LG to woo customers with top range goods

February 04, 2013 | 16:29
South Korean giant LG Electronics has stirred up the Asian home appliance market with its latest smart products.

LG Electronics (LG) introduced its advanced smart home appliances and technologies for 2013 to the company’s key business partners across Asia at the LG Asia Family Festival held in Seoul from January 21-25.

Products showcased included LG’s refrigerators, like the side-by-side, five door with door-in-door and top freezer refrigerator. LG’s latest side-by-side refrigerators are equipped with the ultra-convenient door-in-door, double layered door system. This provides quick and easier access to the food and drinks that consumers use more frequently.

The refrigerators also come equipped with LG’s inverter linear compressor technology, which as a direct transmission system, enables them to lead the industry in energy savings, freshness, noise levels, capacity and durability. Also, the ginseng extract coated hygiene fresh four-step filtration system helps eliminate 99.999 per cent of bacteria and odour from the fridge in just 15 minutes.

LG’s new top freezer refrigerators are equipped with the invisible pocket handle and LED lighting, both of which add to the product’s overall modern look. The powercut evercool feature enables the refrigerator to remain fully functional for six hours after the power is cut off. Door cooling, a three-way cooling system that retains an even temperature throughout the refrigerator compartments, preserves the freshness of stored food items.  

The electronics giant also showcased two of its efficient washing machines equipped with 6 Motion Direct Drive technology, which creates a wash effect similar to a real hand wash. The technology realises better washing performance with also more fabric care. Depending on the selected washing program, it uses a combination of six different motions to deliver customized washing for various types of clothes enabling fewer wrinkles and less damage.

In 2013, LG’s Lightwave ovens will allow consumers to cook more natural, healthier and tastier dishes with greater time and energy efficiency. In addition, the Active Convection™ allows adjustments to the speed of the convection fan and the heat of the grills. This function enables energy savings of up to 40 per cent when pre-heating, making the entire cooking process more eco- and budget-friendly. Unlike conventional ovens with unstable temperatures, LG’s Lightwave oven controls and stabilizes temperatures through its Grill Temp Control™.

Meanwhile, the cutting-edge HOM-BOT SQUARE vacuum offers a significant upgrade in cleaning performance, thanks primarily to LG’s newly designed Corner Master. This advanced feature set includes improved sensors and longer brushes, enabling it to reach the hard-to-get-to places that conventional cleaners just can’t. Ultrasonic and infrared sensors detect obstacles to avoid, while the vacuum’s Dual Eye 2.0™ cameras accurately scan and map rooms even when the lights are turned off.

Meanwhile, the KOMPRESSOR™ FOLLOW ME vacuum cleaner makes cleaning easier by automatically following the user, eliminating the need to tug on the hose and drag the vacuum cleaner’s body. The vacuum cleaner uses four interconnected sensors located on its body and handle to monitor and maintain a comfortable distance of approximately 100cm from the user.

Using Automatic Location Recognition Technology, sensors installed on the body automatically detect the handle’s movement, triggering the Active Following Wheel Technology to enable effortless, smooth and paced movement in accordance with the user.

At the same time, LG’s latest steam dishwasher, equipped with its innovative TrueSteam™ technology enables a powerful cleaning performance while the UV sanitation function ensures dishes are kept hygienic even after the cycle is complete. The new dishwasher is also equipped with an array of innovative features that greatly enhance customer convenience.

LG’s latest inverter air conditioners offer all the benefits of the company’s previous models.

Thanks to a number of technological innovations, Inverter V series products consume as much as 60 percent less energy than their predecessors. They also employ LG’s highly effective BLDC compressor, which features an upgraded fan motor for smoother, quieter operation. Precise torque control enables this advanced compressor to function with greater energy efficiency as well. LG’s Inverter V models are also extremely quiet, producing an almost undetectable 19dB.

“I am confident the event will strengthen our business partnerships, which will in turn improve our ability to meet the demands of all of our partners and of consumers from all over South East Asia,” said Seong-jin Jo, president and CEO of LG Electronics Home Appliance Company at the LG Asia Family Festival.

By Thu Tra


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