Fresh credit scheme outlines BAC A BANK ambitions to assist clients with investment

January 11, 2021 | 19:04
Locally-invested BAC A BANK is offering a credit programme throughout 2021 with preferential lending rates, in a bid to help enterprises achieve low-cost loans in service of their production and business activities.

In 2020, the economy grew 2.91 per cent, making Vietnam one of very few nations in the world with positive economic growth. The government is now boosting aggregate demand, and individual credits will also contribute to increasing this demand and spurring on economic growth.

To maximise the benefits of clients from grabbing business and production opportunities, BAC A BANK has just launched the “Receiving priorities and reaping success” individual credit programme, running until the end of the year with total loans worth VND3 trillion ($130.43 million) applicable to loans with guaranteed assets.

1526 p20 fresh credit scheme outlines bac a bank ambitions to assist clients with investment
Fresh credit scheme outlines BAC A BANK ambitions to assist clients with investment

Once partaking in the programme, clients can select the time for them to enjoy the priorities with the lending rate responding to their financial health or production plans, as well as to their personal consumption and their families’ demand.

The loans will be for medium term or long term, subject to many categories such as house purchasing, property purchasing, house repair, consumption, studying abroad, capital supplementation, and investment into assets in service of production and business activities. The clients are entitled to a low lending annual rate at a minimum of 6.69 per cent.

If clients want to invest into their production and business in the short term, they can participate in production-oriented products from BAC A BANK for individuals, such as loans for supplementing working capital, taking care of industrial trees, and developing fruit and vegetables, with a lending rate of 8.99 per cent a year.

“Through its preferential credit programmes, BAC A BANK has accompanied and shared difficulties with its clients in 2020. The economy has been bouncing back strongly, and the bank is implementing this new programme in order to provide the best added value to clients,” said Vu Thanh Thuy, vice director of BAC A BANK’s Retail Bank Division.

Its experienced staff stand ready to provide professional consultancy for all clients and support them in completing all procedures in the simplest manner, with the quickest time for approving the loans. Thanks to the diversified forms of loans and flexible forms of debt payment, clients can take the initiative in balancing their financial resources so that the preferential loans from the bank can help them fulfil their performance plans for 2021.

By Thanh Dat

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