Giant ancient tea tree becomes spotlight for Tet Festival 2021

February 09, 2021 | 17:33
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To bring luck and peace to the upcoming year, C2 has set up a heart-shaped tea field and giant ancient tea tree to wish for happiness and health to every Vietnamese.

Before the Tet holiday, millions of people have flocked to the 2021 Tet Viet (Vietnamese Tet) Festival at the Youth Cultural House in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City to take photos with yellow apricot blossom trees at the corner of Pham Ngoc Thach and Nguyen Thi Minh Khai streets. Besides the beautiful yellow apricot flowers, this year’s festival also draws visitors’ attention to a heart-shaped tea field from the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Being inspired by Moc Chau Tea Field (Son La) and Cau Dat Tea Field (Lam Dong), artisans have skillfully designed the tea field from over 5,000 real tea trees, which are all bound together in an eye-catching heart shape. The lush green shade of the young tea leaves is soothing to the eyes of viewers.

Meanwhile, a giant ancient tea tree on the other side of the tea field inspired by wishing trees worldwide attracts visitors for its appearance and meaning. Visitors can write their wishes of peace, prosperity, and health for the New Year and then hang it on the ancient tea tree to make those wishes come true. It is clear that the heart-shaped tea field and the 5m high ancient tea tree will brings luck and peace to all visitors at the festival this year.

giant ancient tea tree becomes spotlight for tet festival 2021
The heart shaped tea field and ancient tea tree are the “hot” destination this Tet Holiday

Although it is crowded at the festival, a free bottle of chilled C2 green tea would relax visitors. As many Vietnamese are flocking to bus stations to return home, another tea field and 5m-high ancient tea tree were also built at the Eastern Bus Station (Ho Chi Minh City) expected to bring a refreshing feeling to visitors and to comfort their journeys home. Thousands of chilled and hygienic C2 bottles have been prepared to give away to visitors free of charge.

Understanding the meaning of the ancient tea tree, many visitors have put up their wishes for heath and luck in the New Year. In addition, when customers share their experience at the tea field on Facebook, they are awarded gifts to make their journey comfortable and enjoyable. The spring buds from the ancient tea tree also symbolise URC’s wishes for a peaceful, lucky, and refreshing new year to all Vietnamese consumers.

giant ancient tea tree becomes spotlight for tet festival 2021
The tea field at the Eastern Bus Station offers a comfortable setting for home-coming journeys

Dang Ngoc Giang, a Ho Chi Minh City resident said he took his family to visit the 2021 Tet Viet Festival at the Youth Cultural House to take photos and buy calligraphy works for Tet. He was deeply impressed by the lush green tea field and the giant tea tree. He also did not forget to write a note of his wishes for his family for the New Year.

giant ancient tea tree becomes spotlight for tet festival 2021

Indeed, many people are putting their wishes for good health on the ancient trees as COVID-19 is coming back. The ready-to-drink C2 tea is made from natural green tea leaves from the highlands of Vietnam, brewed gently to retain all the antioxidants.

It offers health benefits to consumers, boosting the immunity of the bodies and reducing stress. The C2 brand has a wide range of flavours such as lemon, apple, peach, lychee, black tea, and milk tea, providing various options for consumers to cool off during this busy time of the year.

Furthermore, C2 also sponsored the Spring Coach – Tet reunion 2021 programme organised by Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union. This programme supports 2,000 students in Ho Chi Minh City to return to their hometown in provinces from Ninh Thuan to Thanh Hoa.

These regions have been affected severely by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as heavy floods in the past year. With these meaningful activities, C2 hopes to help the journeys bringing a cosy reunion to 2,000 families.

giant ancient tea tree becomes spotlight for tet festival 2021
C2 accompanied the Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union to bring happiness for students in need of support to go home this Tet

These meaningful initiatives are testament to URC’s efforts to bring quality products and contribute to the well-being of Vietnamese people in the New Year.

By Thanh Van

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