luna resorts developer
The "Waterfront – upon mountain" feng shui constellation of Swisstouches La Luna Resort

As you said, Swisstouches La Luna Resort possesses a strategic location, but this is not the only criterion for real estate investors. What other advantages does the project offer?

I made a commitment to customers based on three factors: safety, transparency, and professionalism.

In respect of safety, we offer a number of rewarding policies for investors, such as committing profits corresponding to the dollar rate, loan support, and a set number of free nights at the property throughout the year. This promise was made to help secondary investors feel secure in their investment in Swisstouches La Luna Resort. The project has joined hands with leading banks in Vietnam to examine the legality of the project and concurrently guarantee the developer’s profit commitment.

Regarding transparency and professionalism, the association with Swisstouches Hotels & Resorts—a Swiss hotel and resort management Group—can guarantee that the resort meets 5-star standards and provide the highest quality hospitability services to impress visitors and entice them to return in the future.

This is how the resort will generate high occupancy rates and bring sustainable returns on condotel owners’ investment.

I can assert that Swisstouches La Luna Resort is one of the most complete legal projects in Nha Trang’s real estate market. The company stands by its policies and commitments to customers at all times. We are accelerating the construction progress to deliver these condotels in the shortest time. Safety, transparency, and professionalism are the three parallel factors that ensure Swisstouches La Luna Resort’s credibility.

market expansion strategy of the swisstouches la luna resorts developer
The president of Marina Hotel JSC signing the agreement with the representatives of Swisstouches Hotels & Resorts

You have mentioned Swisstouches Hotels & Resorts. Why did you decide to join hands in a long-term partnership with the Swiss group?

Apart from their thorough experience in hotel management and operation, like Sheraton or Intercontinental, Swisstouches also offers one more advantage: training. Furthermore, thanks to the long-term development and precious experiences of the mother group (Swiss Hospitality Group International), the sister brand Swisstouches Hotels & Resorts and Hotel & Tourism Management Institute (HTMi) will provide the hotel systems managed by Swisstouches with quality standards, procedures and soft-skill and management training.

A sister brand of Swisstouches Hotels & Resorts, HTMi is a leading private educational institution which is currently ranked 14th in the global QS University rankings for Hospitality and Leisure. The school provides human resources for the global hospitality industry and international brand hotels, such as Sheraton, Intercontinental and JW Marriot.

Currently, there is a shortage of education institutions in Vietnam meeting international standards in hospitability training. The cooperation with the Swiss brand will build a career path of tourism and hotel management for the young generation of Vietnam—which is also my desire and ambition.

I truly expect that this cooperation between Swisstouches Hotels & Resorts and Marina Hotel JSC will provide world-class relaxation products and properties managed by Vietnamese people.

Recently, Dubai’s SEED Group, a group of diversified companies owned and chaired by The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, has joined hands with Switzerland’s HTMi and Swisstouches Hotels & Resorts to launch SEED Hotels Management LLC with the aim to ride the waves of the growing hospitality industry in the UAE and the Middle East.

market expansion strategy of the swisstouches la luna resorts developer
The representatives of Swisstouches Hotels & Resorts and SEED Group (Front row, from left:)Ian Larmour, managing director, HTMi International Developments Group; Hisham Al Gurg, CEO, SEED Group and The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum

In July 2018, HTMi continued expanding relationships with Mulpha Australia Group and French management group Accor Hotels and Resorts to establish HTMi Australia.

In addition, the cooperation with 500,000 travel agents to create a multi-national booking network will ensure that hotels and resorts under the Swisstouches brand always have an occupancy of more than 70 per cent.

All in all, the Swisstouches brand will affirm our resort‘s appeal and attractiveness to international visitors.

Do you have any concerns that your long-term strategy will not be up to speed with the competition that is looking more at making quick profit?

In our plan, development will not only be fast and sustainable but also unique. To differentiate themselves, businesses must come up with a proper model to finish before the race before competitors. Our vision is to investing to create 7,000 rooms in Nha Trang and 20,000 hotel rooms in other major tourist destinations in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Is the target of 20,000 rooms not an over-ambitious goal for a new corporation?

For me, building 20,000 room keys is nothing special. Something is only over-ambitious when it exceeds your ability. These targets have been carefully planned for a competitive playing field. I am confident in our land bank in Nha Trang, Quy Nhon, Can Tho, and Phu Quoc. I am also very proud of our team at Marina Hotel JSC, our modern management model, as well as qualified and enthusiastic human resources. These factors will help us develop as a tourism property network, driving Marina Hotel JSC to great heights in the upcoming time.

Swisstouches La Luna Resort has a total site area of 4.74 hectares, including three 36-storey towers, providing 1,904 luxury condotels. World-class amenities include a casino, heliport, infinity pool, spa, gym, restaurant, and conference room. The total investment capital for the project is VND5 trillion ($221.2 million).



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